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Garic B says:

Give me a break.  SJW”s are snitching to wizards for free already.

Vehicular Overlord says:

keep Offenders out of the Investigation program

Breakneck says:


Zach Stackhouse says:

That job better pay well, cuz I am gonna make them earn every penny.

MrHabenero says:

It seems that what it all comes down to is WotC is so concerned about protecting their general reputation, that they forgot to protect what originally gave them that reputation. They want to be immune to scrutiny while simultaneously scrutinizing others that disagree with their personal views. They want to build this game environment that can only allow the people that agree with their image and agenda, to jump on to their bandwagon, support their ideologies, and also create profit. Only problem, their special agenda club is a minority that most likely doesn’t spend enough money on product to support WotC’s bottom line, and they are so busy pushing everybody out of their game due to lack of care of quality, or for attacking their consumer base for having different opinions. The amount of “exclusion” (ironic for an inclusion agenda isn’t it?) that they are creating against their consumer base, is going to eat away a significant amount of their profits, and it might not be apparent now, but I don’t think it will take too much longer for this to become obvious to WotC.
By all means, let them hire their investigators to protect the image of their company, because if they keep heading down this path, WotC wont have anything left to protect.

The Goth King says:

>Step one: Become a snitch
>Step two: Report SJWs
>Step three: Profit?

Archlightning says:

“We don’t want players to feel persecuted”
*Persecutes MTG players for saying mean words*

Nolidior says:

“Delver of Secrets” my sides hurt so much…

Amelia Ward says:

Problem is, there are plenty of SJW psychopaths to fill the position(s). 1984 in full effect.

Dave Kot says:

While a middle finger is typically well understood, the “ok” *gesture* can have other meaning based on culture. Is WotC flirting with multicultural insensitivity (among other thought crime)?

Eric Hines says:

Snitches Get Stitches

Geoff Sarlo says:

Snitches live in ditches.

Kwasi Williams says:

Lmao so ass backwards how they violate the privacy of their customers in order to say stay away we don’t want you as a customer.

Shouldn’t they be spying on customers to see what they can do to keep us as customers.

hideki myselfi says:

Wonder how much they pay… I need a job.

GenericEdgeLord says:

Guess this have too be done! Snitches gets Stitches not Bitches…

Great quote, from dat gangster who’s living below ma porch

Rocket Bronson says:

Wizards of the coast needs to be purged by Hasbro. Honestly I wouldn’t even mind if the rebooted in a way magic. I miss card boobies 🙁

Uncle Morty's Nerd Shed says:

If I wasn’t on disability I would apply for this job. I was a skip-tracer for a Payday loan company and collected a ton of delinquent debt.

red ryno says:

Man Fuck wotc and their bullshit.

Jonathan Schilling says:

By all means ban me, I do not care because I do not use the dci program I have already said a few mean comments.

Curtis Smith says:

I’ve always been told I’d look good in a brown shirt and jack boots, maybe I should apply…

marco d'ambrosio says:

I just wanna see them burn, not just because the love of chaos, but I really think that, once they’re on their all time low, some serious moves have to be taken, and this could only improve the state of the game I’ve loved for the last 18+ years, since I was 14yo, and that now is in the hands of immensely incompetent people.

DJhato says:

nothing to worry about its just an inquisition.
that never goes wrong

Matt Jordan says:

I hope this is illegal some where and they get hit with a big ass lawsuit.

Edwin Rivera says:

I’ll snitch on everyone! Right wing, left wing, x-wing(TM)! I don’t care who! If you are an asshat calling for violence against anyone? I’ll rat you out! Also I’ll make sure even the employees will be held to that standard…. I won’t be above the law, I will be the law. Street judges don’t do
It for the pay we do it to bring justice to ALL! (Que Dredd theme)

Quinton Cole says:

Haha what a bunch of 1984 whiner babies. I don’t like bad things said about me..waaahh…so I’m going to spy on people because me and my game are soooo important. What a joke, PC people are stupid. stuck in a bubble of stupidity.
Tone change: magic is great! And wizards can do no wrong… ‘Wink’

taklum ofWindurst says:

This sounds like targeted harassment. do they have permission to collect our personal information like this? Hell, why don’t they just hire Cambridge Analytica.

Audie Garver says:

Why does it sound like they’re trying to recruit volunteers for some kind of Disney program?

“Azor the lawbringer is recruiting, subject line Delver of Secrets”. The majority of players on this game are grown men. Yet, they’re advertising this like it’s for children.

Jesus Lord above, this company is so incompetent and completely deluded with what their playerbase is. They are degrading themselves it seems almost every day when we hear about recent news. They really need to restructure their branding because this is so far off what the game is and why people purchase it.

This is what happens when psychopaths gain power I swear to goodness.

Bryce Goodwin says:

Funny video, but a bit too cynical, IMO. It sounds like a lot of this role is simply about investigating issues arising at competitive events, probably including the kinds of issues you’ve done videos about where innocent people get labeled as cheaters and actual cheaters get away with it.

That said, yeah, it’s weird that they would focus on this and not on improving card and set quality. I’d guess corporate policy prevents addressing those bigger concerns in a timely manner, if at all. As Rudy has said, big organizations move VERY slowly. And WOTC’s long-term business model may very well incorporate low card/set quality by design…

Steven-Jelle Meijer says:

i bet that when the cards were of normal quality there would not be that many aggravated players saying naughty stuff

Hoshea says:

“…hardly a week passed in which ‘The Times’ did not carry a paragraph describing
how some eavesdropping little sneak—’child hero’ was the
phrase generally used—had overheard some compromising
remark and denounced its parents to the Thought Police.”

By George Orwell

gabrielpapi1 says:

Don’t mind the pedophiles in the community, no no no, look for those posting mean things on the internet. Those are the guys we’re after.

Aaron Merkal says:

I would love for this to be a thing. I am 99% sure it is against the terms of service for any platform to use their social media services to conduct investigations of this nature as it can fall under misrepresentation and stalking. I hope this goes to court

Plague Doctor D says:

This is incredibly creepy why should they creepy why do they care about opinions rather than trying to weed out cheaters or fix the actual cards

Jon Peters says:

Please, for the love of god, someone get WoTC out of the sewers…

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