Lets give away $5,000.00 in Rare Magic The Gathering cards in Las Vegas

The Largest UNAPPROVED / UNSPONSORED / UNCONTROLLED Magic The Gathering Channel in the world filled with Greed Monsters, Evil Investors, and 2.00000000069% Women.

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Rudy’s Magic Store
10950-60 San Jose Blvd.
Box # 139
Jacksonville, FL 32223

MTG – Battle Bond – 79.99 Shipped
MTG – Challenger Decks 84.99 Shipped
MTG – Dominaria – 79.99 Shipped
MTG – Masters 25 139.99 Shipped
MTG – Iconic Masters 139.99 Shipped
MTG – Rivals of Ixalan
MTG – Ixalan
MTG – Hour of Devastation
MTG – Amonkhet

Force of Will – Winds of the Ominous Moon
Force of Will – Advent of the Demon King
Force of Will – Ancient Nights

Final Fantasy Opus VI
Final Fantasy Opus V
Final Fantasy Opus IV
Final Fantasy Opus III

Pokemon – Forbidden Light
Pokemon – Crimson Invasion
Pokemon – Guardians Rising
Pokemon – Burning Shadows


marmics96 says:

i´m visiting this channel again to get the answer for the question: should i sell my duals now? but there are no such videos lately 🙁

Waypoint Comics says:

New Zealand represent! 😉

Blake Phipps says:

Whatever happened to the sorting cards and rambling for an hour Rudy? =(

Mike Churchill says:

If that was 5k worth than dang those fetches went up a lot

SuperTallBird says:

I was there bringing Rudy boxes to open. Just judging how much footage he was taking then, and how much he has released. He hasn’t even released half of it.

GroupHug says:

See you in Vegas this year 🙂

GroverClevelandFRRLZ says:

Still posting videos from Vegas last year… now that’s value.

Darken Ninjitsu says:

Hey I will be in vegas from june 9th to june 14th. Is the convetion center opened with mtg merchant kiosks? I want to visit Rudy kiosk!!!

joel wise says:

That was very nice of you guys to give those all out to people just wanted to let you know thats why your my favorite mtg youtuber rudy and ive never heard a bad thing about you except from shitty people trying to get a buzz off your name man. Very glad theres people like you out there in the community man.

RestoSexual says:

The community loves old people Rudy!!!

Sean Lawson says:

hope you gave that awesome woman something for her participation in your propaganda spreading.

Heyeaheyaa says:


Jesse Low says:

video should be “nerds waste money”

Bragaul Hunter says:

What year is it?!!

p1k4nurxp13sr says:

2017 on the Angus?

Yanick Lehmann says:

Should have come…. would have been rich now kappa

Jesus OfTheMeek says:

ariel is hot

Kamun says:

At mid-afternoon on Tuesday, June 5th, someone with over $200,000 in classic cards (Beta power 9, onslaught lands, the works) was kidnapped (he is safe and home now) and his cards were stolen. A suspect has been identified, but if anyone can keep an eye out in the Topeka, Kansas City, Saint Joseph, Lawrence, etc area, please do. This collection would turn heads if it shows up. The family has already contacted any LGS in the immediate area, but we really need your help to help make sure these cards get back safe sound.


Scottish Scapers says:

Look at that fat greedy bitch in the pink just constantly putting her hand out…..

Brett Ly says:

You guys are awesome. That judge got a voice AND the goyf! What the. To the guys hating stfu. These guys are giving free cards, no need to taling the cynical view.

juan garcia says:

That is really cool you all did that for everyone, big props! Flop tacs

M4ng03z says:

Link to Ariel’s instagram:

spikyhead180 says:

Can’t wear it I don’t buy it. Well wear a lili of the veil on a chain lol

Cats are Gods says:

the dude from vintagemagic makes the video so much harder to watch, I know he means well but good god he never shuts up

OOM- 32 says:

I see a lot of ungrateful bitches in the public here. Ffs, I’d even be happy with stupid rares, tbh I’d sell the scolding tarn to make money for another budget deck to play with bros some edh.

Malik Lewis says:

Those grandparents just won at life.

nathan parkhurst says:

Its so great to see Air Bubbles so happy and included! She helped at a charity event along with Anson Maddocks at my LGS Wandering Havoc where she had a dope fog or steam machine with her Chandra cosplay back in around kaladesh release.

KaisDragonBlade says:

>new Zealand
Does their family have business in guitar luthier stuff…?

Jojo Stark says:

Hmm. I would give you a flacid taco for a signed card.

Mike Churchill says:

Dude hits scaling tarn then Daniel gives him
A pound to the dues lifeless hand and he doesn’t even pound back. That made me laugh so did the evil
Shirt lady with the sour face !!!

Zac Sesulka says:

SUPER EXCITED FOR GP VEGAS!!! WWOOOOO!!! First time i’m ever attending an event and going to do as many drafts as possible!! I will defiantly be hanging around you guys!

StagNelson says:

Rudy is a lefty….

Chilly Jack says:

Best Chandra cosplayer.

digital1911 says:

Grandpa wearing the seersucker shirt. Where’s the mint julep?

Joy Hiraoka says:

I am still crawling thru the desert yet Rudy tacos will be reel floppy when I get there make sure you got some gloves on…….

KammyMTG says:

8:04 to that short asian woman, I wanna marry you, have children with you and get old with you

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