15 New Cards I Want in Ravnica Allegiance (MTG)

Dev walks through 15 original card concepts he’d like to see some version of in Ravnica Allegiance!
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Chase Peeler says:

I don’t play WU but Commutation doesn’t sound terrible broken if you added something like ‘Return target spell, nonland permanent, or exiled card to its owners’ hand. Cards of the same name(as the returned card) cannot be cast this turn.’

Siren’s song – Make it X-1 and I don’t see it being busted

Creekbend guide – very well balanced and would definitely go in every Explore deck(maybe even raise it a tier?)

Bloodline Ability – Maybe a bit more balanced if you could only exile so much like Bloodline 2 you can exile up to 2 creatures

TK FeaR says:

Card idea. Enchantment that says opponents can’t look at your hand would be nice vs thought erasure and duress. Just an idea

Kyoki Kuro says:

That Rakdos 4-drop is actually bonkers if you can sacrifice it while the reanimation ability is on the stack, because then the “when it dies” clause can’t take any effect (because it is already dead before the reanimated creature you would have to sac is even there). Definetly needs to be worded differently.

Anarchon D says:

Iv always wanted to see an ability that lets you siphon mana from your opponent, i.e. a sorcery that lets you use up their untapped mana to cast it.

BUg Man says:

UUUWW : Exile target spell.

Finalbossman0 says:

Bring back Teferi, for 3, at instant speed. Please god no.

spitfire4209 says:

Although my favorite guild is Orzhov there is enough good Orzhov cards for me to build decks around. The guild i’m hoping the best for is the Rakdos. They went from being useless in Dissension to most improved guild in the second Rav block. Crazy cards like Sire of Insanity and Havoc Festival. I wonder if they could go for a super hellbent mechanic with a name like Hell For Leather – Like you could have a basic damage spell for 2 mana 2 damage. Then it gets better for 4 damage when you have no cards in hand. But then it deals 6 damage if both you and an opponent have no cards in hand.

Nicho Lafortune says:

Exile should never be messed around with. If exile becomes a second graveyard magic turns into Yugioh….

Tom Zaborowski says:

I just want to say that i started playing magic when Dragons Of Tarkir came out. I was LOST. My play group loved my ignorance because they were no real help in making me better. I found your channel a little over a year ago and now i have come to look forward to tasting their salty tears. You’re the man buddy !!

lanesteele240 says:

1 and blue. Reset target plainswalker to it’s original loyalty count.

manubrex says:

Metabolize is op. i think its already strong If it gain you 1 life.
Commutation goes off pretty hard with flashback card’s.
Siren’s song is amazing. Pretty cool design, and is not op in sealed or draft. Amazing
I like creekbend guide too, but its busted. It should be a 1/2 for me

John Paul Urian says:

Manamorphose reprint for Gruul please!

Austin Shyu says:

That t-shirt is awesome!

lanesteele240 says:

Welcome back head ninja

Barry Schewe says:

1st off i agree with you on the exile zone. Having a few more cards that interact with that would be awesome. Your card for it is a little cheap. Even as a 4 cost i still say that is cheap. But with how aggressive the format is right now 4 may just be right. Sirens song is way to busted! Talk about mill taking over, OMG! Cool idea thou.
The rogue refiner look a like as you call to me is more like the elf from gatecrash that triggered card draw off of evole trigger. Either way i think that would be a good card 4 standard. It would be to hard to work with the steamkin (red). It could make mentor crazy thou lol.

Re-forming so so so busted and would take over formats small and large.
Getting perfect mana in every game would just not make magic fun any more. To me any ways. Thank you 4 the great vid

Thomas Henry says:

0 mana instant: search your opponent’s library for any number of cards named history of benalia and exile them forever

Marc Klein says:

I am still waiting for a mechanic that can remove emblems. There really should be some form of interaction with them.

Adam Trollinger says:

Reterraforming is a really neat idea, but is unfortunately more shuffling than Wizards wants in standard. The XXYY costed Simic is really on theme for Simic and totally seems possible. Stats look a bit high for such a strong ability though. Simic definitely seems like one of the harder guilds to design for. But so is Dimir, and they did great with that one in GRN. Orzhov is my favorite guild, and as fun as it would be, Bloodline would be way too strong, mostly on Sanctuary Creeper, which you acknowledged

Justin Agostini says:

Hey man I love your videos, I was super excited for this one. I’m looking for info on what the next set could bring so is there anyway you could maybe do a video on like what reprints to expect? And a history on these guilds and what cards made them relevant in the past so people can have some context for pre releases and what guilds to choose. Just looking for more info haven’t been able to find what I’m looking for anywhere. Thank you

Dietmar Götsch says:

a lot of nice cards. I think Ornery would never make it as a keyword, since it confuses new players too much. And wizards wants those new players

Naoki Kashima says:

Commutation would let one Jump-Start card be cast 4 times in one game.


