best unboxing ever. crazy good packs from a crazy good box! you won’t believe how awesome this was 🙂


Josh Yates says:

I have that holo god too 🙂

Keka Bron says:

Bueno video, but from 22:00 was worth it. Eat them all piggy!!

Minecraftmike03 says:

Wait did you actually eat the card?!

Dedrergenert says:

strangely, im quite happy for this nerd.

DemonicMisfit says:

He ate….the card….I’ve seen it all now XD

The man inside Your dreams says:

ur a meeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme

VintageTimer Playz says:

YuGiOh Kid passing by….

Devin Cote says:

my all time favorite set

Dedrergenert says:

make this video relatable to non nerds. whats the cash value ?

Baron Von T. says:

21:58 excuse me, must have misheard you.

22:02 I guess not

BlazeHexWeaver says:

hey so I am getting back to magic the gathering and just bought a Nissa vs obi nixilis deck is that still good right now for a returning player

MagnificentToasterOverlord says:

I got one pack and I got a foil mythic sun titan

Corey Shaw says:

LOL loved this!

preston Life says:

I love to watch your videos when ever I’m sad you cheer me up some how

RodeoBravo says:

They need to start adding nutritional value information to the backs of the boxes 😀 Man watching these videos makes me wish I didn’t get out of magic a few years back, loved playing this game. Great unboxing as always Boogie!!

MR COOL says:

It’s great to see you happy

Fire Giarius says:

Fan fact Iroas in Greek means hero

Jonthan Urban says:

I love that Ajani, a decent card for white green heroic decks.

Chris Bastin says:

you should open SkylandersBAttlecast my first Skylander was snap shot,storm blabe,spyro

Wumbo says:

wait…. he actually fucking ate it?

JayEdom says:

lol i cant believe you ate it lol you must have enjoyable shits…….. not!!!!! lol yup back in the 90s

SuperCarder7325 says:

nice video bro

Seemore Dicks says:

is magic a rip off of yugioh?

Truex J says:

I ate Frosted Flakes with half and half milk watching this video in case you guys were wondering

Jacob Meyer says:

how many cards has boogir eaten at this point

Spino Gaming says:

Lol he ate a rare card lol but for real that does have paint and
Ead so yea fuck

jeff30458 says:

lol Eidolon would suck if it was 4 or more. It wrecks in burn.


I want to get into this game but i don’t have enough money lol

Austyn Kemp says:

You do no that Charizard can’t be pulled from a MTG pack.

preston Life says:

I like how you don’t freak out like every body lets who freaks out

Unchainedboar says:

that god pack he got whats the value of those 2 cards?

frank dover says:

Hey bro, my name is Frank. I live in Raliegh, N.C. I live at a recovery/shelter atm. I lost everything i had including a MTG collection, can u help me out with a donation of cards so some friends and i who are here and play can do just that, play. It can be decks or sets or anything you are willing to donate. This is my address if you or someone you know might be willing….Frankie Moore…Healing Transitions..1251 Goode St. Raliegh, N.C. Thank you for your time and consideration in this request. Frank

zombie hydra says:



Can I have few card

Alexander Pavlovsky says:

I came here to see boogie smile and say Holly Crap!

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