Magic the Gathering Swamp Alter Tutorial

A brief video on how I alter Magic the Gathering cards, start to finish. What I used:

– Torn up cardboard box to mix colours on
– A couple small brushes from the dollar store
– Sand paper
– A cup of water
– Reeves pack of 10 colours acrylic paint tubes

The swamp is for sale/trade, message me if you’re interested.

Let me know in the comments whether you found this video helpful or if you would like to see more.

Thanks for watching!


readerrabbit6690 says:

Is this guy Noxious?

Steven Delaney says:

This was so helpful, subscribed!

Sir Nappa says:

Amazing Video! You’ve definitely inspired me and my friends to give this a try!

Jeffrey Jakubenas says:

first video i saw on your channel, keep this up, it looks incredible, id love a full set of full art cards made by you. They look amazing

Vytautas Grašys says:

m i only one who thinks that you just ruined a nice card? adding signature… just WTF… this is not even your art…

Bobby Bob says:

I don’t play MTG, I watched like 2 vids on the subject months ago. Thanks youtube, for forcing a new expensive hobby on me.
Great work!

SnowyGrass says:

i actually found this very interesting

Bryan Carr says:

Dude that’s a pretty good alter

Chris Pell Bois says:

nice piece of art

ChaosEverywhere says:

Hi dude, i’m in love with your art. If someone wants 5 or more swamps like this one, how much should he pay you?

Don Draper's Greatest Memes says:

Discord Channel/Server Invite.

Facebook Group.

Neltharak Idrissil says:

Card Ross

Travis Nukem says:

I gently dab every now and then too. 😛

Amazing artwork!

Future Phoenix says:

Great vid
Only criticism is…
How do you expect me to do this I don’t have talent

ambroise beaucaire says:

man that’s a card

Darksteelturilli says:

Love it!
I’ll be watching your videos.
Greetings from México.

Rike Frosch says:

Wonderful artwork! And wonderful tutorial. Thanks for showing the whole process in a comprehensible speed, this really helps me with getting started in alters myself

Jam says:

2:51 like golgari midrange?

You Wut says:

Sands surface then wipes away with hands leaving hand oils behind lul

yitan345 says:

pro tip: at the end put a comparison side by side

Skaffen says:

So the acrylic is the best paint for magic cards ? Or it there other possibilities ? Very cool vid anyway 🙂

Mario Quezada says:

Just… WOW

Anderson Santos says:

Love it, turned out gorgeous, full painting would be great. wouldn’t u love a full art cards edition, not talking about masters (last one) I mean only the art… I think ppl would buy it, at least the most iconic cards the “master” master cards from the master edition (thats a lot of master 😀 )

Wesley Feickert says:

Homemade Proxie

Z3nHit says:

hi, i do want to see more and i also want you to sell your painted cards u_u

MegaSaloc says:

honestly really great video great alter great talent. I will show this to my father who teaches art at school maybe he can do a project 😉

water Magik says:

How much?

Stormcitizen says:

how much approximately does a piece like this usually go for? it would be a cool addition to have a framed set of basic lands done like this for my nerd cave

Loli Hentai says:

*Gently dabs*

Alison W. says:

Great card, but there’s an echo to your audio and its slightly distracting.

Danzspdref says:

This video made me both a subscriber AND now an enthusiastic beginner alterer! Dollar Store – here I come!

Hal Jordan says:

type 0 and 9 while the video is paused for a good before/after


Liked and subscribed from Brazil !

AviatorCatto says:

Awesome work! Love the content

Mine Craft says:

Would buy for $50, but I’m poor

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