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Show Notes:

We’re continuing our coverage of the Commander 2018 product with a look at the BEST NEW CARDS from the set. Before we examined each deck and how to quickly tune it up and get it onto the battlefield as quickly as possible. Today we’re taking an overall look at the C18 cards in the context of the greater world of Commander.

What’s the best new legendary? The best new card for inside the 99 of your current decks? Watch and find out!


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Zérodaim says:

Estrid’s Invocation doesn’t draw the game with Paradox Haze. Haze only triggers on the first upkeep each turn. So you’d get 2 extra upkeeps, blink Invocation a total of 3 times maximum and… that’s it. No “blink it each additional upkeep to get even more upkeeps” loop, and since it’s a may ability, it wouldn’t be possible to abuse it in practice anyway.

JR M says:

Doesn’t Paradox Haze say after your first upkeep? So it wouldn’t even trigger after your additional upkeep

Brown Dog Stouty says:

Is jimmy okay?

Márcio Nunes says:

what happens with commander storm and partner commanders? choose one? summ both?

Logan Shirley says:

Extort wouldn’t work with sower of discord because it’s damage not loss of life.

Wes Lawrence says:

Aminatou’s Augury is going in my Jodah deck, and Bloodtracker is going in Edgar Markov

Charlie Solow says:

46:20 Edgar Markov Deck for Blood Tracker?

Gplars says:

Why did you not talk about the best card nesting dragon

Munch KING says:

To Compare Skull Storm to other Black sorceries that cost 9, In Garuuk’s Wake and Plague Wind both have the exact same casting cost, and they are both “wipe out everyone’s stuff except MINE” thus making you really close to winning the game. If your opponent is going wide, Skull Storm probably wouldn’t even hack it’s way through all the creatures.

Alex Mendoza Archdemon of Burgers says:


Consciousness says:

Omg so fucking annoying having to hear 5 different ways to pay for fun videos. It’s all I hear now over and over and over and over “Hey! Donate to us. We started off making these for fun, but now we just can’t do it unless you pay us money and here’s a bunch of reasons over and over and over and over the same song and dance. I usually pass on watching the videos from this channel because the videos are too long. I don’t want to waste 120 minutes to mtg it’s just a card game there is more to life. Save your money for grand experiences not giving extra money to these guys so they don’t even have to work eventually you’re all paying people’s yearly wage to see some videos some momentary entertainment to keep from boredom.

YOU KNOW, PEOPLE WHO HELP PEOPLE AND ANIMALS FROM DYING don’t talk for 5 minutes about donations in the beginning of every video. You play cards you don’t save lives you DONT NEED DONATIONS lazy selfish

GLHF MtG says:

Estrid’s Invocation with Paradox Haze and Braid of Fire

Travis Ferguson says:

So um. When will an episode of Game Knights drop with all this C18 news, hype and such?

FlipWhut TheZipp says:

Estrids Innvocation with mirage mirror you can make it anything an the battlefield

William Schaefer says:

Paradox Haze says “At the beginning of enchanted player’s First (1st) upkeep….) so it wouldn’t go infinite if copied. Extra turns seem required.

Geoffrey Stanley says:

Sower of discord says damage delt so i don’t believe extort hits that since it says loses life. From my understanding damage causes loss of life but loss of life is not considered damage.

Ventrix Aristerose says:

Aminatou’s augury is “over the top”… literally

Benjamin Mitchell says:

Sower of Discord can be used to force alliances. You can target yourself and another player attacking you. That way if they kill you, they are likely to kill themselves.

Wes Lawrence says:

Boreas Charger just says “Plains” not just basics. So you can hit Duals/Shocks with it and get some fixing too.

ArmadilloAl says:

1:04:20 It’s not basic Plains. If your opponent has three more lands than you, you can put Tundra on the battlefield and the two white Amonkhet cycling duals into your hand.

John Evans says:

Sower of discord + saskia = win

Azog The Defiler says:

Game Knights soon?

