I DARE WOTC to BAN Me – Magic the Gathering

Pretty please? And then afterwards can I get a spoiler and a pat on the head?

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The Goth King says:

Corporations will soon own governments and control the world they almost did it with the TPP but it’s just a delay one day they will own us all if we don’t fight them.

gamer7916 says:

I feel like Mtg lion is mistaking freedom of speech to freedom of consequence from said speech.  Sure, you can say anything you want, but that doesn’t mean you won’t face the consequence for what you speak.  For example, if I saying bad things about MTG lion and his family, doesn’t MTG lion has the right to prohibit me from entering his property, no matter when and where I say it? Is MTG lion obstructing my freedom of speech for doing it? Same thing applies to WoTC.  First amendment only means you won’t face legal consequence for your speech from state entities. Everything else however is fair game.

Ale ciabatta says:

For those who says he does not have an argument, probably You are right. The thing is, he will bring them in court because they censored him from The things he Said about pedophile ppl. You need to undestand The magnitude of such thing. Also, If that make a case where wotc will be found allegated with The judge organizzation, It could backfire so hard for wotc

SovCit Watch says:

“I understand the 1st amendment”
“I’m going to sue MTG for violating my first amendment rights”
LOOOOOOOOOL. What a fucking idiot

gamer7916 says:

2:09 but Hasbro and WoTC isn’t censoring your speech. Even if you’re banned, you can still talk anything about you like about Magic or anything else on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc, so It’s less like Facebook censoring your speech and more like YMCA banning you from entering.

Nightveil07 says:


red ryno says:

This Lion has hexproof and first strike.

Rafael Castro says:

Such a drama queen. I wish YT would ban you

Squandered Gallantry says:

Archive or regular link to the trash article about you?

Henry says:

Are WOTC seriously banning people over OPINIONS?! WTF?! Are they stupid or something?

COJred1 says:

Why ban you? Your content is you rambling on and butchering card names…

Phillip cavemn says:

First you still don’t have a case first amendment doesn’t apply hear since Hasbro’s isn’t stopping you from being heard there punishing you for saying things they don’t like they aren’t censoring you at all they don’t have the power neither dose YouTube or Twitter or Facebook or any social media they can stop you from speaking on their website just as I can stop you from speaking in my house

Avacyn, The Purifier says:

Look, at this point the anger in the mtg community has caused an insane, blood-crazed angel to come to life and shitpost memes about MTG being too political. I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced a new format where you duelled people to the death with razor-sharp foiling material left over from unwanted FTV:20 cards.
Just, do your best to give them a slap.

Corrupt says:

Can’t you use Jeremy as an example of selective enforcement?

Bryce Goodwin says:

Culturally, I do think WotC is contributing to the widespread bullying we see all over the internet (all day, every day) with its recent free-speech ban-a-thons. But legally, according to what Lion is saying, it does seem like quite a grey area without much precedent, and they are seemingly testing the water in pursuit of their own interests (even though I think that pursuit of their interests via their approach to PR/branding/social media is counter-productive and dumb). I’m not usually one to play apologist for WotC, but it does make sense that they would try to gain more control over their messaging and especially their image on social media, given that non-WotC content creators have SO MUCH more influence than they themselves presently. That said, I find it hard to believe that their intrusive policies would be upheld in court.

Mariodoot says:

I think we’re reaching peak MTGLion. This is his final form.

Archlightning says:

I say we ALL fight WOTC or any company who engages in this bullshit, They cant stop all of us!

ImperfectCitizen says:

Much Respect

Grimlock Steve says:

Fuck yeah Lion stick it to them they need this to happen if it is not you eventually someone else would

Metal is Life says:

I was with you until you said your case was weak. Probably shoulda kept that little bit to yourself.

Russell Wright says:

That “article” from AboveTheLaw.com can hardly be called that. Embarrassing.

If this gets that far, I bet Philly D covers it on his show!

Christian Traverse says:

They are going to do it….

AmazingDaOne says:

I want to see they banned you because I want to see the outcome and the process

Uhlbelk says:

MTG Lion. I am not a lawyer but I recognize that online and digital business and property is a fairly unaddressed situation for US law. I would likely argue that video game and digital assets in such games are analogous to private clubs. There is a membership cost and a publicly restricted digital club that members can use which has rules and codes of conduct. The right of such clubs to refuse to associate with someone based on activity outside of the club was addressed by the Supreme Court in 2000. http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/conlaw/boyscouts.html . I believe this could reasonably be argued by the defense were you to attempt to take this to trial.

Justin Reschke says:

It would probably be difficult to make a law equivalent to the 1st amendment giving citizens free speech rights against corporations. But perhaps some kind of consumer protections would be good. It would also be nice if somehow they had to prove in a court of law how you violated their code of conduct instead of sending you vague emails. They might as well have said “We’re banning you because reasons.”

Grant Ritchie says:

Come on WOTC, give him standing, give him standing, GIVE HIM STANDING, you stupid bastards. Go Tony! 🙂

Tcgking31 says:

What’s that Facebook page wizards goes after so I can join

Ian447 says:

In what way are they censoring you? They are not stopping you from posting on youtube, facebook or twitter. They are simply responding to things you have said. In general, refusal of service is justified in cases where a customer’s presence interferes with the safety and well-being of other patrons and the establishment itself. The most basic examples of this include patrons who are unreasonably rowdy, patrons lacking adequate hygiene, and those accompanied by large groups of non-customers.

unicornshampoo says:

I hope you’re reading this WOTC. Please destroy the game we’ve spent thousands of dollars and hours playing. So you can pander to idiots who don’t even play the game. I truly believe that Hasbro is not losing money fast enough and this is a step in the right direction.

whatever whatever says:

Love you Lion, “learned fro the best” 😛

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