Jan 15, 2018 MTG Ban Announcement – 4 CARDS BANNED!!!!!

OMG! Wizards actually did it! They admitted standard has severe and recurring problems and actually had the balls to do something about it. Let’s break down the 4 cards that were banned from standard and why I think they were.

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Robert Romine says:

No emrakul had to be banned. Emrakul was actually a bigger problem in delirium decks at the time than marvel decks.

Mimir The Rememberer says:

Man Des, you would’ve hated my old Wizard deck from back in the pre-mirrodin days….pure counter and bounce cards, opponents couldn’t do shit! I miss those days…and that deck…

NERD on a NUG says:

Lmao it cracks me up to see people hate the meta so much. If you cant beat em…. ban em i guess lol this is ridiculous no deck in standard is safe anymore. But up to many results and its next on the chopping block

Cody Deutsch says:

Somehow this showed up on my recommended and I gotta say, I really don’t like this idiot talking. He hates the way others play the game, says other players shouldn’t play decks they like and should play something better after using the argument that people should play for fun at FNM, and the way he says bag and drag are annoying.
I mean damn. Contradictions, a shitty mentality, poor perception of other players and my personal peeve of how he pronounces those 2 words. I’m out.

Milo Mosquera says:

Lmao why do u hate playing control the card is completely fair compared to old control finisher it’s a seven mana sorcery control was totally fine in this meta the only difference from approach decks from earlier control decks is u hav a win condition besides torrential gearhulk.

Euclid of Kekistan says:

last time i played standard, it seems to me like it was more powerful and yet it required no bans.

Zach cash says:

The lack of direct burn, low amount of actual trample and hexproof in the last few sets is why I play a crapload of deathtouch stuff & lots of recursion & life gain.

Troy Lambert says:

i havent bought into standard since the first ban. never buying in again.

SpurnOfHumanity says:

There is no such thing as not using a card responsibly. If it’s legal then you are free to use anything you want, *period*. This is exactly why I play casual primarily.

Cody Lewis says:

The problem with energy always was its consistency. For a three color deck without fetches it very rarely stumbled on its colors. Attune made the deck so consistent that it allowed energy decks to go 4 or even 5 colors. That level of consistency is broken. Attuned was the no brainer ban. I would’ve banned viurtouso over refiner because yeah refiner was value but virtuoso was a single card kill. It is very analagous to master of the unseen in that regard. But two pieces needed to go and that’s what happened so good job r&d. Ferocidon was too much hate for a standard power aggro deck. The skullcrack on a stick coupled with the etb deterrent it just made aggro impossible to beat, because the two primary ways u beat aggro is by playing blockers and gaining life and that one card neg atedated both. Good ban. Ruins was a mistake. Plain and simple. And I don’t mean it was a mistake to ban. it was a mistake to print. To give red a late game inevitability was stupid. Ramunap red said “kill my creatures all you want. Bring me to zero cards in hand. My one land Will deal you 4-8 damage and you can’t counter/block/ stop it unless you’re playing the legit only card in the format that can stop it. Oh wait? You arent? Die then (insert meme)

DerpyGoku says:

“I can’t beat that deck so it’s trash” Ummmm get better make a better deck that will beat it

Erik McCarthy says:

Called this a month or so ago among my friends, the attune and refiner, but the red bans i think caught everyone by surprise. Starting to look like WOTC just bans shit to sell current sets that are otherwise valueless. No more energy deck so you have to buy Ixalan products. That’s some shady shit. Note: Gonti and aetherborn block hydra and laugh.

Carl L. says:

So…..it sounds like you want to ban all the top cards in each successful deck……great solution. I agree with you on a lot but this sounds like a simple rant and pet peeve against these decks.

Dennis Mulcahy says:

Don’t hate control. :'(

TJ 9465 says:

just like the flavor text from attune with aether: “I’ve never seen a world where wizards of the coast weaves through every aspect of the ban list. ” and rogue refiner’s flavor text exactly explains to us about this standard ban: “it’s natural, it’s all around us, and it’s there for the taking. Just try and tell me what I’m doing is wrong.” so as a result, we have the rampaging ferocidon’s flavor text:” all bans are aggressive, but wizards of the coast seems to enjoy their players’ pain.”

Allyourbasearebemine says:

approach isnt even that bad, its the 8 wraths that are the problem

you me says:

and people think land destruction or affinity was annoying. jesus

Ajay bleier says:

Honestly, I thought earthshaker khenra would take the hit. The main problem with mono red in standard (Imo) was the amount of resilience it had. Traditionally, mono red would kill you on turn 4 or 5 or leave you at a few life and prey they drew a burn spell to kill you. With glorybronger, earthshaker khenra and to an extent Chandra, the deck has a much better mid to late game that decks of the past never had and the earthshaker was a turn six “reanimation” spell that almost always got in for more damage than most decks were prepared to handle. I personally never had much of a problem with ferocidon due to it being a rather vulnerable creature that could be killed by just about anything before it had much impact on your life total.
Who knows, maybe it’s just me but I think wotc may have made the wrong call here. Take from this what you might, I’m just a random guy on the internet with an opinion.

