82.92% OFF SALE @ Target – Magic the Gathering Cards

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T A says:

I can confirm that this works. I went to 5 targets around my area and bought out everything that was discounted. Over all I spent $200 and saved sooooooo much

Sam Black says:

Good lucking finding an FNM when the fire sale is over…

Mike Lee says:

my target does not price match anymore

erikhauschildt says:

We had problems with a few stores refusing to price match, unless it was target.com. we had to go to corporate and file a complaint because it says on their website guarantee to match and we showed it to them and they refused to budge. Walmart was by far the worse, hands down.

Alyosha 1981 says:

I did this the other night, tried to buy 6 fat packs on price match, they would only do 1 @ 14.99

Nightveil07 says:

It’s sketchy I’ve tried it, definitely should complain and manager at times but mostly bundles are easier than 18 dollar packs. Had to go to another store for price match.

David Bruno says:

Total BS. Went to over 10 Targets and not a single one would price match. Some one got either very lucky or is BSing everyone

Mark C. says:

Lets be real, its cardboard, about what it’s worth anyway.

Zennyme says:

These prices are crazy.

The Sobman says:

Yea. Bought $60 worth of packs over a few days. Sorry guys.

TheSushiandme says:

Not in my area. Closes one is 80 miles away east in the desert lol.

Jonathan Starkey says:

does anybody know that if they’re lying if they say they won’t price match if the item is not in stock on the Game Stop website

Captain Moore says:

These prices are good enough to start The Monthly Magic Box back up lol

Legendary Mana says:

This is complete nonsense – the majority of the stores will not price match this

Squeaky P says:

They didn’t let me price match because they said the website indicated in store pickup and not online pricing.

omar rawr says:

You do this you are screwing over the independent contractor that restocks stores. Many of these operations are mom and pop businesses.

Sutton MacGregor says:

I went to Target today in the Houston area . Cashier couldn’t price match more than a few dollars, so they sent me to customer service where the service rep/mgr. said that Target doesn’t price match in the month of December. I might try another store in my area.

Egor Povolocki says:

Most targets not gonna match. Its 80% discount – they will never do that. I was on a call with corporate because i was refused to match price. In their policy is a trick – it has to be available online on gamestop website. Its written in their rules. If you got the manager who is not 100% familiar with rules – you’ll be lucky.

Brandon Stone says:

You do realize they do this all the time right. This is nothing new. There is no end for LGS the smart ones arent putting all of there money in magic to begin with.

James Forinash says:

LGS’s have been going out of business since we first started getting LGS’s. Per usual, the ones with solid business plans will stick around and the poorly run ones will go out of business. Don’t take it personal if your LGS goes out of business, because this is just business.

This is a really good time to be a MTG player or MTG investor. MTG talking heads are killing each other off, reserve list is going way up, packs and booster boxes are cheaper than ever, singles are cheaper than ever, Ixalan is a fun set, Iconic Masters is a great draft set, Unglued is a great wacky draft set, and there is a ton of product to choose from at a discount!

harthfire2 says:

the trick also is that gamestop has to have it IN-STOCK and our store buys em out and re-sell them we did it last year with the same mistakes and sales we got $1 ORGINS when it was still in standard and re-sold them at the shop

FromTha90s says:

A- Gamestop getting rid of MTG not offering those prices all the time once they are gone the will not restock. B- Target shouldn’t price match when you can look at game stops website and see that the don’t have the cards in stock.

Bins Wanger says:

Ok I keep hearing about these crazy sales at Target and Walmart’s but never seen these sales.

Kframes says:

Please don’t go to retail stores and make a scene…

Elijah M Thompson says:

I just tried this the other day.

They did not price match gamestop.

jastat says:

Plot twist: this is the new pricing scheme from Wizards! They are trying to get people to play the game again by pricing the product at a more affordable level

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