Framing 25 Years of Magic

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TímersMusic OhYeah says:

easy sub, great content

killua zoldyck says:

incredible vid

DeadlyD0right says:

i miss the old artwork =(

pjax_ says:

I wish they would put indicators for evergreen mechanics. I frequently misplay just because I did not realize this certain creature has flying or double strike or whatever

BlueEidolon says:

To see Magic treated as reverently and as artfully as you have here made watching this video a true joy. Well done. Well done, indeed!

Krombopulos Michael says:

With the invocations, it’s ok to hate on them a little. I do appreciate that they tried, but I’ll never get over the shrunken art and the non-colored-colored mana symbols. I think the mana symbols was the most egregious part, I don’t think that was in the realm of immersion and design choice, just a strictly worse version and a mistake. I feel this way about a lot of aspects of them but can respect being a little more charitable, the mana symbols was just the most blatant case of “this should have been done one way only, and you botched it”.

They nailed it with the transform lands though. Transforming rites of itlimoc and using it generate tons of plant tokens with Ghave felt incredibly flavorful and satisfying. They convey a sense of importance and uniqueness to those special locations in the world beautifully.

Tyler kiley says:

Great video, great editing, and was overall fun to watch.

Gavin S. says:

Is English your second language? The voice ruined the otherwise good video for me.

jrbiff18 says:

I don’t play MTG anymore, and this video was one of the best and well researched videos I’ve ever watched beginning to end. You, sir, just earned a subscriber.

Kurt Dronenburg says:

As a new player to magic, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This answered so many questions I had looking at some of the new cards compared to old cards. I watched the entire video and was engaged the entire time. I could tell you put a ton of work into this and it shows. Great work!

Derva Kommt von hinten says:

dont really get how the white frame makes it more “fantasy like”

Mout M. says:

Could you do a video covering Tyler Jacobson? I would to here you talk and analyze/critique his work.

Christopher McCutcheon says:

Fantastic work. Don’t think you’d find anything more well thought out, scripted and edited on all of YouTube.

Philip Gwyn says:

What’s wrong with “used” that people had to invent “utilized” ?

Wyatt Burkhalter says:

I have held these cards in my hands so many times, you would think I would know some of this stuff, but I just learned so much

blah says:

Great production! I loathe the new borders, I don’t buy new packs because of them. One thing I think you overstated was that the older border cards were hard to read. That was never really an issue while playing. Sure, they were cards that were hard to read, but that was more from the volume of text rather than any border/contract issues. Are the new borders slightly clearer to read? Yes, but at the expense of it not being Magic anymore.

kil0 _ says:

I think you forgot miracle cards and their unique borders

Adam Bencic says:

Hey my dude maybe it’s just me but I think a great idea for a couple of videos to make an in depth anylisis of each mana color and what they represent in their playstyle

Kyle Edwards says:

Really. Really well done. Thanks for the video. Hope to see you around Austin.

Etna Mode says:

Fifth dawn actually had no colored mana symbols in the text box at all. Just look at the Bringer cycle.

Mockadile says:

Great video, one gripe I have though is you say certain design choices, namely how the mana is displayed in certain cards “Failed” or “doesn’t work”. But how so? I was left wanting you to expound on that point, because it looks aesthetically pleasing to me.

Bad Boy Gaming says:

Incredible video, you put us other MTG YouTubers to shame. Well done!

ErikTheRedd1 says:

Amazing video

4RaFaeL8 says:

i wish i could like it again

Andrew Finck says:

This video needed to be made! Great work!

Wretched Filth says:

Waited so long for a new vid, well a month, this video is so perfect

Niko Bertling says:

Great video. Nothing else to say!

Michal Wawrzenczyk says:


Andrew Warriner says:

Another Fantastic and informative video 🙂

Cedric Dungo says:

One cool thing they did in Fate Reforged was introducing the first colorless non-artifact non-Eldrazi creature with Scion of Ugin, letting it use the colorless border

Daniel Medved says:

Discovered your channel today and in short, amazing work.
I’ve stopped playing magic last year and the way you go into detail about certain things makes me want to play again. Keep up the great work man.

This channel along side Rudy’s is probably the two best channels for magic for me now.

Gutemberg Pedrosa says:

Hello, Wizards! Give this man a job in there.

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