How To Double-Sleeve Your Magic: The Gathering Cards (AND WHY!) MTG

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How do you double-sleeve your Magic: The Gathering cards? More importantly: Why would you do such a thing? This video offers a detailed examination of the benefits of double sleeving your cards, as well as basic instructions in how to do so.

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ReMeDy says:

I found out from the chat that if you’re going to double sleeve your expensive cards, then literally ALL the cards in your deck need the double sleeve treatment; otherwise, they’re considered marked cards, as some astute players can discern the differences in thickness. I personally can’t, but maybe I’m not discerning enough. Anyways, it means I have to sleeve all of my commons… and sideboard… ugh. I’m going to need a lot more KMC sleeves.

David Minor says:

I like the side sleeves

Joel Johnson says:

Could you make an updated version for the current best sleeves!

Moebs Chan says:

Oh wow, Prof’s voice has gotten a hell of a lot deeper over the last 4 years. I’d never actually be able to tell this was the same person if it wasn’t uploaded to this channel.

Moon W says:

3:39 in and out in and out…top quality card pr0n yeah?

Deluxdeadpool says:

Why not ultra pro

Battlefield112 says:

What about werewolves?

VorronDeadfear says:

I use the perfect fit side sleeves with dragon shields for double sleeving.

Pariah Complex says:

I feel like someone should take my lunch money for watching this..

Bård Andre Bendiksen says:

The Dragon shield youtube channel offers a demonstration on how to double-sleeve with dragon shield inner and outer sleeves. It was really helpful for avoiding the issue described by the professor. Link to the video:

Pack Krackers says:

The professor is so entertaining. Trying to start my own channel. Go take a look got a couple videos up.

Nathan Solomon says:

3:37 card gasm

Tolarian Community College says:

Be sure to watch An Introduction to Sealed Deck Construction:
Is it Worth It To Attend Prerelease:
What’s it like at an MTG prerelease:
Prepare For Prerelease:

Nick Ramsey says:

This tip saved my all the cards I double sleeved when the guy that lives above me feel asleep in the shower and flooded his room

mastermanchu says:

accursed jackanapes and their thundermuscle elixirs!

orim83 says:

per chi parla italiano: risolvere il problema delle dragon shield è molto semplice: inserite la carta in perfect size nella dragonshield assieme ad un altra carta (questa non imbustata). Una volta inserite in maniera completa togliete la carta di appoggio. La carta di appoggio che inserite assieme alla carta in perfect size impedisce l’attrito tra le due bustine protettive, e il risultato sarà ottimale 🙂

Colin Jackson says:

Double sleeving right this second!

Oskar Rybicki says:

it is actually tripple sleeving right?

Beau Duncan says:

I use an entire pack of sleeves for each card in my deck, and if you dont; casual.

Diego2112Gaming says:

May be a stupid question, but why not double sleeve with UltraPro?

Nuck Chorris says:

Omg, my poor cards. Double sleeving before this even finishes…

Christian Glaß says:

I’ve tested double sleeving cards and think it’s great. Only my card cases are very dirty now. And easily filled with air. Can you help me? I do not want to damage the sleeve’s I use Ultra Pro Eclipse and kmc cases.

Flying Dutchman says:

There are two kind of people, one those who sleeve trading cards, and those wo put on condoms. And your parent’s sadly weren’t any of those.

theflyguy lorenz says:

for the dragon shields could u put the card upside down with the opening up and slide the dragon shield over it i haven’t tried it but if i get the chance i will


Had to double sleeve this pull

jimmy ganieany says:

Now I want to double sleeve my EDH decks

Bryan Martin says:

Would you recommend double sleeving cards just for storage? Like in a binder? Or mostly for the cards you play with?

Brandon Johnson says:

How about double sleeving with Ultimate Guard?

Anthony's Lounge says:

Not my proudest fap

SliderFury1 says:

“If you’re an obessive compulsive lunatic, such as myself…”

Self-awareness ftw.

Sonfontalody The warlock says:

After opening a foil Chandra, torch of defiance I’m glad I watched this

tycoon 9000 says:

Which colour is this?? Sky blue or blue?

Blizzard Theflickerddragon says:

Will ultra pro work for the outer sleeve specificity the eclipse ones

Miss Lana says:

Recently purchased the Marvel Legendary deck building game, and was thinking about investing in sleeves for all the cards. My husband tends to sweat a lot and I was concerned about the cards. This helped me decide to defo do it. Thanks so much for making this vid!

bigbarrettbob P says:

Why not double sleeve with ultra pro sleeves?

Armando Acosta says:

Do the perfect fit inner sleeves work well with the ultra pro eclipse sleeves?

asuronkun95 says:

Will it work with the new Eclipse Sleeves?

Ancap Zombie says:

4:40 decks more than $80 or $100? Aren’t all decks like that?

Blizzard Theflickerddragon says:

Regular decks about 1.5 inches high
Commander decks: about 2-3 inches high
Sleeved decks: about 3 inches high
Sleeved commander decks: 5-6 inches high
Double sleeved decks: 4-5 inches high
Double sleeved commander decks: you need a step ladder to draw every turn and shuffling takes days

YusieYT says:

The real question is how do you sleeve double sided cards 0-0

JDAWGG says:

Could the kmc perfect fit work with ultra pro sleeves?

David Lee says:

A little dramatic, but I’m going to sleeve my first Modern deck. I just picked up most of the parts to Bant Company/Knightfall/GW Valuetown

Tyesupersam94 says:

Can you double sleeve using perfect size with ultra pro standard sleeves?

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