Guilds of Ravnica: “Dimir Witted” – Exclusive Magic: The Gathering Preview / Spoiler Card!

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An Old Man Doesn’t Want To Be Spoiled!

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Todocogog says:

Dimir for the win mothertruckas (evil laughter)

Christopher Gruda says:


Subspace Doge says:

Cool video to showcase a cool card. Thanks, Prof!

Ottawa3453 says:

Surveil is clearly better than Scry in a set with graveyard mechanics 😀

Bragaul Hunter says:

I use those first robes for my LARP character!!!

Luliby says:

Everyone else is saying it, but I still will anyway.
Surveil is better Scry and sideways Explore.

Paul Johnson says:

Great writing!

Benjamin Jensen says:

Well if this isnt a great spoiler card to get as a channel, i dont know what is!

Jaybles23 B says:

Please do these for each guild. . . .

Pheano says:

This card looks super fun to brew with.

dabigbossdk says:

Its slightly Better than scary actually m8

androkguz says:

Hilarious xD
I just hope this points do get addressed in the stories.
The Dimir insignia should be something you only see in like the deepest part of their territories. Or maybe there’s dozens of false Dimir meeting grounds with their insignias which are just under scrying to check the activities of those that pry too much where they shouldn’t

As for the dresses… so long as they are only dressed like ninjas when they are about to kill or spy, what you are wearing actually makes sense, it’s camuflage. When it doesn’t make sense is to infiltrate

Anyway, I get it that you were kidding, but also get that you weren’t entirely kidding.

Benjamin Castro says:

que video mas bueno, en chileno “que wea mas buena!”

Adam Schiedler says:

I saw your deck tech for this card before the actual card was revealed. Did you release the EDH deck deck first?

Cinetrain says:

Don’t you have the feeling they are not looking at each other? That’s because you broke the rule number one of editing: the 180 rule . You’re welcome.

Sad Muffin says:

This was a fun video, it would be nice to see “The Professor” show up on different planes more often!

DCduels says:

Dimir focuses way too much on the secrecy.. not too good at it either wow. Rakdos is far more straightforward. Its murder. How hard is that to mess up

The Salty Commander says:

Though I do like the new Lazav in his own deck and shapeshifting synergies, I was hoping that they would put a mill aspect into it. Sure it has “Surveil” but only when he enters and it only deals with you as the controller. I was really hoping for a new mill commander that could be on the same level as Phenax where it’s very “mill-centric”, but at the same time has it’s own uniqueness and flavor. For example, Lazav could’ve been 2 or 3 generic more to cast and his ability instead could have been “(X): Surveil X cards. Each opponent puts the top card of his or her library into their graveyard for each card you put into the graveyard this way. Then, Lazav can become a copy of a creature converted Mana cost X or less except it’s name is still Lazav and has this ability.”
Maybe that is OP, but still, Mill is a cool way to play and in commander, though I admit difficult, could be made more viable with more Commander options centered around it.

docterfantazmo says:

1:33 THAT’S RACIST! *Points angrily*

Sephyrias says:

Actually Surveil is not worse than Scry. I would argue it is actually strictly better than Scry in most situations, because you can actually utalize a card when it is dumped into the grave, unlike when it is dug beneath the library.

Ekim says:

JaceBucks. Im so dead. best thing i ever saw =))))))

Yasser Maniram says:

Dimir colour scheme slightly matches TCC logo.

Tolarian Community College says:

Behold! Lazav, The Multifarious for Guilds of Ravnica! The acclaimed Bennie Smith and I brewed up a Commander list for this new legendary already, and you can check it out here:

Ben Schwartz says:

You should watch some videos on framing shots, the shot, reverse-shot portion of this is filmed from confusing angles

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