Evan Scott Farshadow says:

I want a new Krenko in either Allegience or the set after.

Jessie Walton says:

Really just hoping for a decent legendary creature for commander that doesn’t have to be completely built around. Like the legendaries were for Guilds of Ravnica

Adam Cortland says:

No more counters on simic PLEASEEeEee but yeah you want simic to be good? Just ramp and draw, something like a 5cmc ramp 2 basic and draw 2 cards or something like that. Kinda of like tatyova.

Jace Kassem says:

We already have Domri and Kaya “confirmed”, I heavily believe the next pw will be azorius (Dovin Baan maybe?)

addam barcelos says:

The mechanics could be broken if you could give them to other creatures somehow. Simic enchantment however seems nice

andreas Hjorth says:

You could change Rakdos soulbrokker too, BBRR 2/3 Return target creature from your graveyard to the battlefield tapped. when Rakdos Soulbroker dies, exile that creature, that change would allmost balance the card

330patrizio says:

Bloodline is very good with surveil

Traugott Bauling says:

Enjoyed this, thanks Dev

manubrex says:

Lukata is actually too good for the first ability: it protect herself in 2 different ways and she cost 3 mana, 4 If you want a force spike.i could see her as an acceptable walkers If the tokens were only artifacts, like clues, i know artifacts are not the most simic things, but noncreature token could be not only good but super cool.

Georgie Morrison says:

I think they should add an overpowered planeswalker that everyone hates called tefewi

Chad Montgomery says:

Q: Why can’t vampires be spirits?
A: Bloodghast.

Pt S says:

No. Exile should not be touched, otherwise it’s a second graveyard. And it never ends.

phlash12 says:

Communtation would be a mythic rare. A card that allows you to retrieve “jump start” and other cards that go into exile would HAVE to be mythic.

WiZzArD Studios says:

Ima x Soulflayer

Adam Cortland says:

Alright, right from the start, Ornery would confuse new players, so not surprise is not printed 🙂 But cool ideia.

Lourenço says:

This is amazing

Tobias Beidler-Shenk says:

Lukata seems extremely broken to me. I would make her 4 mana, the ability to bounce a creature when it comes in and stay alive is super powerful, and it can also create tokens that protect her. She would be really powerful

Atticus Bliss says:

The soulbroker is super insane. (In a good way) I would say make it a 3/1

lewis osborne says:

you over stat things way too much man

Ben McDonald says:

Make “Reterraforming” basic land instead of any land, and I’d be down with it. The ability to tutor any land every turn is too good.

gtsphoenix says:

Sanctuary Creeper + Desecrated Tomb as well. 😉

Jonathan Van Kinkle says:

Commutation is a cool idea but I dont think its as busted as you think, we have pull from eternity and its not very useful outside very fringe scenarios. I honestly think that with this added flexibility, commutation would be a cool addition to the modern card pool

Reterraformation would likely destroy eternal formats

Christian Smith says:

They might also bring back ferocious or something like that for gruul

David s. says:

How do you tell which creatures attacked and wich ativated abilities only with obery?

On simic i woukd love more polymorph spells that turn inanimate obects into creatures.

MrBrimstone says:

Why almost every card you propose is broken?

Francisco Matias says:

Creekbend Guide: “…ANY number of counter” maybe it should be changed to “ONE or more counters”, cause if think 0 enters that value XD. Anyway i got the idea i guess, and i like it. Reterraforming would be like the ultimate combo with sassaya, nice. that sanctuary creeper in a selfmill deck wat lol. That vengeance mechanic, again, in a self mill/dregde deck, turns everything into burn. Wanna exile my graveyard? dead. U a madman i love it. I’m still wanting to see a planeswalker with the +ability to +1 up to 2 target creatures you control explore.

Noah Llorens says:

Dev you don’t want more to be done with the exile zone. Stuff like that happens in other games and it just makes it totally pointless

Aether Veilborne says:

I would like to see a “(X)slayer” mechanic put into place.

For example:
Goblinslayer – This creature deals double the damage dealt to Goblins.

Or for shapeshifters:
Kinslayer – This creature deals double the damage dealt to creatures that share the same creature type as this card.

Tim Plath says:

I want that merfolk planeswalker 😀

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