Who are the Crab Clan? – Legend of the Five Rings RPG

Who are the Crab Clan? Find out in this Legend of the Five Rings Crab Clan guide: a brief history of the clan, it’s families and schools. Legend of the Five Rings is a Samurai tabletop roleplaying game currently in it’s 5th edition by Fantasy Flight Games.

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JCinLapel says:

One of the best characters I ever played was a yukaza merchant that had his great grandfathers copy of the teaching of Kikita the Blade. He was a dualist undercover magistrate and not the best merchant but could pull it off. He died for the clan representing a crab Kolat master in a dual so he would die for my “FAILURE” to win the dual. It was the only way to stop his screams without causing damage to my family and clan.

SilverKeyMan says:

Excellent! I’m looking forward to these. =)

Yview says:

this game deserve the love! lets hope it picks up!

SteveisBoard says:

Dont worry gang, the audio in this series gets considerably less fucked after Crane Clan.

PepsiTwistMagic says:

I like the video, just getting into the L5R RPG myself so they’re all appreciated! Especially since you’re doing the best clan next… Obviously you’re a big fan of both but which do you prefer, L5R or FFGs Star Wars?

GrandAdmiralC says:

So the crab clan is responsible for fixing if the president was coming in too hot in a tank SUV, drove through a super max prison, and accidentally released all the prisoners. Got it.

Beard Bear says:

Don’t care if your channel is small dammit you make good videos and need more subscribers dam these are good….. also first.

X Octavia says:

how l5r clans really are:

crab: demon hunters, since vampires dont exist yet
crane: politicians with swords, instead of twitter.
lion: how to be a murder hobo, while being in character
dragon: anime main character with tragic past HQ(if you dont get it, im sad)
phoenix: the Spanish inquisition, meets google search
scorpion: ninja 101, with less ninja
unicorn: look at my horse, my horse is amazing…….


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