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The products reviewed in today’s video are:

Cardinal XtraLife 3-Ring Binder, 3″, Locking Slant-D Rings, ClearVue Presentation Binder

AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras and Accessories

10-Compartment Deep Pro Small Parts Organizer

No samples were provided for this video. All products purchased using my own funds. Evaluation samples are for the purposes of review only and do not influence grade, nor does a lack of evaluation sample.

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Gabriel Wright says:

Accidentally switches office supply store and home improvement store lmao

Casual Magic says:

1) The Home Depot and Staples pictures were reversed.
2) It’s pronounced “DeWalt” instead of “DeWit”.
3) You said hexagonal, which is six sided but the DeWalt trays are Octagonal with eight sides.

I think this is another one of those “made late at night because that’s the only time I was free” videos. I hope you can get some sleep soon!

David Campos says:

Just got two of those Stanley storage boxes.. and they are awesome!!

The Cooper Squad says:

“It will work great for our cardboard”

xxxchaosxxx92 says:

And just like that every edh play went to homedepo

Hunter Jones says:

I’m sold on that back pack and case!

siegfried greding says:

All MTG will become digital very soon?

Katie Griggs says:

I really like the Stanley box, that holds so much! Thanks for this video, Professor!

Angel Salcido says:

Credit where credit is due, sir. My good man Alex at the gaming goat spring says he gave you this idea in 2015

Tom Berry says:

Standard poster tube cut to length for playmats

David Clark says:

Anyone in the UK successfully found the Stanley Organiser?

Matt Merenbloom says:

Everyone knows to put rubber bands on the cards before putting them in plastic bags.

Daniel Restrepo M says:

As always Professor, your videos are top quality and incredibly useful! Thank you!

Gta 500 says:

you can keep your cards in a steel ammo box you can get them at Walmart for 12 or $13

392Muscle says:

When I was in middle school, I carried my cards in a plastic bag with a rubber band on the outside…
It was Kentucky and we didn’t have those fancy deck boxes.

KyonV13 says:

I legitimately forgot you could use boxes that are not Ultra Pro/Ultimate Guard/etc

bryan tv_ says:

Wow, absolutely amazing — truly genius.

Shorewall says:

This video is Amazing! Way to think outside the box, Prof! 🙂

Tyler Schildknecht says:

Thank you Prof

KappaSigma Stud says:

I like the Stanley case.

grevedanko says:

Love the beard! 🙂

Eric Colbenson says:

Great options, thank you from a budget minded gamer. Hug props to you.

Damian Frost says:

I give this video an A+. Now these are the type of accessories we need to be looking at. I do not think that the standard accessories that you can get at your LGS will give you any sort of guarantee past buying them. Dont get me wrong some of them are good products, but for what you pay for them you should be getting more. Great video, very utilitarian.

y2923 says:

I wonder if the Stanley case people did that on purpose, if not they are lucky af

Steve Vela says:

Before I got my pirate lab case I actually used to use the Stanley box in this video it really is amazing it is heavy when fully loaded though

Riley Kass says:

Office supply *shows Home Depot
Local hardware store *shows Staples

MeowHoots says:

Prof rocking Thor look right now.

ClexYoshi says:

… I gotta go to home depot.

SSJSandwich says:

That Stanley case seems too good to be true, like it’s crazy how amazing that is for magic. I was about to buy an ultimate guard archive and fill it with boulders but I’m strongly considering the Stanley case.

Dracus says:

Finally a good practical review!!!! And affordable!!!

Scarf Honchkrow says:

Very interesting video prof.

Pinkie Pie says:

Hey Professor, I think the Stanley carrying case is suppose to be 10-components. As I looked it up for purchase, every picture showed 8 small cubbies, and 2 larger ones. I think you got super lucky with a manufacture loading mistake. But you could always buy two, swap out the larger ones with 4 smaller ones from another, then return the one with the larger components.

Benjamin Valentine says:

Woah man, can you like branch out and just start reviewing backpacks and everyday items??? A+ review!

ultratog1028 says:

The Stanley 10 compartment storage is almost sold out on Amazon. Had to add 3 different offers from individual sellers before I could actually buy one.

Tolarian Community College says:

Interested in Magic The Gathering portfolios instead? Check out my newest portfolio review here: https://youtu.be/EIIUzn-GqfI

Gerwazbek says:

I don’t comment often, but I love this video. I would like to see more things like this. Things from outside of the hobbies eyes that get missed or overlooked because it wasn’t “made” for TCGs. Thanks Professor.

Tytan Havok says:

$17.95? I’ve paid that price for worse card carriers!

kurowasanabe says:

I appreciate the effore of you putting a glass window behind you just so you could break it with a bag of cards. That’s some dedication right there.

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