7 Best Green Magic the Gathering Cards

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valibe94 says:

Survival of the fittest!!! Fastbond, channel, hermit druid, earthcraft, oath of druids, summoners pact, worldly tutor, green suns zenith, sylvan library, glimpse of nature, exploration, crop rotation, nimble mongoose , hypergenesis, even krosan grip or birds of paradise are better than some cards on your list when you talk about the best 7 cards you have to focus mostly on legacy and vintage, because they have the highest power level… Cards like ancient stirrings definitely dont have a place on this list

Maciej Pawlikowski says:

Glistener Elf is far from ‘a good card in general’ 🙂

Maurice Babbitt says:

Gaeas cradle is green and better than all of those.

Perseus Jackson says:

defense of the heart

Jay Cameron says:

thank you that help me for looking for these cards

emistheman says:

Sylvan library, hypergenesis, oath of druids, glimpse of nature are all better than most of the cards on this list, and the other comments suggest some other cards as well. These videos are well-intentioned, but they seem to use mostly cards that you like, not necessarily the cards that are the best in terms of power level.  Possibly the title should be “my favorite green cards” instead of “the best green cards.”

pkengen25 says:

what about fastbond? glimpse of nature? Green sun Zenit? better than most of the cards on your list

Nuked Heros says:

Honestly none of them are good. However i do agree with your opinions on the sorcery cards most the creature are not that good

Carit World says:

I totally needed this since I’m a Gruul!

Harmony Smurf says:


Northern DargaarD says:

No Primeval Titan, but some occasional and less playable stuff

Justin Rose says:

Some might prefer Birds of Paradise over Noble.

Jessica Zane says:

I think Fastbond is the best at the moment.

Peter Shipman says:

MTG LION must not play green that often.

Qiansunya Atwood says:

i think you need more interesting cards

GodDogofVice says:

Deathrite Shaman is better than Noble Hierarch.

mlg_ skrublord says:

No really, wtf is this? Best cards? How is glistener elf better then prime time?

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