FIRED from REAL JOB Over Magic the Gathering Content

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West Coast Picks says:

All you need to do it email twitter screen shots of his bullying and I’m sure after a few complaints they will remove his account. They’ve done it before.

David Larsen says:

someone should just release the address of the farm he works at and wait for someone to loose their job and see if they burn down his brothers farm

Chris Husted says:

Farms don’t deal much with livestock, that’s a ranch.

Jonathon Locke says:

This is why I let go of all my social media accounts years ago….except for my Google account for Gmail and Youtube. Ain’t nobody got time fo dis. You only come away looking bad or taken out of context. There are rarely “winners” in social media.

Thankfully, I co-own a business and never have to deal with this since we also don’t have employees.

Abomb says:

I think the morale of this 10min vid is to not throw stones when you live in a glass house lol

shade38211 says:

Don’t think you are helping anyone by showing actual posts of arguments. Can you slander him anymore, just a farmer, third wheel, not owner, farmers suck? It’s your job 2 go thru shit posts? Thx, gonna pass on this drama and channel.

tom bidex says:

if he really does get anyone fired, I hope he knows that there are consequences like he said himself. I mean if you mess with someones life outside the game like, don’t be surprised when they do the same to you.

OrignalSithlord says:

If only mtg lion could get “fired” from making mtg videos that would be the day. Not counting the lack of content and your constant incessant spamming of any social media altercation of actual mtg youtubers; your voice and the slowness in which you reach your actual topic kills me. Hearing you is worse then a dying platypus scratching its claws on a chalkboard. Stop making content I hate accidentally clicking on your garbage because YouTube thinks you actually make mtg content. Just like stop and rethink your life and do something else with it ,Cus u suck at this.

amethystwyvern says:

Anyone that threatens your job? Insta block.

David Noble says:

“He’s a farmer, so I don’t know if he realizes lawyers cost, like, $500 dollars…”
Are you insinuating farmers are stupid here or that farmers are too poor to afford a lawyer?
While I agree with you concerning this guy’s behavior, you may want to watch what you say as well.

Aaron West says:

dang this guy cant pronounce basic words xD

red ryno says:

Twitter is a toilet bowl.

Uncle Morty's Nerd Shed says:

IF I ever get to return to work after my head injury, my field is so specialized that my YouTube channel will not matter. My field is socially more conservative than I am.

PhotographyRaptor says:

holy shit Adam Dailey!!

Archlightning says:

*Talks about someone being a petulant child*

*Acts like a petulant child*

Ian h says:

Man you really need to stop comin up in my recommended videos with your “1 minute of bitching stretched to 10 so I can get youtube dollars” k thx fuck off

ErroneousClique says:

ROFL! I love how children attack other children online and try to scare them. I am gonna go tell your mom/dad and you are gonna be in trouble!
If anyone tried that BS with me, my employer would literally tell them to go fuck their hat. LOL!

I am not surprised at all though. People hide behind their computer screen for so long they forget what it is like to be a normal human. They are so unhappy with their lives and so stagnant that the only way they can feel alive, or feel any joy is to shit on other people. I just sit back and laugh as it is like watching 2 quadriplegic cats fighting over a piece of string. They try so hard to swing for the fences, yet all the while they cannot see that they are accomplishing nothing and only making themselves look like complete morons. This is when I grab my popcorn and enjoy the show. 😀

Reaginic Wolf says:

My lgs community is great. Why don’t you guys just stay local

Help For The Guildless says:

Hey Lion, This little bastard got me banned from twitter for over a week because of me calling him out. (I am @ColeSpire) because he couldn’t deal with the fact that I wasn’t threatened by him and called him a moral fag. He threatened my job, my family, and my livelihood and I was told by twitter that he didn’t do anything wrong. He is an ideologue and thinks he has the moral high ground and thus can treat people just as bad as he wants. He is a perfect example of what not to be!

Spicy Soul says:

Can’t this be considered libel/harassment?

pcolageorge says:

When does this guy get time to do farming?

Kerokero says:

Makes me wonder how much his brother would be willing to tolerate if people whom purchase his produce got wind of his brother being a harasser. My guess is most people, family or not, don’t want them dragging their company in the mud and threatening people’s livelihood over a card game seems kind of morally flat. (Not saying anyone SHOULD do that, but like even if it is his brother, pretty sure his brother wouldn’t want to be losing business over him.

Vx Richards says:

this guy should change his name to “drama online” lion.

David M. says:

What would happen if his family and coworkers found out he was a communist? Farmers love far left communism!

ThunderGunZ1976 says:

It he really works on a farm, how does he have the time to be bully buster extraordinaire on the side? I smell fake manure. (Because it it was real, that means he really does work on a farm. Lol)

ThortheGodly says:

Over 250 years later, and farms are still losing to factories. Maybe there’s better things that cabbage-head could spend his time on than internet policing, like growing food.

Ryan B says:

I hope everyone is tweeting the hell out of that scumbag

skiie says:


Penderghast21 says:

this profile was called ‘queen’ a couple days b4 these exchanges. It’s a sock acct.

Jarl of Swot says:

This dude is a real sweetheart. Just wait until he gets older and he can’t work the farm anymore, he’ll be a welfare case for life. I’m going to guess by the look of him that he’s only one step ahead of several repo companies.

Cindershadow says:

Mahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah. I hope @thehellion666 threatens to make a video on you too lion. We have been dealing with this guy for a while. Ty for making this video

Smoke DeGrasse Tyson says:

This farmer might want to look up the story of LaughingWitch vs Thunderf00t and the consequences for her and her husband’s firm. SJW’s doxxing people to their bosses don’t get it all their own way. An angry mob took down her family business in retaliation for her doxxing Thunderf00t. This guy’s brother might want to have a word with him before he ends up irrepairably damaging *his* business.

Another FxckingJerk says:

@mtglion ….i got banned from twitter over BS posts that didnt violate TOS in the thread you featured IM GLAD YOU ARE BRINGING LIGHT TO THIS GUY !!!!

Edwin the Magic Engineer says:

He seems like a troll doing this for attention. Which you gave him a lot of.

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