152k Q + A = Magic The Gathering similar to Base Ball Cards or Beanie Babies ?

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Pokemon – Lost Thunder
Pokemon – Forbidden Light
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Blue_Exodus says:


Casey Snipes says:

From a game play point of view isn’t force of will better than magic ?

Daniel Garcia says:

Everybody talks about should wizards get rid of the reserved list or keep it. Nobody thinks outside the box and wizards should baned the reserved list from all game play what do you think of that idea. Would 1995 and up reserved list take a hit if they did this would shock lands and fetch lands go over 150dollars also would chrome mox and mox opal would reach over 250 to 300hundred dollars again if wizards bands the reserved list from all game play. So what do you think of my idea outside the box?

Shane Ripley says:

Rudy, You’re a good brother keep rocking!

jan jayme says:

My respect for you just grew for having a Magritte painting.

Johann Pöhland says:

Wtf all these grown up man asking an internet card dude about taxes

PokemonCrystal says:

Keepin it real af (As usual)

Just Pelé says:

Sinner man, where you gonna run to?

Chris Thorn says:

Gotta love how so many people bitch about what Rudy does but if they had money to invest like he does they would be doing the exact same fucking thing. What a bunch of whining bitches

Alex Vreeland says:

BTW House Flipping is also very temperamental about where you are located. I know for a fact in some areas the name of the flipper is more important than the house, so be careful.

iDatus says:

I see you have 2.2x% women, living in me moms basement and not allowed out in the real world, what’s a woman?

Benjamin Meeus says:

Definitly my Q didnt get answered, guess u didnt know the answer. I do feel like a ton of questions came up multiple times or have been answered a gazillion times in other vids already. Didnt learn much from this Q und A.

Randy Bond says:

Do your Gp like thing in Seattle/Renton. Bring in unsealed/Unsleeved/bad boy gaming/Tularemia college and all The YouTubers you like into it and do a cross promotion.
Do it we’re all began.


Vintage video games are a great idea!

Sabastian Coakley says:

yes we need more chhannale i dont play magic nor have i ever here for the funny jokes and bussice timmy stuff

RestoSexual says:

I wish I had good questions for Rudy

cuntos cunt says:

the quinton hoover one? i love that art!

Donny says:

Good talk dude!

Joromo84 says:

For anyone who got really depressed at 1:00 in go lookup Dave Ramsey and his baby steps. I followed his teachings and got through paying off the Timmyness of my 20s. This comment right here may really change your life. Go check him out for getting out of massive credit or student loan debts.

Thomas Lam says:

Real talk, MTG knowledge, i’m having dinner whilst watching this video. Thank You, Rudy.

dsagent says:

*These videos are GREAT!*
I actually like them more than box openings.

lonedemon says:

I don’t travel to GPs anymore, but if you set up an event I’m there.

Chris Wiatt says:

Never played Magic, probably never will. Love your videos still Rudy, and would absolutely go to a RudyCon!

AlphaBetaRudyInvestments says:

Rudy flips cards not houses.

Darthkoo says:

MaRo already said they can’t do gold backs anymore since it violates the RL on his tumblr. I dont relate to Taco Bell, but I do relate to Taco Johns

GreywolfStudios74 says:

“I think everyone is stupid!!!”……..*One breath later*……”I dont believe that grouping people into categories is very beneficial” LMFAO…Im not makin fun of ya rudy….that just struck me as funny.

jonathan whistler says:

Here’s a question for ya rudy, i seen there are couple of cards in the Alpha set that are below the $10 amount, the question is are these cards worse buying and sitting on for 5, 10, 15 years? My reasoning for this question is cause of the rise in the reserve list prices and wondering if these cards would even be worth in a long term small dollar amount investment compared to a large dollar investment.

Thought Loop says:

Everytime you watch an alpha investment’s video Rudy buys another reserved card

Scarlett S. says:

Rudy is low key such a progressive and kind person. A lot of the “anti-SJW” Magic crowd doesn’t get it–this is how to be a good person. Rudy is just authentically himself while being aware of others and having empathy for them.

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