Pedro Estrada II says:

Answers in white or black for Rampaging Ferocidon…
1. Impeccable Timing
2. Vanquish the Weak
3. Essence Extraction
4. Skywhaler’s Shot
5. Sandblast *sigh*
6. Fatal Push – Revolt triggered
7. Vraska’s Contempt
8. Torment of Venom
9. Hour of Glory
10. Settle the Wreckage – gotta attack you…
11. Divine Verdict – not optimal sadly
12. Deft Dismissal – super budget option…
13. Tidy Conclusion – makes you sad for 5 mana…
14. Final Reward – exiles for 5 mana…
15. Dark Nourishment
16. Bright Reprisal
This is just a list of instants that are available for standard. Obviously several of these AREN’T the most optional, but BW vampires has options for getting rid of Rampaging Ferocidon that it can implement instead of having the card banned :/.

Jeffrey Denenberg says:

Rip dagger burn

slade bonge says:

Energy sucks. If i wanted to base my deck around energy i’d play the pokemon tcg.

zer0consequences says:

lol dumb. ramunap ruins was what made the red deck weaker to put in extra damage.. to play ruins you played all the other colorless deserts which made it harder to get red mana and sometimes you hurt yourself or never got to 2 red mana

Ryan Atchley says:

Bans in standard are pointless, we have rotation to deal with decks.

Qrow Branwen says:

So I just need to ask, what decks in magic are you ok with playing? You hate control, you hate aggro, you hate efficient creatures with protection, you hate combo decks that don’t follow normal win cons, what is ok in your mind?!??

Claudio Cavalcante Bomfim Júnior says:

i believe sultai energy can still work out because it was not so much reliant on energy, the thing with sultai was the counter, and it got a new toy to play in hadana’s climb as one of the replacements for rogue refiner and glimmer as the other replacement (very worse than the refiner) and it can sustain the lack of athune with enter the unknown, it will be a little slower but it can still work, also temur may survive but i really do not think it will.

Milo Mosquera says:

I think it does fix the problem because with testing hydra occasionally pops twice with the bannings keeping the hydra makes pummeler still viable

Sifu Culreif says:

Well, looks like Grixis Energy is a thing again.

Zer0 says:

Im building an enrage deck (i got a foil polyraptor at pre-release. And a foil elenda actually). And i wish i could use rampaging forrocidon.

Forgotten King says:

They banned attune due to the legendary dinosaur dropping turn 3. It works mono green. Turn 1 attune, turn 2 4 power elephant, old growth dryad, turn 3 old growth dryad, legendary green dinosaur.

misomiso says:

I would rather they had banned attune with aether – i think that card is needed for energy.

It would have been better to ban Longtusk cup and Hydra, as that would have just decreased the power while still keeping Energy viable.

Manshara2012 says:

I actually play Approach of the Second Sun in Mono White Stax in Legacy. It is that good, that it is Legacy viable…

Matthew Sorenson says:

I’ve never watched one of your videos before so forgive me if you’ve explained this in the past but, what deck do you play at your FNM? I’m trying to get a sense of what you think Standard mtg should look like. Thx.

Pedro Estrada II says:

Does anyone else wonder why there was no mention of Blood Sun being a possible counter to Desert cards in the article? Sure, Ramunap Ruins gives the red deck extra reach, but it won’t always kill the opponent. Maybe there’s something I’m still missing after reading most of the comments, reading the article twice, and this video?

Mr. Mammuthus Africanavus says:

Most these cards die to Doom Blade and Counterspell-like spells, what no more removal in standard or something? Sigh, The real problem is MaRo and his brilliant idea to leave the interactive energy cards on the R&D table thus creating un-interactive energy, Jackass! NONE of these cards are truly fitting of the banhammer. Banning Ferocidon seems really dumb and personal. Does anyone else think WOTC spends more time researching cards for banning then play testing cards before release?

Str8edgejon says:

They should have errated energy as the following.

Using Creature based energy abilities, The abilities are now Sorcery timed. And Any pump effects and counters given to creatures from Energy are removed at the end of that players turn.

But that’s just me.

Kai Cossey says:

i am 14 and i get no money exept when i work 4 it.
i hve spent so long on my sultai energy deck don at least 120 hours of work 2 buy the cards.
my deck is now useless and i dont know what to do.

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