Magic the Gathering: Arena – Coffee & Cards, Delicious Homebrew Jank

The original and the deepest strategy card game gets the video game it deserves. Play Magic, collect cards, build decks, and show off your skills.

The full depth of Magic finally realized in a digital game, with every card currently in standard. New constructed & draft events occur each week and you can earn rewards to unlock tons of free cards. Best of all, it’s free to play!


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All recordings are done using OBS, an Elgato HD60 Pro, and a Sennheiser GSP 500 headset.


John Davis says:

Nice, more Mtg.

matthew broyles says:

Whats your homebrew cowboy, ive been getting some peetes.

Saltiest Gaming says:

You should check out Ashen…I think you’d dig it. It’s a souls like game that’s amazing!

LordVader says:

What would you give to be able to play magic the gathering in person with the great cowboy? Id totally sell my car for it, if it werent already totalled. Lol.


Dude, historic spells are legendary creatures/planeswalkers, artifacts, and sagas. Historic is not limited to artifacts.

LordVader says:

@9:01 wtf happened to your head cb?!?! Lol.

LordVader says:

Super cowboy, here to save us from the crushing boredom of everyday life.

general Fatboi says:

Cowboy plays magic?

Tyler NV says:

I have never thought a card game could be so addictive

FlamingR3Dhead says:

Coffee and cards is one of my favorite yhings

Urawhat says:

Didnt know you played mtg. Badass

Dan the Axolotl says:

I love cards and coffee

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