Commander 2018 Preview Card – Gyrus, Waker of Corpses | The Command Zone #220 | Magic: the Gathering

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Show Notes:

It’s that time of year, Commander Xmas! Which means we’re unwrapping our exclusive COMMANDER 2018 PREVIEW CARD! Meet the newest JUND legendary creature: Gyrus, Waker of Corpses. Come find out what this big bad hydra can do.

Note: This is a short episode just for our C18 preview card but don’t worry! We have a ton of awesome BONUS CONTENT coming out very soon. This is the best time of year for Commander players and we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at all the new stuff from every angle. We only have to wait until more of the set is revealed.


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Max Peeters says:

If you have Doubling Season on the battlefield and Kalonian Hydra in the graveyard, you can attack with Gyrus, bring back two Kalonian Hydra’s (both 8/8’s at this point) and all +1/+1-counters are 16-tupled (the two Kalonian Hydra’s are now 128/128, Gyrus is X*16/X*16 where X was his initial power).
You can easily wipe out all three opponents at the same time as early as turn 5 (with ramp, even faster than that).

As a fun side-note: Kalonian Hydra is, by far, my favourite magic card.

Dante K says:

I still think you would have to sacrifice the primal vigor token too. Cuz all it’s saying is that Gyrus is making two tokens that get exiled instead of one. It will be interesting to see how they clarify the rule tho.

Bracer Plays says:

Riftsweeper would be amazing for this deck

Andrew Sigrist says:

The Parallel Lives interaction does not work with this creature as you believe it does. Parallel Lives still exiles the copy because it is a replacement effect. This is the same case with myriad or Seance and doubling season, unfortunately because it is a replacement effect, the game “remembers” that two tokens were created instead of one and both get exiled.

That said, populate will work and you get to keep the token because it is a copy of the token rather than a replacement effect.

ThatRedHeadGuy says:

This card seems to be REALLY good! think of all the crazy graveyard combos you could run! (e.i. necro-ooze)

Andrew Hetes says:

Card is trash.

matthew watson says:

“If the effect creating the tokens instructs you to do something with those tokens at a later time, like exiling them at the end of combat, you’ll do that for all the tokens.”
Ruling from annointed procession’s gatherer page.

Gregoryegory20 says:

Idk if you would get extra counters from commander tax that is a separate cost from its cmc just like if you have a artifact that makes it cost 2 less that can’t count toward x or commander tax

Essefex says:

13:30 — Use Ignition team to make a land into a creature, then sac the land-creature to Altar of Dementia to mill yourself, then recur the land with a package like Gitrog Monster, Ramunap Excavator

Maybe hybridize further into a lands theme with Life from the Loan, Borborygmos Enraged, Retrace spells. It synergizes with self-mill and gives you something to do with your mana on the turn the general is swinging rather than being cast. Also you want a lot of lands to pay for X on the general, so you might also use them for resources other ways.

Illianor123 says:

Looks like a good card. It would be nice if you had a list of the cards of you talked about during the episode. You had a lot of great ideas and it would be great if there was an easy to reference a list of them. Maybe there on your website and i’m just blind to a link.

matt thomas says:

you forgot anointed procession the white parallel lives!

wulf -kun says:

15 min command zone video? What is this mockery

RoboToaster says:

DJ= better Jimmy Lmao XD

MaruchinMartin says:

What about riftsweeper I feel like that good add.

Dr. Lemonade says:

At this point, WoTC prints a new artifact deck every two years, since they’re super-interactive, and we apparently don’t have enough artifact decks that promote degenerate combos. However, when WoTC gets around to making a landfall deck, only one of the generals supports an actual landfall strategy, unlike the 2018 artifact deck in which every general supports an artifact strategy.

fluff man says:

Where Jimmy!!!!

Finn Holm says:

I like Gyrus with a populate effekt so its the same like doubling season but one is not attacking

nossexport says:

master of cruelties 😉

Kenneth Ritacco says:

Combos with Master of Cruelties

Richard Grzela says:

Folks, Heroes are every where. We like ours here. featuring the voice talents of Chris from @TheSwordcast (Twitter)! or their site You need to tune in to both.

javon jackman says:

I just wa n t to thank u for making videos

amphyess says:

Cough infect cough

The Squirteler says:

This looks like such a versatile, high-value card. Can’t wait for DJ’s deck!

MattGoodreau says:

It’s fun to see you guys brew together. Keep up the good work. I like the card a lot. At first read I was like “meh”, but it seems like a lot of fun. Also, maybe you could throw a mimic vat or Feldon in there for some redundancy. Mimic vat more so you can steal other creatures! Lol

Brieuc Feraud says:

Low attack High impact creatures?
Let’s play infect then. 🙂

Remember to Breathe says:

This seems to be a more aggressive version of a Sedris, the Traitor King deck, with less Mulldrifter and more Acidic Slime. I think it’s shiny.

Blues says:


Steam Vents says:

Doubling Season type effects do not let you keep the second copy. This interaction already existed with things like Flamerush Rider.

However, you do still get sweet sweet value

Fox says:

You could be that guy and reanimate master of cruelties.

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