140 Dominaria Spoilers – Magic the Gathering Cards

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DrakkonVulture says:

Turn. One. Mana. Dork.
That’s all I ever wanted

Jonathon Locke says:

Lick? Did you say lick!? It’s Lich, rhymes with rich.

Ninjahankin says:

I can’t wait to play B/W unholy knights once again !! Just like how I played during ABU magic. I don’t care if the deck will be good or not!!

Kelly Hoesing says:

We’re getting the Enemy Checklands so that when Ravnica comes out at the end of the year we get the glorious Shock+Check Mana Base back.

Garudabr says:

I’ve lost the count of how many times WotC fucked up… this year.

Izanagi no Cimorelli says:

We want an Urza Planeswalker.

Heed The Call says:

So many legendaries, holy shit.
My wallet can’t handle the commander options.

deathByStupid says:

In their defense Dino’s/Pirates were one of the pluses of IXA/RIX even the wacky colors were pretty cool, the issue is that overall the format was quite weak, and the limited format wasn’t great for both. You have truly fucked up when iconic masters has a better draft format than a normal set which is supposed to be heavily play tested.

David Okin says:

Disciple (DIH-sih-plihn)

CrankedEDH says:

Atleast goblins are back

Kenneth Markwith says:

I sometimes buy boxes, but usually just singles and trade. But from what I’ve seen in considering trying to buy a case. I like what I’m seeing from this set.

Captainnoobface says:

I’m only excited for 1 card. Rat colony. Ima need about 30

element98106 says:


Zach cash says:

Hmm wonder about using a bunch of Rat Colony’s in a rat deck.

Raven storm says:

I just want him to say “damn mongoliianansssss you destroy my chiiittyyyyyyy wallllllllllll”

Potatofrogs says:

Jaya Ballard is now old. No more sexy tits. Sad!

Jose Gonzalez says:

They will fix standard but it will TAKE Time. However that being said never stop criticising them for they need it because “…only the shadow knows….”

randomcompdude427 427 says:

loving this set so far! gonna slpurge on it!!

Leo Gir says:

Commander is going to have a field day

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