Mister Turk Turkle says:

Sower of discord doesnt work with extort. Damage and life loss are two different things. Thats why it says when one takes damage the other loses life. Else it would instantly trigger itself infinitely and kill both players targeted.

Ps: the difference is this.
“Damage” can be prevented with card effects
“Losing life” cannot

John Slibb says:

Avalon is a game that’s like secret Hitler but King Arthur themed

Rekker Shark says:

To be cruel with treasure nabber you could use mycosynth lattice to make everything an artifact so when your opponents taps a land for mana you can take it and sac it with kci on your turn to be the most horrible person because worse case they don’t tap their lands until it’s gone but in that case play darksteel forge to make them indistrucible

Angel Oneill says:

Put ever watching threshold in superfriends. Playing a bunch of powerful planeswalkers make people really wanna swing at you!

Paolo Quate says:

I Think DJ should stay on the channel even when Jimmy comes back.

Kattywagon29 says:

Gotta love hitting that bell! Got to see this almost immediately. XD

Calum P. says:

For paradox haze, it’s only after the players first upkeep. I wish it went infinite though

Jhyrryl says:

Cheap Partners + Commander Storm

Tynamo1292 says:

Where’s our mans jimmy?

Masonzero Digital Works says:

I like your shirt, DJ! I have one exactly like that with sci-fi ships that I got from a small shop in San Francisco years ago.
Also nice card analysis. There are a lot of fun cards to play with in this set.

fabrizio norcia says:

Josh, Jimmy and Dj Im a loyal subscriber can I ask a question? I have an Ur Dragon edh deck, but i still have one spot available, what do i put in ? Swiftfoot boots or Darksteel plate ? Considering that I have only other three spells in the deck that give haste, but ZERO indistructible spells for my vulnerable commander. The problem with darksteel plate though is that it costs 2 to equip and that’s a problem because the Ur Dragon is expensive and i cant afford 2 generic mana most of the time

ArmadilloAl says:

18:00-ish Before you get *too* excited about Fury Storming your opponent’s Expropriate three times, keep in mind that all of your extra turns still come after the extra turns of the guy who cast the original.

竹井かねこ says:

about the storm cycle,
Gavin say that in the article:
//(Also, yes, these do work really well with partner commanders like those found in Battlebond!) //
I want to hear the storm cycle considering partner commanders.

DragonLord says:

I don’t think the Estrid’s invocation+Paradox Haze combo works infinitely, the ability only triggers if it’s the first upkeep. So in theory, you get 3 upkeep’s total (which is still very nice) but you can’t go infinite

Scythe says:

please no more jumbo commander

swoosh94 says:

Estrids invocation, paradox haze and Scarab God with a single zombie just drains the table out. I found a new win condition! Thanks gents!

Wilson Lim says:

So they allowed us to have an infinite loop with Fury Storm? If we had already cast our commander once, we can cast something like a time warp then cast Fury Storm then have the copy of Fury Storm target the original Fury Storm and when the copy of the Fury Storm resolves, we get another 2 Fury Storms and we choose the two spells again

Yahel Hotam says:

first upkeep*

Andrica Ion says:


Rsehnul says:

When it looks like Chris hemsworth is a guest star

kyle krueger says:

Is that kyle from that science show ???

Ivan Garcia says:

So the ones worth buying as singles

Michael Smith says:

Estrid’s Invocation won’t work in a broken way with Paradox Haze because Paradox Haze has a “At the beginning of your first upkeep” clause.

Ronny Levin says:

I thought Dj will be in the next game knights show, because when now jimmy is not here he may be participating in your show, plus he is a quite famous mtg YouTuber

Mario Rankl says:

Is anyone out here who sees the zacama and geode golem synergy? Attack any player thats not able to defend, cheat zacama out and untap all lands because you cast it. Even later one if zacama gets removed. Sounds yummy to me

dizzyfish13 says:

i hate the mel lee and cassius marsh are back. they should have new people or older guests

alex B. says:

Sower would be soooooo good in neheb. Should have been red.

S V says:


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