How to Shuffle Sleeved Cards! Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon!! **PART 1**

This Video give you some deeper understanding in the importance of shuffling. I give you general information about shuffling techniques and some short instruction in how you can mix up your deck most effectively!

Enjoy :–*

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The Programmable Testers says:

Your sleeves are rough as hellllllllll

Nintendostar Person says:

The pile shuffle you’re doing is wrong you do them randomly, not in order

Sheriff K says:

What about the “mash” shuffle? It’s like the overhand, but you mash the cards in, similar to a riffle (but without the riffling.)

mercenarybdu says:

Riffle shuffle is not good if you’re playing Legacy or Vintage. Cards printed produced before 1999 are not as durable as those produced after 2000.

Saro Lucero says:

Slow gentle riffle shuffle shortways letting cards fall with no bending. I’ve practiced this technique for years, since 1994, and it causes minimal card wear, and it’s fast and easy after you get used to it.

Andrew Webb says:

If you are doing an overhand shuffle correctly (ie: Not letting just the top or bottom cards fall to the lower pile) then it is a legitimate way to randomize cards. (Source: 9 years of being a magician). That being said, it is still a terrible shuffle with sleeved cards compared to the rest in this video. I would never riffle shuffle my MtG cards (I used to but too many split sleeves), but to each their own.

Prox Lover says:

Fam where’s the faro shuffle it’s a card game players must learn

Will Work For Dank Memes says:

I personally stack my deck before playing Pokemon, now hear me out for a second before you call that cheating. When I’m editing my deck, or have my decks on display so my friends can see what they contain, they’re entirely in order. Even the most perfuse amount of shuffling won’t fully randomize them that easily and I don’t want people destroying my cards shuffling like hell. I personally sort the cards between energy, Pokemon, and trainer cards, and then put them in a pile alternating between types every card, then shuffle. I’ve found that this is the best way to shuffle after editing a deck where everything is in order. This isn’t to give me an advantage or anything, why would I lie to random people on the internet? lol its simply to allow the cards to already be somewhat randomized before I shuffle, so that way my chances of drawing the same type of card consecutively would be less than it would be regularly.

BeingofEvil says:

im only smooshing my opponent decks

Vargen Dae says:

The open fan hand is how good players do the “pile shuffle” Where you relax your hand so the cards kinda spread, grab a quarter or so of your deck and split it into the fan, you then grab another part, split that into the new fan of cards you just places and keep repeating by placing cards from the bottom or top into the middle of your hand. Basically doing a riffle shuffle without bending the cards. Always do this with the card images facing away from you and don’t look at your hand too much as judges might think you’re cheating otherwise as the cards are pretty easy to see from that angle.

Obby says:

I’m pretty sure you could find your self in trouble if you make sure your lands are “evenly distributed” intentionally throughout your deck. You are to shuffle in a way you do not know the result. I would pile shuffle first, in a sporadic order, then riffle shuffle multiple times, then let your opponent shuffle/cut the deck. I think this is the etiquette even at the pro tour.

Roman00 says:

I knew that accent had to be german. xD

Bob Dole says:

Ätzender Akzent

A.A.P says:

Dude you German ?

Dank Law 999 says:

Why did you recommend practising over hand shuffling for 30 minutes, and then say its useless?

Nathan The Hero of Light says:

I personally cut and do the fist shuufle cut it into 2 corrner shuffle dived to 4ths shuffle cut into 4ths agian rotate 2 piles shuffle and srack the 2 piless and cut

Wolfgang Baumgartner says:

When do you ever separate the lands from nonlands lol


I only came here to learn more ways to shuffle my deck for Yu-Gi-Oh. I didn’t know what he was talking about with the type of cards.

Roman Legíň says:

I got the same playmat!!

F H M says:

i was smoshing my deck and then half of it left

TheMagicalGreenLemon says:

What about mash shuffling

Red Blue Green says:

you go and do that, you “riffle shuffle” a tron Deck (4:31)

Zack The Clasher says:

Don’t bend your cards do it flatly but still kind of loose and fast so that it doesn’t bend

Magnus McCloud says:

look up Saito Shuffle.

GreywolfStudios74 says:

In poker its called “washing” the cards and its not the only way the professionals shuffle. Dealers usually only wash the cards when switching old decks out for new decks and once the cards are “washed” the dealer will do a combination of “riffling”, “stripping”, and “boxing” the cards also. For example at the Horseshoe Casino the typical shuffle goes something like, riffle, strip, riffle, strip, riffle, box, riffle between every hand. Again washing is only done once when the deck is brand new and the cards are all in order.

ContactingTheDead says:

*You just recommended bending your cards like a complete noob…*

*It has nothing to do with not wanting to play with them, it has everything to do with respecting your own property and not trying to speed up the wear on them.*

Aleksas B. says:

Fuck it am just gonna overhand

Guillermo Almendarez says:

I get that you can get any standard format MTG card for like a penny, so bending the cards to shuffle them as a poker deck shuffle can mean nothing to a player with a couple of dollars, but don’t expect i do that with YGO decks that round the 1000 dollar mark without counting extra deck.
The third one is kind of the way to go to treat your cards right.

DarkShadowOptics says:

Riffle shuffle is litraly the worse shuffle to use. Any magician will tell you that. Infact a good cardshark could use a riffle shuffle to stack a deck.

Big bad Lane says:

What about mashing

Joseph Leatherbarrow says:

What sleeves are you using in this vid?

FluFF mallow says:

what about mash shuffleing!!!

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