Dominaria: Coming Home – Gerrard’s Legacy

Kevin Place revisits his fond memories of Dominaria’s early days with the hero Gerrard and reveals two cards from the upcoming Dominaria set that speak to Gerrard’s legacy.

Video by Nate Holt, Shawn Kornhauser and Terry Chu.


Brett Blackman says:

yes kevin!!!

LM_Utube says:


Crystal Griffith says:

Oh wow, Danitha will be great for my Odric Equipment EDH deck.

Cyber Rittengrem says:

Danitha should be in sram aura equipment deck as part of the 99

Kuchenwurst says:


This is Solitude from Skyrim

Toasty Jam says:

God I forgot how much I love this game. But I remembered why I stopped playing, I couldn’t afford any new cards.

Elliott Hinkle says:

Edh is gonna get stirred up

The Pokenoob says:

I have the feeling, that Dominaria will change edh a lot.

Mario Kaponi says:

I hope commander 2018 we get urza mishra and yawgmoth

Jeremy says:

a reverse hate bear? a love bear

Dyskhord says:

Wow and she’s uncommon!!

plshalpme says:

0:33 and 1:04
we’ve already seen it

Mr E Meat73 says:

And the universe didnt even notice.

Urzard says:

Looks like an actor
Edit: Seems scripted, not referring to any resemblance to another actor.

J SZ says:

Hello 😀 Polish players is here ;D

joseph sawczyn says:

Ya getting into MtG with Invasion and Onslaught blocks in the mid 90s – great fun growing up

SheffieldsPark says:

ZOMG!!! Danitha looks sick for EDH!!

Theonedrop 1 says:

you heard it here danitha is a 4 of in bogles

Al Capone says:

One of the first here cool.

Micaele Chiocci says:

Give us Virtual Reality and the French Story Traduction for Dominaria back!!!!!!

Kenneth Ayoob says:

Sagas, eh?

Singularity says:

Give… us…yawgmoth….

narvuntien says:

Uncommon :D… seems quite peasant cubable.

Krishnath Dragon says:

So… The best humanity has to offer is a whiny brat who shirks responsibility until one of his friends gets kidnapped, and even then only goes on a quest to save her reluctantly, then gets several of his friends tortured and/or killed?

Ghoulcaller Jay says:

defiantly building this as a commander deck

Luliby says:

The flavor of this set is unreal. It’s looking really good.

Ashra __ says:

Kevin is kinda hot

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