Has WOTC Lost Their Mind?! Ultimate Masters Preview Cards | MTG Spoilers

No card is safe! Ultimate Masters Box Topper will contain reprints of almost every single expensive Modern MTG Card.

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Trooperzerk says:

You bring up inside trading and its funny. For the past week ive been seeing alot of snapcasters being traded off on facebook for a cheaper price.

Kichmica says:

This is fantastic. The game was meant to be widely available and fun to play, not a profiteering business for people who can afford to buy them all up just to make money off of them.

Liam Royston says:

It’ll be fine. The new ones card stock will be arse. 😀

EpitomeOfWax says:

I’m gonna guess that the people who make a large part of their income from selling magic cards are the ones mad while the people who work 8 to 5, sometimes 40+ hours that dont have to waste money to have fun with their hobby

William wangsternc@gmail.com says:

Were should we look to buy this?

Jonathan Antonio Aguirre Gonzalez says:

That reserved list idea is just crazy. This is a game and WOTC sells a TCG not singles. This game is expensive enough, and much of that is not gain by WOTC, it’s gain by secondary market. How do you sell more booster and make the game more easy to get into? Reprint the cards that everybody wants. This is a great thing.

dustin wrightson says:

you not jokeing a ton of nice cards reprinted some are over power but it give chance for ppl to get them but if it’s limited number then yeah your right some one will grab a boat load of them. but like the dark depths reprint is epic I do want four of thous for my treasure hunt zombie infestation deck just for the over kill just in case the 2/2 zombie army wasn’t enough just don’t want pay 50 bucks for dark depths just a lil much but a drop in price would be nice lol even the land that choose a creature type it adds mana of any color fir thous spells and can’t be counted I need four of them for lengdary dragon deck I have be epic too toss them in it stop ppl counter most big stuff so don’t have to relay on the wizard that protects dragons lol give second source to work with lol

Josh Brunette says:

This could be something amazing

Maui Panti says:

good reprints should be the norm

Elmosquito says:

If it makes the game more accessible I am happy

PerfectPencil says:

Reserve list is bullshit. Richard garfield said no card should cost more than 20 dollars. I agree.



Santos Rios says:

That goyf looks dope

James Nimigean says:

Super stoked about this. So much awesomeness packed into 1 masters set.

Anthony Albanese says:

You forget this is a game? So only the people that can afford them should play? Give me a break and I have a lot of expensive cards- who cares I play them

mike olmstead says:

Trust me these will not be easy to find. And if store gets them do you think they hand out even 50 percent of them.?

asmith121 says:

Who cares if there is a reserve list? Cards that have value is exciting. Completely shatters and ruins the game when everyone is playing the same bunch of broken cards.

Zat Zarat says:

You know I heard a while ago
They were planning to pass the game to digital
Maybe they are preparing for that

Micheal Peggins says:

As soon as you said the reserve list thing, that’s it. I’m not okay with the reserve list, and many stand with me, the reserve list was a mistake, and totally not okay. Peace.

FnordKyuss says:

No new additions to the reserve list please. Protecting the few at the expense of the many is a mistake.

Pigijigi says:

I would like to know the price of one pack from this set

Louis Nanda says:

This is crazy. Tell when you know when it’s coming out. Hate reserve list

xiDieGaming says:

ok now I’m saving up my money!

Dennis Sundqvist says:

Unfortunately these could be some mythic edition crap

8Bunkface8 says:

Is it april 1?

tienxero says:

It’s a 40 card masterpiece subset that comes in a box topper pack. This isn’t going to be a standard set. This won’t really effect any prices at all.

Do you even know how toppers work?

Dawid Baraskiewicz says:

Guys can someone comment a link to a website with these cards because I can’t find any. Please help.

Rest In Peaches says:

Dark Depths would deff nit be unbanned. Ancient tomb is a legacy card. This wouldnt change prices. Especially if its 1 per box. The prices will remain stable.

Scott McCarty says:

I can see the value going down if it was an exact copy of the original. I’d like to see you do a remake of the 25 Most Valuable Modern Cards video after let’s say 30 days after they are released, and see if actually a copy with new art brings down the original, or increase in value.

Complain Or Gain says:

What the hell are you talking about? The reserve list is already poorly designed and this is a GAME, not some asset to an investor. Why would wizards ever put modern staple cards on the reserve list if we have all been complaining about how it’s already too expensive.

Albert Giacoma says:

Fetch Lands

Jack Wong says:

If you look at trajectory and business strat since m19 it seems like they are pushing for the mass appeal cash. Within that trend it makes sense that they would do this. Taking back control of the in game economy and monetising sought after cards when a wave of new players have just joined

Madi's Egg Surprise Adventures says:

Good we need more reprints

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