How to Paint a Magic: The Gathering Card – New Horizons

The complete painting process for New Horizons from Ixalan. The beginning is at 10x speed and then moves to 20x speed. Actual painting time was around 11 hours.

Music: Cylinders by Chris Zabriskie


Chicharo studios says:

Amazing job!

David Sterling says:

Sometimes I look at magic art, well I look at it a lot, but I see other artists and sometimes I truly enjoy at their style, their technique, and their compositions, however there is nothing that compares to your work. The epic scale and the colors come together in such a special way I see in no other artists work.

Ri says:

Oh god I had to 2x the video toward the end, sooooooooooo much detail added.
+1 for going through all that 😀

Steve Carey says:

Noah, this is really inspirational. Thanks for sharing this

Hazel Davidson says:

Was this worth 32 minutes of my time ? Yes it was. Amazing piece and I love seeing your process!

Tobi E. says:

Awesome Painting! I love how you got inspired by Bierstadt’s Among the Sierra Nevada for this piece.

Burtons Place says:

Inspirational, motivational, and thought provoking, thanks!

solring7 says:

Thank you Noah for uploading this, it is very interisting watching the whole process

Endlessor Baggins says:

Watched this with my 8 years old daughter. I really like to watch others paint. You are one of my fav artists. I like how much you put details and stroke in your paintings. Keep up the good work and keep sharing timelapse videos like this one!

Sean McMahon says:

Would love to know what the brush you were using was, or for anyone who knows enough about PS brushes to explain it. Love the stroke that just naturally comes from it

Zenset CambioDrástico says:

Impresionante! Te quiero como profesor!

celeste kwasman says:

I’m so in love with the dinosaur cards. They are beautiful.

Rickbearcat says:

I wish that the entire card, finished, was shown in its entirety at the end rather than just cutting out while still a work in progress.

Benjamin Spiewak says:

This is amazing. As an artist I would not have the patience to do this. You’re awesome bro!

sinisin2000 says:

Bob Ross: Now right about here how bout there lives a happy little dinosaur (shoop). Aaaand how bout we give him a little friend (shoop).

Chireiya says:

Out of curiosity, why do you work in .tif format / how does it differ from .psd?

Артем Сададинов says:

Hello. I really like the art, but on the card it looks too dark and has too many small details. When wisards send you the specification for your artwork don’t they say that it will be printed on a tiny card. I think that the art of magic becomes less and less appropriate for it needs. I mean, it looks great on the monitor, but when you print it on the card it looks much worse.
Sorry for my English.
I’d really like to know your opinion about this thing.

Steve Brush says:

Please do more of these! Love the music, too. So cathartic 🙂

Pixel Panic says:

I’m very curious at you use of custom shapes. I noticed you used a custom shape on the mountains. What’s the technique there?

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