DEFECTS in Magic the Gathering Cards – WOTC Cares?

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Kwasi Williams says:

Yeah that blood moon looks more like damage than a misprint.

sam.cityinfo says:

my C17 decks were perfect quality

Skyler Lon Smith says:

Puncturing light is tight, but the quality is terrible on that set and many recent others. It’s anooying. The foils are less shiny too.

chapapanga says:

i agree with the bending in the cards , thats a real issue but missprint? really?
i mean , they print millions of cards and have 1 damaged case out of a million is like 0.0000001 percent missprint rate.
So low that isnt actually a problem.
The examples given like the galaxy note, and cars where issues that can actually harm the usser but if they where things like , a slightly off color in the case of some phones it wouldnt been a recall merit for the company.
of course if the cards where actually unusable you can allways ask for a refund or change of the product as it where damaged , i saw once like 10 years ago a guy that bought a Morningtide precon and some of the cards where missprints he show them to the store owner and they give him another precon of the same, its the only incident i have seen of a missprited lot and was solved in a minute.
now if you are a mass opener and found a case of missprints im pretty sure you can contact the seller and get a refund for it as it was a defective product.
also that panharmonicon was sick , best card of the lot.

xxnwoxx0 says:

i love how you pulled these pictures from a facebook group I’m a part of 🙂

rusty dowd says:

Haha is that defective card @ 4:00 called “Select for Inspection”?

TriceratopsUnicorn says:

With the card quality issues seemingly never ending, and the way they treat their players getting worse every day, I’d say this is a fine point to abandon ship. It’s a damn shame, I’ve been playing since I was a wee lad with Ice Age, but I can’t support this shit anymore.

Eric Johnson says:

That’s how the US Mint works with coins. The reason that their misprints are so rare is that their QA department almost always catches them and they are destroyed. Obviously they aren’t completely perfect (the last one I remember was the first Washington Dollar coin missing the In God We Trust on the edge of the coin).

With Magic cards, crap like this is just going straight out with no one apparently watching it. Its a shame to be considered a Global Company and care so damn much of Community and completely forget that their job is PRINTING CARDS!!! And don’t get started on the NFC garbage…

ThisNameIsBanned says:

US-printing is just the absolute worst quality you could get for cards. Almost any other card game has better card quality in the US-market.

European card quality is pretty fine, arguably not the same as cards in the Urzas Saga era, but its at least still like actual Magic cards.
Everytime we get cards from the US-market its so extreme to face that difference that people believe the US cards are just fake cards, they feel extremely different to a point its a different game.

This is the kind of issue that should be solved instantly, the fact it isnt boggles my mind and why US people just sue WotC in masses , instead they just buy more cards of this insanely crappy quality, sure some cry, but people overall dont seem to care enough, which is CRAZY.

Gerard M says:

first maybe ?

11Hourr says:

MTG Lion! didn’t you know the federal government doesn’t print money? The non-publicly owned federal reserve does that! I think there’s like only 2 countries in the world where the government control the supply of physical currency. Get with the times dude. lol

The Goth King says:

Send them back to Wizards for a refund.

Pockets GC! says:

Hate when i have cards that are darker or lighter than they should.

rjtheripper931 says:

I think that they probably tried to cut down on the cost a bit by contracting with a company that does the printing for cheap and now it’s starting to show. Look if there’s a defective card in your booster packs ask for a refund.

The Bear Minimum says:

One of my Lilliana’s from MM3 was missing almost all of the Black lol…how ironic.

Geoffrey Draws Comics says:

Hey it’s Larry Lady Hair!

3AAA Family says:

Keep up the great work Lion. The community needs you

Steve Scruby says:

Great video. I hope this gets signal boosted a lot. People who are as outraged as I am about the garbage (nonexistent really) quality control going on in Magic: The Gathering would be very glad to see videos on the issue being made. If only WotC would address the issue and return to a respectful, professional standard of quality. Their silence is outrageous and their refusal to improve the quality of their product even more so — especially when it pertains to premium-priced items like Modern Masters.

Dietmar Götsch says:

never encountered such missprints in Europe

CrankedEDH says:

Ive emailed wizards about boxes of new product that was either curled out the wrapper or curled within a week. Terrible inking. There generic responses have basically sorry to hear that. My response has been my wallet. No more cases or boxes per set.

Zach cash says:

There is a reason the people making fakes have yet to make pre 8th edition cards that can pass feel, LED & jewelers glass tests its because the cards were of better quality.
Meanwhile everything since then can be faked perfectly.

Zach cash says:

How to spot the fakes in 2018 ? They don’t have any print issues, are of better card/ink stock & they are a fraction of the price……

Zelgius1 says:

This is what happens if a company is ruled by (far left) Ideologs.

kami4242 says:

Not gonna lie, I would buy/trade for the Panharmonicon at 10:30

Louis Thompson says:

Real question is, how long till fakes start being a higher quality than the real product?

thatos says:

Every example of quality failures you used were health/safety hazards. This is unacceptable on the scale it is, but it is not something that they need to jump in front of.

Snarky Arts says:

Does not look like offset printing. Probably digital and ink heads being or getting plugged would cause the lapse in ink. Also, sounds like an effort to not use quality paper, inks and hot foil.

Brad Jones says:

This isn’t even the first game wizards made that it became an issue. I collect defunct TCGs and recently started organizing my Star Wars TCG collection and the card quality of the last two sets (Return of the Jedi and Revenge of Sith) there are an unacceptable amount of cards that look terribly washed out. I don’t believe I have any washed out cards from any of the other sets and I can nearly put entire washed out sets together of the last two. If you want to show it/cover it in your videos I can send you some pics or a video, it’s bad.

TCGCards sayer says:

It was the Samsung note

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