Magic: the Gathering Magic Origins Booster Box Opening!

Here she is. the Swan Song for MTG Core-Sets. Will we strike great planes walkers or will I be flipping my desk and burning some cardboard?


Daniel Lopez says:

Where do you buy this stuff?

William Favaro says:

I think is better never buy booster, just play tournaments.

Leonard R. says:

What is a “core set” and why is it their last one? Does this mean no more new cards?

carson morell says:

Thank you for the video! Enjoy your vacation.

Wonder Twins says:

This was my first booster box that I ever got.

Alice Walsh says:

Lucky, I hope I get a Nissa in my booster box.

Cody Watson says:

I really like the Bounding Krasis. is that card any good according to actual Magic players?

Jbay2608 says:

I’m looking to get into Magic again after a long time away from it, when I used to use my friends cards at FNM. What would be a good but affordable way to start off? Just to be able to have fun at FNM with modern and standard games? Would this builders toolkit plus a few additional booster packs be a good way to go? Also, what will they going to be doing instead of core sets from now on?

Geek Girl 101 says:

How much did the booster box cost

Marcos Richardson says:

how much does that cost

aaron harvey says:

um hate to ask but may i habe that undead severnt

sappattack01 says:

Haven’t played since 1996, my starter deck then was an Ice Age set. I recently got sober (20months clean) and have alot of extra time on my hands. I bought an Origins fat pack and a Dragons of Tarkir intro pack.

In the Origins fat pack I came out pretty damn good, got tha Goblin Piledriver, Sword of the Animist, Orbs of Warding, Dwynen Gilt-Leaf Dean, foil Goblin Glory Chaser and several of the same ones you did. If you say that was a good box, my 9 packs were straight fire. Haven’t opened the DOT, gonna get a deck together for friday night and try my luck.

Noob question: how do you play the double sided cards?

Zandar the Legend says:

Dude, did you get a new camera? This video looks amazing!

Griselbrando says:

New viewer, love yer channel, mate!! Amazing content!!!!!!!!

chef kdowg says:

ahhh no foil land

Darmamu says:

can I ask? I am new to MTG, how do you know when you get an mythic rare or a simple rare?

Knights of the Epic Table says:

Nice amazing work as usual. See I told you were going to surpass me quickly hell it happened forever ago!

JonnyNice says:

Eh, Avaricious Dragon is NOT shite.

Absurd Lies says:

It baffles me how a channel as great as yours hasn’t even bypassed 10k subs! The amount of stuff you open, not to mention the quality filming, shows high tier potential. just never leave like you said you would last year!

Raven Thundercloak says:

Awsome video and some nice pull 🙂 I opened a Origins Booster Box in jan. And I pulled Liliana and other mytic cards. And I got six missprint rare cards that are missing a part of the holofoil stamp 😀

Roy S says:

Pulled a Nissa and was able to trade her for 2 Piledrivers and a Gideon.

Feel good about that

MrDorian Grey says:

nice foil rare that pegasus is good WW is coming back!!

Dylan Leavell says:

My most power full deck is red and black

Jim Mitch says:

is this currently a good buy at 88$ total?

Liam Mulvihill says:

my brother opened a days undoing japenese foil


Are you a Radio Commentator? Your voice just your voice.

Cody Watson says:

one thing puzzles me about Gideon, if his magic gives him a shield of invulnerability, why does he wear such heavy ass armor? he must really just be a woose.

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