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Alpha Starter MTG Magic the Gathering Opened for 5000 subs Giveaway, You can pick a common make a comment, I will do a randomization and pick one person to get a common.

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ventris 40000 says:

Bought an Alpha Lotus at Goodwill for 20 dollars. It came in a rotted shoe box.

9enius says:


stonedcold67 says:

Bout dropped my phone

Brian LAFLESH says:

Could I have one of the forests?

OKjoey86 says:

Wtf am I watching

mon lon says:


saladien28 says:

I bet the loving that night was one too remember 🙂

Vail Kuntz says:

This is actually my favorite asmr

Master_Must Gaming says:

Asmr confirmed

Thom Poz says:

3:51 Dwarven Warriors

Nick Wancho says:

Lol and managed to squeeze the card slightly due to unexpected ejaculation

joe carson says:

You heard him jizz himself when the lotus came out

Cyprus Dakar says:

That box should’ve come with a new pair of shorts. Many expletives would have exited my mouth.

Mark Kempton says:

Black lotus please….

antbombs says:

Damn stop breathing in to the mic

EL JOTT says:

Holy moly

Nostalgic memories says:

can anyone explian why black lotus so expensive? how many cards there is in world like that?

D L says:

So did you sell it? How much did you make? And how much did that card deck cost you?

Mackenzie Lacroix says:

“Oh my god!” *Proceeds to almost bend the shit out of the black lotus* “Its a black lotus!” *Realizes hes bending it and sets it down on the table shaking to fucking death*

rasmus wästle says:

am i late too late for the givaway?

Jared Genesis says:

This card should have been reprinted its honestly retarded that good cards like this dont get cycled back in. Obviously its just a ploy by wotc of making money. fucking bastards.

andy hsu says:

why are you breathing so heavily?

Невольно Бесстрашный says:

У меня есть два лотоса. Очень приятное ощущение, когда ими владеешь!

Blake Heinberg says:


Mozay Menzelli says:

8:17 You’re welcome.

Ndizzle07 says:

Is it too late to choose the alpha lotus?

Tonni Sandholm says:

Used one for my coffe cup so i would not leave marks on the table…………in 1993….hmmm

Devin Arch says:

But, does it blend?

Hyperiøn Ømen says:

The gloves lol that’s weird

Anh Tuan says:

dude why being so extra

Mike G says:

I hope you sell it and spend some of that money on a weight loss program.. jesus dude you won’t live long enough to spend that money if you have this much trouble breathing while you’re sitting down

LawrenceTaylorMachine says:

Why are you wearing gloves… if you wash your hands it should be clean and not oily… unless you’re dirty af.

bladerInBrighton says:

This could be the dissection of an animal that had swallowed some gold, just replace the cards with a rabbit.

daniel johansson says:

the classic heavy breathing of magic nerds xd

Licio Vieira says:


dickvieh says:

Can someone tell me why the Card is so freaking rare? Is it that hard to pull? Sorry, idk anything about the magic

Napoleon Lovecraft says:

That’s a real nice piece of cardboard. lol

i like Chiezejus says:


Richard Lowe says:

How can you tell the difference between Alpha and Beta booster/starter decks and how do unopened ones go for these days? How many are left unopened approximately? Anyone know?

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