Exclusive Masters 25 Preview Card for Magic: The Gathering – MTG!

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Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJ4MqsfZ8UU
Outro: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/465080

Thanks for watching.


Jackson Wald says:

Since it just says from outside the game and not specifically sideboard does that mean I can just use my entire collection to chose from if I bring them?

André A says:

Love you Wedge!

CryptonicNova says:

Please don’t shave, you look like the happiest, most cheery Grizzly Adams. Also, nice to have you back my dude, can’t wait for all the spicy new videos.

I was typing this comment and didn’t realize you were shaving during the video…now I feel sad.

D zum says:

noooooooo I liked the manly beard!!! grow it back! I need it in my life! also, what I need even more is you Wedge! I know you are goign through some struggles, but I hope you get back to making these awesome videos, it was really you who got me back into magic several years ago! love you mate

MrTokidoki420 says:

I liked the beard btw

xakuyer says:

Not only that I enjoyed this preview but I enjoyed seeing you back on videos

pokemon2poker says:

Wow, and you haven’t even posted a video since your last exclusive preview card video. And you still haven’t posted your review of the cat deck.

Tyler Schildknecht says:

THE BEARD was awesome!!! Now it’s gone. That was short lived 🙁

Akei Uehara Mecca says:

So good to see you back, Wedge ♡

And really nice spoiler! I want a foil right NOW!!!

Forge of Wonders says:

What are you going to shave off in the next video?!?!?!?

Aleanrahel says:

You look pretty good with the beard!

bunk156 says:

the prophet has returned to us!!

Enki Dupaquier says:

That shaving process was hilarious !

Romulas Ex says:

Go touch some Childrens you nerds

Tobias Leon Haecker says:

oh, I love the beard, oh, wait, oh it’s gone…

Aleksandar Lazarov says:

Anthony you actually look really good with a beard !

Christopher Godoy says:

Worst cards 14??

FaelMMXII says:

Is Serra in the art?

Alejandro Domínguez says:

Nice to c u again Wedge!  😀 Welcome HOME!!!

Joe Cronin Show says:

You scum bag

Dro Talks says:

Sold, I need living wish in my life 🙂

Dylan Odett says:

That beard…i was like omg then you shaved throughout the video. It was funny, plus there was a cool card spoiled 🙂

Big .Guy says:

That was a really nice smile at the end.

TheManaSource says:


Missed you all.

Mihail says:

Beard suits u

Ethan Newport says:

Wedge!!!! Missed you man!! Welcome back!!!
P.S. Why didn’t you keep the beard??

Viktor Dorokhov says:

You’re back! Thats great news! Cause seeing you couping with depression and producing fun content really helps.

GraeYstaG says:

Hahahahaha i saw what you were doing there through the video! Nice one! Awesome to have you back.

Now onto business;

Worst card ever printed, please! =D

Jonas Von Bauer says:

Please maintain that level of weirdness, this was awesome XD

Alexis Rodriguez says:

Omg with a beard you look like exactly like Oscar isaac’s character Nathan in ex machina

Edit: I didn’t even realize you were slowly getting rid of the beard throughout the video until the very end

Tagalog Gamer says:

WTH i didnt notice until you had the towel that your beard was being shaved off haha

Ethan Ford Ford says:

I actually liked the beard

Doel Johon says:

Wedge u should keep the beard :(((

shirtless german says:

Hey Wedge!   K E E P  T H E  F U L L  B E A R D !!!

Robert Houtsch says:

Dig the beard. The mutton chops are a viable option, if you’re wondering.
Thanks for the preview 🙂

MrTokidoki420 says:

Oh he’s not dead thank god

Devon Petley says:

great to have you back!

Brigham Schellinger says:

I miss your content! You’re the best man!

henningjv says:

Would have been hilarious if you grew your beard back at the end of the video!

cak01vej says:

What is the legality of Masters 25? I mean, will Living Wish be legal outside of Legacy and Vintage now with the new printing, or is it another Eternal Masters set (Although we “just” had that)?

AdimasCrow says:

Welcome back wedge, good to see your handsome self again. You look great however you do your facial hair, but the beard looked pretty good. Also cool card!

Elconnerre says:

Wedge! You’re not dead!

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