Guy Freaks Out Over Magic The Gathering Card


jarmen kell says:

That is one of the cards that can turn a tide of a battle. Don’t judge the hobbyists for this.

ComboMastars says:

yeah well its $30k, but only hardcore nerds buy it and your chances of selling it for 30k to a person actually willing to buy a piece of paper is out of the ordinary low

Bananajuice Games says:

sell it…

daniel2002williams says:

That card sold for 27000$

Sesslyn Baaz says:

is this how nerds experience an orgasm?

Aaron Jaska says:

Actually you can get the cards in Germany for €500 which is insane

Charlie Pouliot says:

Give me thr card I have a gun

Goblinslayer99 says:

The card gives you two mana instead of two.

TheRoomy says:

Yes he freaked out, because he just drew something worth 30 THOUSAND dollars.  In 10 years it could be worth anywhere from 50 to even more.

Swords Clan Entertainment says:

Omg not waiting to be in the presence of the Alpha lotus praise you sir are a god

ObsessiveFanBoy says:

But seriously who pays that much money for cards???

chunkylefunga says:

The sad part is that card will never be used to play with.

Lpprc Grüber says:


Kirk Prior says:

can I please say something……. my brother use to collect magic back in early 2000s. and when he passed a way he left me all of the I have cards over 1000 cards and ummmmm I have a couple of these he had them in his special folder and lots more…… so wow should sell them if there are some cards your after and I may have them your welcome to them. don’t mean much to me.

Oscar I says:

what expansion box did he open?

boldsign says:

So is a Black Lotus worth more than a Joe Montana rookie card?

Trump Is Coming says:

You lucky son of a bitch

Micah Emerson says:

Lucky son of a bitch

Art Vandelay says:

this is worth 30k and thats all he does? this shit is staged or something

Ben Legere says:

Is that like the greatest card ever? why is he freakin shaking? What is going on!!!!!

Brandon Campbell says:

To all non-magic players, that card is worth 20-30k, depending on the market. Yes, the “stupid piece of paper” is worth more than some vehicles. Mainly because it is considered the Holy Grail amongst magic collectors and players.

Cock says:

This isn’t your video

Multicolored shoelace says:

Personally friends like these cards, I didn’t give a crap, then I looked up the value of this card, $_$

GrammarNazi0000 says:

You’re fucking kidding me… This “Lotus” card, which is from a card game for 7 year olds and has a picture and some text, is worth 30k… Is this one of the reasons our country is in fucking debt?

Darthnacho75 says:

Worth up to 50k anyone would freak out

マスタートランプゲーム says:

that voice break tho

Mathew Webb says:

this card is worth $100,000

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