First Banned Cards in MTG History (1994) – Banned and Restricted

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Video by: Nizzahon Magic

The Magic: The Gathering Banned and Restriction list notes all the cards removed or limited in competitive play. It has been around since the first tournament of MTG and continues to define the competitive scene to this day. Many cards have found themselves banned, restricted, and later removed throughout the history of MTG.. and this series examines that history.

In this video, Nizzahon examines the first cards ever to banned and restricted in competitive Magic: The Gathering. Outside of the well known power 9, more obscure cards that many new players have never heard of were also found over powered enough for the ban hammer.

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Death'sHead says:

These cards take me back… way back.

Lachlan Peterson says:

I think you misread Dingus Egg. It doesnt give life according to the image you posted, it does damage. And when paired with armageddon in the late game it would often result in a tie, which you would want to avoid in competitive play. Essemtially if you about to lose those 2 cards could just tie out the game. That would be my guess at least.

Xenibalt says:

its a good video and very matter of fact. sure some people will hate anyway so dont forget to ignore them =]

Aether Hub says:

Like this series. Support it here by liking, sharing, subscribing! Let’s keep the history lessons coming!

Da40kOrks says:

Ah I remember those days of Icy + winter Orb.

Sami8s says:

Ya dingus, that’s not how the egg works

Joseph Jaffe says:

Very cool series. Love learning about the history of the game and cards! The Shahrzad flavor explanation was particularly interesting! As was the explanation of how the literal text on the Rukh Egg was exploited. Keep em coming!

radiopools says:

Hehehe… Dingus Egg *snort*

Ismaël A says:

ante cards were banned because you have to get them out the deck if you are not playing for ante then people were playing less than 60 cards after getting them out. then created some stupid plays by cheating a rule

Colin McGreevy says:

Things should only be banned if the counter to the card/strat is that strat, or something just as broken.

RealParadoxBlues says:

Shahrazad didn’t tell the stories to keep her virginity, she cut each one off at a cliffhanger so the sultan wouldn’t kill her before he heard the ending. At the end of the 1001 Nights, she runs out of stories and instead presents her three sons by the sultan while begging for her life. (It works.)

Pdaf E says:

Dingus egg would be good against gitrog.

Klumze says:

Kird Ape turn one, turn two land and attack, turn three berserk, berserk, giant growth, gg. I played during this time. If you had a mox emerald or two it happened all the quicker. Great reason to restrict the berserk.

Dingus egg was around a time when stone rain, sinkhole, stripmine, ice storm, thermalkarst, and icequake. I saw a few decks with alot of dual lands playing a jund like land destruction deck with maybe one or two demonic hordes as its creatures and the rest creature kills and land destruction.

TapTenMana says:

I like the video. Speculating on the future is fruitless without understanding the past and present. Cheers

M Lienau says:

Great idea for a video

etru6 says:

Great video. One slight criticism though – you forgot to mention another important reason Icy Manipulator was much better with the older rules, possibly even more important than its ability to turn off artifacts: tapped blockers didn’t deal damage in those days. This meant that in addition to everything else it could do, an Icy Manipulator made all your creatures much more difficult to block, since any blocker could be neutralized AFTER it was declared (and it would still die from your combat damage).

gAuLtt0 says:

Great video!

grassy climer says:

Taking soul ring hurt. Made my hammer knock off deck mean

Card Bazaar says:

This is such a good video. I love learning other historical aspects of MTG. Great job bud. This makes me excited to keep doing my Card Anthology series!

Henry Wheaton says:

Dingus egg makes players LOSE life. Dingus

Dan Black says:

Like the video/series. I am going to push dislike because I’m edgey.

The Major says:

Dingus Egg+Armaggedon lol no.
There are better uses.
Sinkhole, Demonic Hordes, Kudzu, Ice Storm and Stone Rain.
Kudzu is the meanest of them all. {G}{G}{G} Enchant land, when enchanted land is tapped, destroy it, the enchanted lands controller then attaches Kudzu to a land of his or her choice. Sure you’d lose lands too, but after a while you’d just stop playing lands using whatever little mana you had and laugh at your enemy having to attach it to his own lands. Meanwhile you just sit there with your dingus eggs laughing.
After all you’d probably run 4 birds of paradise, 4 swords to plowshares(removal of opponents birds). Clone to make more birds.
It’s not an exact science, but a heavy control deck like this was possible, but I don’t really think people were smart enough back then to figure all this out. Or rich enough to have all the cards to do it. Toss in an Icy Manipulator for fun just to kill of their lands even quicker with Kudzu.

