Guy Opens $1300 Magic Card & Flips!

I foolishly open this vintage unlimited starter deck from magic the gathering. The real reason is to celebrate 15,000 subscribers here on MTGHeadQuarters. Will we be lucky and pull a piece of the power nine? You’ll have to watch to find out. First Make Sure You Subscribe To Our Channel Here-Its Free
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NoNo_ SR9 says:

Did you damage the card??? It seemed like you scraped the top of a few cards when you pushed the scissor through the wrapping.

Chingers says:

welp i dont know where you live but usa magic cards are different 😛

Curtis Doleshek says:


Populous3 Tutorials says:

i love how half the comments are bashing people who “waste” money on cards
people spend on whatever they want, everyone probably has spent money on something that seems useless to someone else, who cares

Hien Kieu says:

why am i here lol

Cano says:

Stfu faggot, nobody likes you, We all know you were born in kenya

Sawce says:

If you guys didn’t know, he just earned $5000 from a $1300 pack.

Russell Fortich says:

wow…very exciting…..zzz

Jeremy Curran says:

Fuckn nerd!

Nuruhuine says:

Ok so this guy opened a pack of cards and got one with a red dot on it…
So what?

Ekonomen Från Östeuropa says:

That card could feed a family in Africa for a decade.

alex says:

I thought this was some ACTUAL magic. Like some sp00ky wizard shit or something

suparwoo says:

googled mox ruby after this.. $14000??????

Yonko Commander Smoker says:


konkelkent says:

For sure dont talk about opening the cards for 2 minutes just open the fucking cards.

William dabill says:

I would rather buy garden gnomes and plant them all over town to mess with the homeless people

Ben Wicker says:


Dave Knell says:

“wow im so excited”

Jesse C. says:

wtf is this shit….

akosimudshake says:

The people who made this cards made hell lot of easy money out of this idiots

Burger says:

i would sell that card so fast and spend it all on blow and liquor

Marshall Bishop says:

Hey I care about orcish artilley.

Jubeemel Rongey says:

I realize I am like, a year late to this, but congrats on the card! I actually pulled the card I had been wanting for a while out of a pack today (Gideon, Ally of Zendikar), I totally understand what it’s like to have something like this to you ( but maybe not on a $1,300 scale), so congratulations! I know a lot of people send hate on here, but I would assume that is probably jealousy. But I have to wonder, did you sell the card, or keep it around?

konkelkent says:


Pignut says:

If you don’t like it get the fuk off the channel !!

GENOCIDE2099 says:

i don’t know why i clicked on this.

Cheet0 says:

This video got me into mtg ❤❤

Ultimate airsoft says:

U retarded FUCK why would you open a 1300 dollar deck with scissors

Kobie Sizemore says:

Nice he flip out everywheres

Brian Iscool says:

Yeah you really flipped

AllanForce says:

You opening that with scissors gave me aids

billy stanley says:

“I’m going to grab a scissors”

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