F- Customer Support @ Magic the Gathering

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Brendan Chonko says:

I think it’s clear WotC cares more about getting new players rather than player retention. We will see in the near future if that’s a good strategy. (It isn’t.)

Michael Miguel says:


Eric says:

Imagine my shock.

xSean0607 says:

#FuckWotC #PedoMaro #FixCardQuality
Overpriced garbage toilet paper

Drew Jackson says:

The only customer support worse than Wizards is Coinbase.

BooyaCS says:

This is what happens when you don’t have people who understand an SDLC and how to write enterprise software. For issue resolution you send out an email saying that the issue has been logged. Then another one that it is In progress and a final one on resolution. This is incident management 101 from a software perspective. Their teams seem to be so disconnected because this should never go to Customer Service. This should go to Production Support.

For this incident what they should have done was sent out an email saying they recieved your issue. Then another email saying they are working to resolve the issue then a final email on resolution of the issue and if you are experiencing any other issues please call a number.

Now it begs the question what type of QA do they have on this? These issues should have been fixed in QA before it is released to market. This is why you do volume testing. How much volume did they do? BTW these issues still exist in MTGO.

Sorry about the boring rant on production support during an SDLC. I can go further if needed but I can lose too many people.

benny johnny says:

Did you see the card wizards showcased for domineria on twitter? xD
1+W+W Knight of forced diversity P/T: 3/1
(La creatura: El goblino)

Madness (B+R)
First Strike, Menace
This creature has protection from reality

When KOFD enters the battlefield, exile target white male from social media
Ascend(By the time you control 10 or more permanents,this card curls)

horsey not a knight says:

They are using solved as an internal “began to address” so as to give misleading statistics for customers satisfaction/speed of resolution.

Matthew Baran says:

O.o this is fucked

Geoff Sarlo says:

Wait wotc has a customer service department.

Gerald O'Connell says:

I bet customer service let Alex Bertoncini play competitive magic.

Fallenvolrath says:

I sent back a complete box of Unstable because 75% of the box have printing error ( to Washington from Spain! ) and they send a new box, and the card on it STILL present printing errors! … WOTC Customer service at is best!

Kwasi Williams says:

I had to do these similar steps for the Smurf Village app after the app crashed durring a purchase. And took me about 2 week before I got the item in my account, by then I had quit the game and was pissed because I spent hundreds building my village.

In contrast when I played Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth I had a similar error and they immediately resolved it without me having to send any information except my in-game name. And not only did I get the package I purchased but I was credited extra gems and bonus items, I was very satisfied and continued to spend over 2 thousand dollars playing that game for a few years.

Triangle_Pants says:

It’s like how Konami really doesn’t like people being able to use automatic dueling simulators (ADSs).

Lornext says:

Im sure they will soon change it to customer investigation department though.

Ben jamin says:

And this is why I won’t be touching Arena with a ten foot pole

robinrules80 says:

So I mean – as someone who’s worked customer service – if the system is down and you cannot provide the account ID they need… they cannot help until the system is restored. You do have other good points – that one just got to me

DarkBungleX says:

I don’t want to be a prick but this is all on you. You exposed yourself not WotC.
I could go through and explain everything point by point and why this is good customer service considering your complaint but I can’t be bothered and you probably won’t read this comment anyway.
If you do read this comment and want anything/all explained I am happy to do so, just ask.
(Note: I do like this channel and I don’t like WotC but I’ll defend them when they deserve it.)

Let me just give everyone a piece of advice – don’t put a loosely veiled threat in your support request, while WotC didn’t seem to care, other companies may and decided to mess with you in return if the support worker takes offence.

grrimm 101 says:

i haven’t played mtgo in a while any i tryed get back in a few days ago and now my account wont even let me log in the game but it lets me log in to mtg website -_- … i try contacting them and all i get is being ignored about it.

shopsmart57 says:

Put Rudy in charge and that company would thrive

fin101m says:

@MTG Lion they aren’t wizards of the cost they are a third party company doing IT support for them. The reason they marked it solved is simply for metrics. I can guarantee the clerk that did saw it as solved because there was nothing they could do.

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