Magic Pro BUSTED Using Fake Cards! Now What?

Time to have a discussion over the fake cards that were discovered at a magic tournament this weekend


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rjphilla says:

So is this channel just to complain about pro tour? And scg opens?

SpiritReaper95 says:

I think that because “good” cards are so expensive it’s not even worth playing in big tournaments. It’s 100% pay to win. So how do you play in big events and hope to have a chance. I don’t think that people should be penalized because they want to play good cards that are impossible to buy because of price. It should be based more on deck tech and knowledge of the game. Not that the card looks real but isn’t.

That Won Guy says:

Honestly in competition settings I don’t think it should matter. Because what’s being tested is strategy, deck composition, and skill. What fake cards really affect is the card and collector economy.

Harley's Lil'_Sister says:

UV scanners everywhere, especially if TCG Player is involved. Every card bought and sold must go through TCG and they scan it and authorise that it is not counterfit. There has to be a ruling body to take responsibility on purchases.

Tarp Durr says:


Wizards is printing the “fakes” and seeding them into the market to make one final cash grab that simultaneously pushes people towards their online platforms and destroys resellers aka LGSes. By selling singles directly as fakes they are able to circumvent the chaff costs associated with shipping an entire box of crap just to boost the price of the fakes. It also allows Wizards to maintain a clean front in the eyes of the LGSes and investors, thus causing a slow decay of value due to fake card creep instead of a full on panic crash that would happen with full blown announcements of direct, print to demand singleS sales.

To make matters worse WotC uses a special and particularly insidious trick with the ink on their “fakes.” I ordered a stack of “fakes” from an Ali Baba seller and put them in a terrarium with 10 heterosexual, physically healthy male frogs. After approximately 10 days I noticed that two of the frogs had begun tonguing each others’ cloacae and after another 5 days a total of 50% of the frogs – who had previously shown no signs of homosexual behavior – were also partaking in these sort of activities. What’s more is that the new mating ritual was not strictly monogamous and many of the frogs were switching mates frequently, to the point where I was unable to track the sexual patterns of the frogs with any meaningful accuracy. It seems clear to me that WotC has specifically chosen to seed these “fakes” with the homosexuality inducing agent as a way of converting to WotC’s cause the otherwise rebellious players/ex-customers who have no interest in driving themselves to poverty over faded, flimsy paper tubes.

Smoking Furby says:

Just getting a game loss was too light a punishment. Whether he knew they were fake or not is irrelevant, they need to make it clear that fakes cannot be tolerated ever. This is just saying to people that they can use fakes and all they need to do when they get caught is say “oops, i borrowed this deck” and get away with a slap on the wrist. If you are using the cards, it is your responsibility, and he deserved a disqualification for being oblivious.

Ian Victorine says:

I’d rather have people use fake cards than cheat.

UnsleevedMedia says:

Wizards Can No Longer Ignore The Counterfeits. They Are Everywhere. I Guess They Will Be Easy To Detect When They Don’t Warp. If You Enjoyed The Video, Please Remember To Leave A LIKE On It! Appreciate You All!

James Grant says:

Weather you can afford the card or not you should be allowed to play the game. Wizards should take pro level players and print their decks with watermarks that correspond to the tournament. They should also be issued sleeves with the same logo printed on them.

Matt Watt says:

Here’s a possible solution, boycot Magic the Gathering maybe we’ll solve 2 porblems WOTC being a bunch of ass hats and taking away the power from the couterfit creaters by the demand droping. this is more just me being angry than actually providing any kind of actual solution.

YouTubeIsGay says:

I get why Wizards has to care, but I don’t.

InstantRegrets says:

Can you blame the guy honestly? The price of these cards is so unreasonably high sometimes I sure can’t blame him.

Cody Weber says:

I don’t care if the cards are fake or not. From a tourney perspective if you have rules saying the cards must be real then the rules must be followed, but i wouldn’t be against a tourney where any and all cards are legal so long as the attributes are unchanged.

Then again i havent bought cards since the mid late 90s because i cant keep up with the new card sets every 6 months. When i play its just Fakes/proxies and vintage.

james meyers says:

I started watching you channel a around a year ago when I started gathering an interest in playing something other than xbox and magic was catching my eye. I gotta say I couldnt be less interest in anything to do with magic at this point in time. the whole thing seems overwhelmed with cheaters pedos and SJWs that want to control everything.

Bradley Ridder says:

Counterfeiting is interesting mathematically. As Jeremy touched on in the video, it is possible for a counterfeit to be traded multiple times before it leaves the economy.

My old undergraduate calculus book even had a problem about this, but with counterfeit money as an example instead of cards. The principle is the same though.

If you assume after an exchange, a counterfeit has a D% chance of being detected, then on average, for a group of such counterfeits, the *total* amount of goods fraudulently purchased with the fake money can be hundreds of times the face value of the bill (if the detection probability is low).

It’s the same way with MTG cards. Printing a convincing Cavern of Souls @ (whatever the price is, say $50 bux) and having it pass through 10 peoples’ hands is $500 worth of fraud.

