Game Knights #23 l New Ravnica Allegiance Commanders l Magic: the Gathering EDH Gameplay

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DJ from Jumbo Commander is joined by one of the original Game Knights, Vinny, to do battle with Jimmy and Josh using the brand new legendary creatures (Teysa, Nikya, Lavinia and Judith) from Ravnica Allegiance. It’s Orzhov vs Gruul vs Azorius vs Rakdos.

Who will emerge victorious? ONLY ONE MAY STAND!


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DJ’s Teysa:

Vinny’s Nikya:

JLK’s Judith:

Jimmy’s Lavinia:



Josh Lee Kwai – Director
Terry Robertson – Editor
Lauren Haroutunian – Director of Photography
Jim Funicelli – Sound Recording
Josh Murphy: Assistant Editor
Ashlen Rose: Assistant Editor
Terry Robertson – Special Graphics and FX
Danny Batterman – Script Supervisor and L2 Judge
Jimmy Wong – Sound Mix
Bonnie Bacevich – Set Design


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Yesssssssssssssss a new Game Knights <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MIchael Gill says:

Nice greenstone jimmy – I take it that’s from the NZ trip?

AnimeAvocet says:

If I wanted to make a magic video what wood the first video be

Jeremy Arcanist says:

its like naruto coming back to the village

Antonio Bush says:

Josh died of old age

Guillaume STAERK says:

You really should establish a house rule against mana screws. I do with my playgroup, the games are just not as fun if someone is only watching.
Concerning the game-play, not trashing the extra turn spells but… no synergies whatsoever with the commander.

ShivaX51 says:

Good thing DJ didn’t Utter End the Bridge. O.o

Sir Victoryous says:

No Simic love?

Brian Reed says:

You guys always cheer me up when I’m down

Sarah Wells says:

Wow so much butt hurt in the comments. This is one of the few times I can remember the board getting run over by a single player. Nice to see some quicker games sometimes. I found it fun to watch Jimmy’s deck go off.

areotitan says:

Discards Mana Crypt

Complains about lack of mana.


Cássio Abreu says:

Grave Titan did attack right after moving to Jimmy’s control. This is the ONLY real mistake. Exiling the hydra and not the portal was a bad decision, but not a mistake.

Ari MH says:

I went to NZ too while you Jimmy where also there.

Isheian says:

But Jimmy!!! Where’s the RED?

blue moon movies says:

puts down hydra

oh it’s fine

grows into a 99

*everyone else* NANI!!!!!!!

Dylan S says:

Jimmy won with a non-red deck!!!!!! SO PROUD OF YOU

Brandon Stevens says:

Very disappointing content… extra turns in blue? Only white card that mattered was land tax. Hyped up the content, to see nothing about the new legendaries. I wouldn’t have released this content, but filmed another game. My recommendation… Don’t hype things up and then revert to expropriate/extra turns when you know it wins games. I understand its 9 mana, but do you guys find it enjoyable? You’ve talked about extra turns on your show before, and this feels like going against your own beliefs. This just wasn’t fun to watch, especially when you’re watching to see new cards showcased which were hyped up in other videos. I like more content as much as the next guy but quality takes you places, not quantity.

Billy Sullivant says:

Awesome video! You guys seriously remind me the fun of the game. Maybe one day I’ll make gameplay videos like you do.

Cian says:

Hope there’s a part two considering how fast that was, especially compared to older episodes

bcgadzinski says:

What a terrible game. Did Jimmy really think that playing a bunch of broken spells like expropriate versus decks that he KNEW didn’t have blue was appropriate? I’m used to engaging and enjoyable gameplay on Game Knights. This was neither Josh and Jimmy. It’s extra sad because I was over the top excited to finally see DJ play.

Sergeant Epic Red Fox says:

Please have the Dies to Removal guys on. I’d love to see the Prof and Pleasant Kenobi on the show 🙂

Nerdy Gama says:

No love for simic

Test Permanent says:

I knwe that was going to happen jimmy’s deck was by far the best

Fretzie Diputado says:

No simic??

Tiger Warrior says:

What happens with Jimmy gets lands?

Apparently, a giant flying spaghetti monster…

20x20 says:

starts at 1:05 midroll ends at 19:51

Michael Hill says:

Invite fighting cowboy for game night!!!


Why did you nou play SIMIC, my favourite???!!!?!?!

The Dank King says:

Imagine a Krosan Grip on the Planar Bridge.

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