Rorschachqp says:

Braingeyser was restricted because it was extremely powerful card draw on 2nd turns of Time Walk recursion decks when they went off. And you didn’t mention Fork once in your vid. Forking Berserk or Time Walk affected a lot of these rulings.

zooMZooMlikeATyphOOn says:

Cool video and all, but I can tell that you weren’t playing the game in 1994 to understand what the decks were like back then. I started playing MTG in 1994. Cards like Braingeyser were restricted because with 4x of all 5 moxes, 4 sol rings, 4 lotuses and 4 channels, 4 recalls, 4 time walks, 4 regrowth you could consistently draw your entire deck on turn 1 and also force your opponent to draw his entire deck or burn him out with a fireball. This was widely considered the best deck at the time. And so Wizards restricted braingeyser along with the P9 because even with a restricted power 9, it was still potentially too strong and too easy to go off massively with all of the fast mana.

Nightenstaff says:

Fork Sharhrazard just to watch the world burn.

Legostar Studios says:

I noticed that the earlier prints of icy manipulator didn’t cause it to tap if you used its ability… maybe this is why it was restricted?

Card Bazaar says:

Great video! I wanted to do something like this, but you beat me to the punch lol

Christian Rennie says:

Neat, retrospective. I know you are talking about the first run of restricted cards. However, it sounds like you were not there in the mid 90s playing Magic. I played with and against decks that had all of those restricted cards. Comparing the meta game going on then with quality of cards now and why the old cards were restricted is a little unfair. 2 Dingus egg were hard to get around and would kill someone with in the BK/R decks with Dark Ritual, Stone Rain, Sink Hole, sedge troll, hymn to torach, mind twist……etc. Keep in mind we had Mox’s, Sol Ring, consecrate land, and often played team games in tournaments with 4 players. Also, berserk was nuts with unstable mutation and giant growth. We played Ali from Cairo with spectral cloak and if you weren’t playing red or green (earthquake, cyclone, tranqulity), you were out of luck and only having to counter 4 disenchants is pretty easy when you can have 2 Alis out. Red blue protect Ali was a thing and often decked the other player. These cards were the first ‘Combo Decks’ Wizards was more likely trying to encourage the game play with no interaction or one turn kills. It was an up and coming game. If it wasn’t fun to play then it would be hard to get new players. “Oh, just buy 4 of these and you’ll win the game almost every time…” 4 mind twists anyone…….

phatkaveh60 says:

Did you just call 1001 nights an ARABIC work of literature? It’s Persian

The Major says:

Playing for Ante had a lot more things against it, such as gambling is illegal, if not in a venue licensed.

Ray S says:

Remember when shivan dragon didn’t used to say “until end of turn”?

Rorschachqp says:

Ali From Cairo + Spectral Cloak along with no one playing mass removal is why Ali was restricted.

Yonko Commander Smoker says:

i kinda wish ante was a thing again making the game more tense

Joseph Belmares III says:

Very good

PBJ Bloopers says:

dew more ^_^

elnubnub says:

Burning wish is a dumb card….like chaos orb

DreadfulMatt says:

Could Icy Manipulator’s ability be played during the opponent’s turn? If so, it could’ve been used to have them tap all their lands and take damage via mana burn, which was a thing for awhile.

Rorschachqp says:

You need to redo this video with better research.

elnubnub says:

you could kill your opponent’s ali from cairo with berserk

C Wel says:

I miss the old ‘turn off’ artifact rules. I also miss mana burn.

Seystuff says:

Love the video. Would like to have a read out loud of the cards texts, as I keep stopping to read the text to be 100% on what they do, but I also don’t want to miss the explanation. I get that the explanation includes what the cards do, but it’s more interesting to read it, then have it explained.

ShottyPwnsFace says:

I don’t play MTG, but I love card games, especially the study of lore, set synergy, and banlists, so this video and future videos would definitely be appreciated by me

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