Also, Alpha Investments had a video where he showed one simple way to detect some counterfeits. The hologram on fake cards with scratch off with your fingernail, whereas a real card won’t do that.

-Brad 🙂

Lea Wunderlich says:

Easy way to see if a card is counterfeit- if it fits in a pringles can the day after you open it, it’s legit.

Darthkoo says:

The game lost is fair and WOTC has to do something about the fakes.

Roguish Rants says:

Occam’s razor

MyreFly says:

In My Opinion

I’m not surprised this happens, intentional or otherwise.

I’m a player who loves to brew and wants to play with multiple copies of every standard card. When the meta will decide the value of a card, this denies other players without money to enjoy all the possibilities MTG offers.

Teferi, hero of Dominaria is a really fun card to play with. If I wanted to obtain four copies of it on Card Kingdom, at the time of writing this comment, I’m going to have to spend $200. Seriously?

This is one of the driving reasons why critics like myself accuse MTG of supporting a pay-to-win mentality. (It’s good business, sure. But it’s also very greedy!)

You know what printing / using fakes does? It evens the playing field across the economic differences between different players.

Oh no! P2W whales have to face lower-income players who possess the real skill to beat them in a fair match.

Despite all its beta flaws, this is why I love Arena and its Wild Card economy. All rarities are the same flat cost.

When I see cases like this, I can’t help but think of the “vocal minority” which is the P2W whales loudly crying that they’re upset that other players are invalidating and circumventing the fact they didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars to be evenly matched.

I’m glad this happens, and I hope less counterfeit players are caught. I support the underdogs, not the wealthy tantrum-throwing snobs.

I am not saying all players who oppose my opinions are this way.

I am going to stand on my point that a very real portion of the player base have a superiority complex that’s based on wealth and not personal merit.

This is my opinion.

steven Hurrell says:

The game loss is unfair. He didn’t know they were fake and they looked pretty similar to me. Now you got to worry about how to spot fake cards or get dq’ed from the tournament? Some fakes are incredibly good.

Ph34121307 says:

I think that this game is so expensive we now see counterfeit at pro level more and more often…
Imagine at legacy event…

Dremin2009 says:

Borrowing a deck or not you are responsible for ensuring your deck is legal. 99% sure he knew they were fake anyway and just used that excuse.

dantediss1 says:

Who really cares.
Do the cards exist in the game ?
If so, then even if you just wrote the name and info on a piece of paper, then you have the card.
To say it is only legal if you paid for it is foolish.
Why spend $100+ on a single card , when you can just print it out.
I think it is only an issue because someone did not get paid

TheLoneDart says:

Cards aren’t affordable… People want to play… You going to turn people away from the game they love by ousting them on a monetary level? Ok, then watch less people play.

Justin Gridley says:

He should have been ejected from the tournament in full

Justin Sullivan says:

I feel like in a perfect world where economics and total chaos matters people should be allowed to bring whatever they want. I mean, it’s the deck that wins, not the 1000 dollar cards. Makes it impossible for the rest of us to jump in for a reasonable price.

Alexandre Credidio Oliveira says:

I know next to nothing about card games only play Yu gi oh ( insert laughs here).
Recently subscribe to this channel you did some video showing the diference between a counterfeit and “original”.
If you didn’t I let a suggestion here if you did can you show which one.

andy lawson says:

i owned a sliver deck years ago. i had all the nice cards including sliver queen, overlord & legion. Someone stole my sliver queen and i didn’t really want to pay £25 for a new card so i printed her off and glued it onto a shit card lol. i told everyone this and they where ok with it. just casual friendly games, nothing major haha. sliver queen, ashnods altar & heartstone will always be my favourite combo! who can say no to infinite slivers brought into play? combine it further with gemhide sliver and you can play your whole deck with overlord and gain infinite life, deal infinite damage to all opponents and kill off everything the opponent has in play. no wonder everyone targeted me first in free for all’s 😀 if i had a harrow, a green land, ashnod’s altar, heartstone, sliver queen, overlord & a gemhide sliver as my starting hand it was pretty much guaranteed i would win. turn three sliver queen will be out after playing harrow and tapping gemhide sliver. turn 4 ashnod’s altar and heartstone will be out. turn 5 i can get infinite slivers and tap them to get any colour mana, bring overlord into play and play my whole deck.

x43902467 says:

Gotta be honest guys, not a magic player, but if they’re cards that were printed and are legal to bring… why does it matter? Because Wizards of the Coast didn’t get their cut? Fuckem,

Daniel Santos says:

So, my opinion is that they should be making tournament specific cards to use. They know roughly what the meta is and while it may be a slight extra cost, having people submit their deck list for a main event before hand, and then presenting the player with a set of tournament legal cards in pre sleeved deck protectors. If it’s really that big of a problem, it should be worth the extra cost.

RWBimbie says:

Lance Armstrong had how many medals stripped retroactively
after getting caught cheating later in career?
Magic gives PRO cheater 1 game loss and lets them carry on????

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