Destroying Rare Magic the Gathering Card Promos for FNM: Despise

Just destroying magic cards This wasnt actually for paypal. This was done for TheDci, the people who provided the promo cards. They were damaged in the mail and in order to get them replaced he had to see them destroyed.

So, I thought, this would be a great way to destroy them and let everyone get a laugh. 🙂


Top Comment™ says:

0:55 Can u see the pain in the face of the right guy

WingOfGodz says:

Better give me the cards I really want have a rare card

Random Person says:

The starving kids in Africa could have played with those cards

gabriele gallo says:

non so se fai più schifo tu o la fame nel mondo

Mysterious Maximus says:

2864 nerds suckin’ it disliked this. Suck it, nerds.


everyone desubscribe

Alley Cat says:

“So you guys can pay for them.” Ahhhh boogie showed what he really thought of his fans 5 years ago. Just looks at you guys like money. Funny how that specific line matches up perfectly with his “PAY FOR MUH HEALTH CARE” shit on twitter.

Jesus Cota says:

Wtf is wrong with you were you dropped as a kid or some shit

gabriele gallo says:

che schifo

Affinity for MTG says:

You monster.

Tiago Duarte says:


Wyatt Wolfe says:

you just lost a subscriber buddy

Shasha Brown says:

Its not rares Its promo

Thomas Murphy says:

you know African Kids could’ve eaten those cards

Cringe Kid says:

Somebody spent their money on that

Kosm says:

dude in the backgrounds face was like “fuck! i wanted one of those…”

WPGN Gaming-Videos says:

Any card shop employee/owner that thinks those promo’s are worth more than a few cents a piece is an idiot XD Those things were given out like candy. MYG’s only worth now, is if its a popular net-deck and wins games, that lasts for a few months, then the card goes back to being worthless. The only cards worth a damn are alpha, beta, revised, some unlimited and a few arabian knights, maybe a select few Ice age and mirage, everything else is basically junk now. They failed at keeping their product valuable when they continued re-printing cards millions of times.

CreamOf Weber says:


Tizlitts Alexander says:

I hope you get cut by a card

Team69 Racing says:

He should just rubbed them on his greasy belly!!

Killafafong says:


omar visone says:


Lucie The Himalayan says:

Was that Black Lotus!?!!??!?

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