LEWIS vs BEN | Magic: The Gathering

It’s Magic: The Gathering! I’m battling Ben with the Egyptian themed Amonkhet expansion. This video was made in association with Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Magic The Gathering. ► If you’re new to Magic then check out Magic Open House on 1-2 July, 2017, you can get a Welcome Deck and learn to play during a fun, casual event: http://magic.wizards.com/en/event-types/magic-open-house ◄
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William Benway says:

Why does he keep gaining life each turn? Do the dice have something to do with it?


this is the 4000th video on here.

Acadian Bacon says:

Oh boy, Lewis isn’t updated on the Magic rules, THIS is gonna be great.

Gregory Zornes says:

awesome games. enjoyed this.

My boi Lachappa says:

Hey can I have a copy of yogsland

really bad content says:

Oh you sell outs

Thomas the High Engine says:

That’s not health. It’s the planeswalker’s loyalty. Also Gideon is not a minor planeswalker. He is quite major.

Gabriel Rodriguez says:

Those are not duel decks. Those are planeswalker decks.

Bloodshark123 says:

Just need to correct something to keep from going mad. These are Planeswalker decks, not duel decks.

User 28o2 says:

I think we have all said this once or twice in our lives as a joke but I think this needs to be said with some seriousness… NERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDD!!!

Thunder Cookie says:

Is anyone else cringing when they tap to block when ur not supposed to tap

Keani Gibson says:

Some sickness on that creature he should not of gained two life

thatGameGuy says:

its birdperson

Bryant Smith says:

They were doing tattered mommy wrong!!! Its supposed to damage both people not just the opponent.

Steven Andrews says:

At 22mins you cast 6 mana cards with only 5 mana..

An original MEME says:

When Ben talked about the dune beetle I chuckled a little because I just watched starship troopers

Thomas the High Engine says:

Technically you don’t play _as_ the planeswalker, you play as yourself (and you are also a planeswalker) the other planeswalker (like gideon or liliana) are there to aid you.

S1lm4r1l says:

41:15 Isolate for the highlights please.


Ben had 11 health on Lilliana and didn’t mass summon all his monsters… that forfeit hurts my soul

iTz Cortex says:


Konzo Defiri says:

Props to the editor for having to put in all of these images and life counters for us XD

Ali Khan says:

that poor dune beetle…

Darth Gamiing says:

a proper tournament magic round is best of 3

Nico Burnett says:

Good game

Luke Veliz says:

hate comment

Vesstig says:

Ive signed my weekend away

Scott Francis says:

This game is just uuu XD dame hmmm ow ye amazing XD

Andrew Adair says:

Zombies are raised by broker’s whistle mummies are restless spirits trapped in a body.

Juan C. says:

please do more of these do the ixalan planswalker decks

Kornel Vakulya says:

i love bens laugh so much

Rambo Pancake says:

Scrubs I got nicol bolas the god pharaoh

Jerry McCoolberry says:


DAT BOI says:

i have gideon

Sir Grim Locksmith VIII says:

The Egypt theme is giving me some strong Duel Monsters Yugioh vibes.

Ricardo Marez says:

Don’t play magic anymore atm, but I like to see what’s going on with the new sets every so often. I like these vids cuz I get to see that with my favorite group of scrubs

Linus Johansson says:

shouldent ben have lost 4 life like lewis because he lost both of his Tattered Mummy? or am i missing something?

HuntomahawK says:

Wait, isn’t this is their 4000th video???

Myrdin90 says:

Are they saying “Jewel decks”?

Charles Ford says:

I love how y’all explain what’s going on when fighting. It helps me understand and learn. Cause I have trouble with thinking strategy through.

Jack Munro-Cox says:

LOL you needed that best of 3!

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