M19 Set Review | The Command Zone #216 | Magic: the Gathering Commander/EDH Podcast

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Show Notes:
The core sets are back! Josh is joined by substitute co-host DJ (Jumbo Commander on YouTube – @jumbocommander) to break down the new cards in M19 that we think will make a splash in Commander. From the return of Elder Dragons to all new planeswalkers, find out which cards you’re gonna need for your next EDH night.


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Vebjørn Kristvik says:

Great having Jumbo Commander as fill inn!

OOM- 32 says:

I love dj’s voice ffs.

Austin Johnson says:

I love having DJ’s positive views on this. For a good while now, Josh and Jimmy have been incredibly negative. I understand being realistic about everything but it’s a casual format and sometimes hearing all the constant negativity makes me hate this game. I’ve been on the verge of unsubbing and getting out of magic but DJ is really keeping the positivity up and I really like that.

Hearing DJ fight Josh on the idea of the Mono white knight being decent is all I need. I understand yeah those cyclonic rift type board wipes are prevalent and powerful but the effect isn’t awful. The idea of building something that isn’t perfect is important and this podcast used to love the crazy, not perfect brews.

ClexYoshi says:

Seperate comment to address Cromium.

I’ve seen some discussion of people using Cromium as an Enchantment reanimator build, using multiple triggers to dump your hand and then playing something like replenish or Open the Vaults or some gimmicky garbage where you dome someone with the unblockable enchanted with Eldrazi Conscription and Phyresis.

I myself think there might be something to the use as a reanimator value engine sort of deck, but I was thinking maybe some sort of madness/flashback esper control thing?

Phil Deg says:

Hi, I guess you missed out death baron reprint. Finally you can get it for a fair price

Jan-Paul Boelcke says:

To me as a german if I hear “he doesn’t have health insurance” I think to myself: well there are countries were it’s not illegal to have no health insurance.

Tom Padget says:

Yay!!!! Jumbo Commander!!!!

Elias Sharkcia says:

Sarkhan is going straight into My Niv Mizzet Deck

Endermeap says:

All the planeswalkers except maybe the green one are terrible.

jackalvulture says:

Did Jimmy get a tan? Something seems different. Oh, it’s a new haircut.

oscar fogelstrom says:

Can you make a game knight with the new commander anthology 2?

Endermeap says:

1:16:54 me too josh, me too.

Sir Schwaenzelot says:

Do you think it would be possible to build a Flicker Giant/ Growth Fokused Palladia-Mors Deck? To swing in once for a bunch of damage and then flicker or sacrifice him for a ton of value, f.e. for a “Greater Good” or flinging him at your opponent ^^

ClexYoshi says:

I actually wouldn’t mind if DJ became a permanent fixture on the show. JumboCommander is one of my favorite channels on youtube.

Kozzy Kay says:

Graveyard Marshal looks fabulous.

Steffen Pabst says:

I love you guys now working together more frequently! Jumbo looks sooo shy though hahaha

bouma says:

and thats why you take health ensuranse

CÓLaocha says:

Liliana’s contract is good in a “changeling” or other type changing creature deck.

ninjamaster 98 says:

Suncleanser does not work against infect as it says target opponent

Ild lyn says:

Archfiend of despair or wound reflection on the board, then cast Fraying omnipotence gg.

Crowe_Reaver says:

What I was thinking about: Goreclaw plus Helm of the Host, for hardcore cost reduction and massive anthem effects. All you need to do is play your commander and make sure it doesn’t die.

PorygonPowahZ says:

You could absolutely copy Apex of Power and gain mana on both versions which is why I think it could be interesting. The nice thing about its wording over omniscience is being able to win off of comt storm etc. Sure it’s not crazy competitive, but a deck full of forks and rituals could easily take a game out of nowhere with this in one go. Also, if you’ve forked it once or have 16 mana, it does sort of go off with reverberate.

Drago Mir says:

You really need medicare for all. People shouldnt worry about money, while being in a hospital.

tonkajammin says:

Wedges operation would have cost me $0 in Australia….

John Tiffee says:

The new flip Bolas, I’m running scarb god and I want to expand it in to Grixes.

simeon62205 says:

isolate. 100% gonna get at least 10. at the very least, it just gets rid of sol ring, but it’ll also remove mana dorks, and so many other powerful utility cards.

SnowCoveredPlainswalker says:

I hate to be this guy but, I have to ask, do we not get a Game Knights this month?

jdmj0 says:

Just completed my Arcades deck, looking to build Nicol Bolas too. Can’t wait to test this out soon with friends (for now, with a proxy Arcades)

Mustakrakish16 says:

Compared to DJ’s much more wide range and accepting attitude, Josh kinda felt like he was being much more narrow and just whining the whole time about ‘bad’ cards. Didn’t make for a good compelling repartee and it kinda threw me off the entire episode.

xcver says:

INfernal Reckoning? I’d rather play Vraska’s Contempt or Silence the Believers any day

Maxwell Magiera says:

DJ is here! What an awesome suprise!

IvanRSaldias says:

Poor DJ!
He’s on the brink of a heart attack!

zotha says:

Didn’t mention combo potential of Lili at all? No exile makes her – 3 worth looking at without any other text on the card.

Zen Brown says:

I play Vraska’s Contempt to kill Eldrazi. Costs more but also has a little flexibility.

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