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Command your budget! Here at The Commander’s Quarters we brew fun and focused $25 EDH decks. On this deck tech we brew with Atraxa, Praetors’ Voice as our commander. Grow your ranks and then grow their power with proliferating +1/+1 counters!


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Atraxa, Praetors’ Voice decklist:

Reasonable Upgrades:


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“Check them In” Ema Grace (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0


Dungeons & Doofuses says:

Vorel of the Hull Clade would be useful in the deck, you can pay UB and tap to double the amount of one type of counters on any artifact, creature or land

Aaron Schwindling says:

When your Commander costs more than your deck

Glass Man says:

Can you do Ezuri (Swell the host) price excluded deck?

Ashenlao says:

Oh snap…

Xavier Manley says:

So glad pir and toothy made an appearance. Just pulled them from a pack of battlebond. This is by far my favorite deck you have done. Adding this to my christmas list

Ricardo A says:

Make a $250 upgrade please

Dean Hassell says:

Great stuff Mitch. This was very similar to how my atraxa deck started. It’s all in stax now.

Hoosier Hooksets says:

Evra Halcyon witness budget commander?

Michael Matasso says:

Who the hell downvoted this?!

Gregory Gilmour says:

put magistrates scepter in the deck, unless you talk about it in the 2nd half of the video that i haven’t seen

Grimm 426 says:

Bro this deck seems extremely OP. I’ve made a couple decks with atraxa.
+1 counters
-1 counters
And poison Counters

Danny Knight says:

A reason to get Atraxia now

Logan Farley says:

Would it be possible for you to do an Oloro, Ageless Ascetic deck tech. I have been trying to make a decent list for him for a while, any main tactic will do. Thank you for the videos!

Victor Braz says:

Dude, Storage lands! At first you need to tap them to add a storage counter, but once you have the counters and is proliferating, you can add as many colored mana as you have storage counters.

Romain Verneyre says:

you basically just copy the actual atraxa deck such plagia

James Lysakowski says:

I swear, now your just making these so you can hear me chime in about how it’s too bad doubling season is soo expensive!


This looks pretty fun. I really love playing Inspiring Call and Armorcraft Judge in these kinds of decks. I’m assuming you didn’t have room in the budget for Prime Speaker Zegana, but she’s a pretty good refill later in the game too.

addam barcelos says:

most of the time, atraxa is a heavy target. even without infect, she grows your stuff quickly and has so much abilities xD

KromeDrone says:

Aight, lets crack down on this one. I built Atraxa +1/+1 counters right out the gate as soon as I got the precon. Ill tell you something that probably should be considered.

Protect. Atraxa. – Seriously invest at least 4-5 cards designed to protect her. Not just stuff like Boots/Greaves but also stuff like Darksteel Plate and enchantments that help regenerate. I put Pemmins Aura in mine to great effect. Being able to not only give her Shroud on the fly, but also make her a 7/1 on swing is really nice to maximize the lifegain so you can midigate the damage youll be taking from being target numero uno out of the gate.

The next card to heavily consider is Cauldron of Souls. The deck needs to be wrath heavy (I suggest 5-6) to survive against sn onslaught of 3 other players going gunhoe for you from the start. Try and use Wraths that destroy and not -1/-1 like Black Suns Zenith or Toxic Deluge. Cauldron of Souls will give your entire team persist so they will come back into play.

And the best card for the deck came in the Precon: Crystaline Crawler. This thing has netted me so much mana in a single game that its insane. Not sure on the price of it now but its definitely worth the investment.

Oh, and make sure you tell your opponents what type of Atraxa youre playing. Otherwise theyll assume Super Friends and youll die very quickly.

fearanarchy says:

Classic CQ. When your Golden Pig is under $1.50, you’ve built right.

Glad it wasn’t cheap 4C Infect

I have Transmografying Wand in a few Mono builds that have problems with pinpoint control. CQ needs more wand. Also I think Diligent Farmhand went up in price because your fans bought out all the HP and Damaged copies by now. I got quite a few under $0.20 prior.

ramsey khelifi says:

What’s up Commander’s quarters ipomea tractors Predators voice I pray the same Commander that you have on this Deck Tech mine’s a little bit more advanced was calling and many other Planeswalkers but only eight Planeswalkers I made not a Super Friends the tracks up like people expect I made the color black all about death and sacrificing for opponents I made blue all about control I made white all about surprisingly I guess you’d probably say a little bit of land but mainly really strong white creatures that like Addison of Hope and are we doing things that makes things indestructible and then IL it’s made green when what a land Mana ramp and car draw and trample but I still have the eight Planeswalkers like corned of a little later Mesa and Liliana vest Jace the Mind Sculptor Ajani that gives you 100 life and I forgot the last Planeswalker but I’m so sorry I had a tough fairy so teferi just died yesterday so honestly I’m still working on the tracks but the Traxxas plays voice is a freaking Opie b****

Pwny says:

Inexorable Tide does not list a price in the video

Freddie Patton says:

Great addition that also gives some removal is festercreep. Also if you wanna do a surprise voltron I find bioshift will really throw people through a loop.

Daryl Chiu says:

13:01 Couldn’t resist Rickrolling huh? 😀

Personally for me, the best version of Atraxa is a hybrid of Infect with +1/+1 Counters synergies along with Elspeth and Ajani (flavor fail, I know) that help pump said Infect creatures you control but most people (myself included) are not too keen on fighting against Infect due to the mechanic being an unfair alternate win condition.

spartagod says:

What about chasm skulker in this deck it would rule

Jordan says:

Budget atraxa? Absolute mad lad!

Skeletal Maniac says:

You could say commander cost excluded let’s you avoid

*commander tax*

Luca BD says:

🙁 not infect

Jonas The Dinosaur says:

alesha plz

Josh J says:

Is there any way to vote on the next commander?

Josh Schulz says:

Would you ever consider building a fungus/saproling deck with Ghave or Slimefoot? Keep up the great work already built two of these commanders!!

Jeff Wilkins says:

You should do an Ulasht the Hate Seed deck

ghostfile1 says:

Ayyyyyy, I asked for this a while ago! Definitely not disappointed, loved the deck. Also would have loved to see an infect version!

Kris Singh says:

Lol, i think he skipped over the fact that Fertilid can single-handedly buff an entire army and win the game on if Atraxa is on the field

White IceHawk says:

Ghave, Guru of spores woul ve an awesome decktech. Since original ravnica I love saprolings because of this I have two ghave decks

jacob meagher says:

For me having just built an Atraxa, superfriend deck, she is so stupid with the proliferate, especially, and I would consider these to definitely be Major upgrades, I have Omniscience and praetors Counsel, that and Having Doubling season along with all coloured associated oaths makes it crazy and just to further push it up to ridiculous levels, I have inexorable Tide making this deck absolutely Crazy, so yeah, absolutely Crazy!!!
Edit: oh didn’t notice Inexorable tide.

ZackPumpkinKing says:

How about lands like Calciform Pools and Dreadship Reef. Wouldn’t those kind of lands work pretty well with profiliate?

The Stanimal says:

Love the deck I just dont know what to take out for upgrades cause i have all of them!

Alex Briscolino says:

This is an amazing deck. Definitely might think about adding this one to my arsenal

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