2019 = New Counterfeit Chinese Magic The Gathering Cards

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Box # 139
Jacksonville, FL 32223

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Bandith says:

On the low where can I buy these, not looking to spend 2k on jund

Anthony Lecours says:

Was going to buy lanowar elves from you Rudy but you saved that clear coat…

Jeremy BEROT says:

I know personaly many players who bought these cards from Ali and playing them in tournament.
Nobody never suspected they played with fake cards…
I saw them (the kaladesh treasures set), quality is very impressive.

Cavemantero says:

I can even tell those counterfeits are better quality than current mtg..no pringles

Joel Monteiro says:

You’re absolutely missing the point here. People want these foil fetches and whatnot for personal use only. They don’t get them with the intent if scamming anyone. They simply want to pimp their cubes and edh decks and not pay thousands of dollars to do so.

gomcse says:

Consistently, the easiest way to test for the fakes is the light test. The fakes don’t use the blue core paper. They tried to use a similar blue cored paper but the cards were the wrong weight and thickness. WoTC Blue Core paper is proprietary. So…it doesn’t matter how good the fake looks, it will never pass the light test and you can easily save yourself the pain of buying one.

Zachary Lindahl says:

Man I love when you do the counterfeit videos. The way you talk about them and critique them is cathartic to listen to

Jesse James says:

You should show your tool to strangers more often!

Wiseley T says:

Wow, I can’t believe they are trying foils now. I always thought foils were more or less safe. Thanks for the heads up

drewamongstus says:

they counterfeit the masterpiece and the foils bc its harder to find a comparison and maybe some people have never seen a real one.

Manuel Geraldino says:

Damn the price to play this game is so high people are making fake standard cards. That’s just wank

Rashad, the Stranger says:

“Rudy’s tool usually gets everybody off”


Bong Zong says:

I have to check my Ugin now xD

Aiden Maskell says:

The whole art on the foil thoughtseize was off center

Michael Sallustio says:

“Going to pound town” lol

jamie cruz says:

I think the vast majority of magic players have never owned any of the lottery cards. So I can see how they would try to fake them. It is easier to trick someone when the person has no idea what they should look like in the first place.

uolamer says:

At 8:46 you can see the return address if you pause.

Xion Dominagus says:

I have 100 Chinese black lotus, dunno what chu talkn about. I’m op you fat fuck

A Dandy Gnar, In Space says:

10:40 145 Thousand Ugin!?
. . . I think you mean One Hundred Forty-Five. $145.00

Carter says:

I think sleeve playable but people are able to tell enough to not get ripped off on a purchase out of the sleeve is the perfect place for counterfeits to be

Keshva says:

yeah, they can answer to it at this point, trollandtoad.com has dealings in counterfeit cards.
trollandtoad.com has dealings in counterfeit cards.
trollandtoad.com has dealings in counterfeit cards.
trollandtoad.com has dealings in counterfeit cards.
trollandtoad.com has dealings in counterfeit cards.
trollandtoad.com has dealings in counterfeit cards.
trollandtoad.com has dealings in counterfeit cards.
trollandtoad.com has dealings in counterfeit cards.
trollandtoad.com has dealings in counterfeit cards.

Ondřej Sláma says:

So this video is like a free advice for the forgers to get better?

jaggededge11 says:

This is why I want Wizards to print a “Collector’s Edition” for all the commonly used staples for various formats (Like Lilly, Snapcaster, Mox Opal and such for a Modern one or Lotus, Bazaar, Tabernacle and OG Duels for Vintage). A lot of people honestly just want to play the game (Especially with friends), and don’t want to shell out countless dollars in order to do so.

In the end, it will be supply and demand. If Wizards doesn’t keep up with the demand, the Chinese will definitely provide the supply (And will only get better with time).

me0262 says:

Actually, the BoP looks pretty bad on the front, you can see the print quality is more grainy.
I’m worried about my Masterpiece Sol Ring now… I have to check it when I get home to make sure it’s not counterfeit. The rarity dot actually shows through to the front of the card.

Ashmaker says:

Honestly, besides the raised edges on the foils, these looked perfect to me. Maybe if i saw them in real life. But this is crazy good.

MTG Sickly says:

It’s okay Rudy, happens to a lot of guys your age

Andreas Sivertsvik says:

Rudy, touch my buudy

SmaugUKA says:

If you have all these counterfeit Magic cards, why don’t you mark them, then give em away?

I and others would gladly take them off your hands for Casual play, EDH, Canadian Highlander, and Cubes.

They’re good looking knockoffs…might as well give them to people who will actually use them.

John Angel says:

where do i buy these from?

Smegma Lasagna says:

Man do I want to smack that Teferi in the face

MrDmanMiller says:

The quality of these counterfeits seems to be increasing at the same rate as Wotc MSRP.

David Chumilla says:

It would be nice if you could share some under the loop pics. I don’t have fake cards but I would like to know how they are under the loop to avoid being scammed.

Aidan Johnson says:

Come for the cards, stay for the tool

Nate L says:

I thought 7th edition was white border. I looked on Card Kingdom and they have white boarders for the pictures.

Franz Arnett Valois says:

I thought you didn’t bought any kaladesh masterpieces?

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