Lets watch a $21,000.00 Magic The Gathering Deal happen in Las Vegas

Behind the scenes with the some of the greatest men/women investors around the world.

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Nerri Zenitroc says:

For a fucking card ? What’s has this world come to ?

William _______ says:

The job of any trader is to provide liquidity to the market. Yes she could have sold for more trying to piece it out. How-ever it takes time and energy to do so. I think both people got a fair deal. Hopefully he can’t just simply flip it the same day for double his money. I’d say anywhere between a 15-30% roi within a month is a good deal for him. Honestly though I think he enjoys just meeting new people and that’s the real reason he’s into trading.

Aistė Laikmanytė says:

haha I was waiting for someone to quickly grab the cash and run away

colonelbongwater says:

you could be spending that money on anything else… and you spend it on cards

Pyro Sandwich says:

what the shit why is that lotus so much money

pelamordeus says:

srly this is dumb

Aggressions says:

I have a team rocket Holi Charizard can I get fifty.

Stop Pretending I am Not An Obtuse Triangle says:

this is so cringy, guy buys 21k piece of paper, thinks he is the shit. buy cryptocurrency, or invest in stocks you have a better chance of turning 21k into a million doing that than turning 21k into 30k with mass consumer collectibles.

Pollux Network LLC says:

PayPal is going to love that commission…

Vector Prime says:

A piece of paper will never be worth that much. Screw the effect, no card is worth more than 10 bucks, in itself. Unless you put gold on it.

effyou128 says:

Id follow her and take that money Guaranteed! its only 20 gs I have more in my savings but its to easy to take it from her!

Nuclear Biohazard says:

That guy is chewing his nails off and his skin lmfao

MustafaBiggun says:


Vintage MTG says:

Everyone. We offered this nice lady around 35k in 2015. She passed. My wife and I had breakfast with her in 2016, offered here around 25k, she passed. Now, she decided to sell. She offered to SCG, they wanted to open the cards from grading to check if they were REAL. This is a perfect example of timing and making a decision best for your life. Markets change too, another lesson to learn.

Ryan Jenkins says:

This guy is a joke.

Billy n says:

He probably just made a 300% profit off this deal 1 Alpha black lotus PSA graded seriously. She got the shaft on this deal if you don’t believe check eBay prices for similar.

Lucci Marciano says:

He ripped her off big time. When he didn’t even look at the cards

wackywong says:

When you’re not even close to being able to own one Black Lotus and seeing this guy who has, like, seven of them.

J Peach says:

I love pogs. I didn’t know they were so valuable.

Nuclear Biohazard says:

So, Why are these cards even worth anything in the first place ?

Liam Dickson says:

Ill never understand people paying that type of money for a piece of cardboard…humans are dumb as fuck putting so much value on worthless things.

Andrew Fagence says:

Weird that u Wundt sell the 9.5 and keep all the other bits

Dave B says:

OK I watched the video and swear I had one of those black flower cards that a friend gave me as a kid. Well I thought they were a fad like pogs and threw them away. I remember all the nerdy kids wanted it so I kept it for a while.

Ino145 says:

Man, I threw away so many cards back in the day.. If only I knew then cards were worth money and not the retail money price for the cartons.. 😀

Dee Jayy says:

She’s gorgeous

Anthony Garcia says:

rudy ur sound keeps cutting out in the left side. i thought i was having a stroke. not cool man!

ThatGuy says:

i think you should never spend 21k on cardboard, however im not one to tell people how to live there life or spend there money.

Richard Lowe says:

Why am I buying more Magic cards? Bc I’m crazy. Sounds EXACTLY like something I’d say!

Mohammed Sarfraz says:

There are only 3 in the world? Bring out the colour photocopier……Ker Ching !!!!
Jokes aside – this is Business. Nice to learn

Ghost X says:

Stupid deel

Master Kief says:

Love your commitment and knowledge. Your videos are awesome bro d(^-^)b

Joseph DiSalvo says:

Guys keep in mind it costs her money to come out and try to make deals like this and these are non-liquid assets you won’t always find a buyer for. And she had no other comparable offers and had turned down much better deals in the past.

Hamid Bensalah says:

is it weird i have a boner after watching this?

dipankar barooah says:

Complete shit

That Random Guy _ says:

*60 chickens*

meaturama says:

Jesus christ $21k for fucking cardboard shit? Ppl are fucking mental in 5 years all this shit will be worthless.

Billy n says:

Unless MTG print the reserve list at mass scale magic will still be around like comics. Do to reserve list this won’t happen.

Nextgengamer Jc says:

Take the cash put it in the bank boom don’t do pay pal

xero spacious says:

for this price…. You could get a kick ass printer and make the cards xD

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