Magic: the Gathering Timeline

Magic: the Gathering Timeline

Hey everyone, here is one of the largest projects ever to have been completed by our channel. In this video, we will be covering the major events of the Multiverse for Magic: the Gathering. This will cover a large portion of the canonical lore and most of the major things that has happened in the past 25 years of the MTG story-line. This has also been slightly revised since the new set Dominaria came out. If you enjoy this video, make sure you hit that like button, share this video, and please subscribe to our channel. Also be sure to check out our Magic: the Gathering Card Anthology series, which goes over the individual history of each sets of MTG.


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Card Anthology – Alpha/Beta

Card Anthology -Innistrad

Card Anthology – Mirrodin (featuring They Said, We Said)


5 Color Combo


They Said, We Said



Nizzahon Magic


Aarcaala says:

Gatewatch: *gets their ass beat by Tezzeret, Bolas’ bitchboi*
Gatewatch: LeTs Go To AmOnKhEt To FiGhT bOlAs

Zombie Chibi XD says:

What’s a time bubble?

Adam Red panda says:

Lol wut

Mark Cross says:

Easy to follow

Darth Bobalicious says:

They gave her a place on the Council. But not the title of Master? That doesn’t seem fair.

Timothy Long says:

I have been an ass I still love to find the cards and so I can have fun with these cards to play against my friends at home

Zack McKague says:

Sorin is old as dirt and spent most of his time just being a hedonist

Lo Re Gaman says:

this is amazing

kristian dahl says:

Someone has read all the books and played the OG shandalar game

*not a real spy* says:

I mentioned a bunch of old cards and timelines like these to my friends
…they looked at me like: *are you mental??*

rickp46 says:

Ty very much. I will have to listen to this many times to allow my brain to soak it in.

Matthew Beattie says:

Just tell me when The Eldrazi get fucked

Nathan ooi says:

Thank you <3

Dan Gurevski says:

this is dope, but its too much to take in and not enough detail is given for newer audiences (aka me). Have you thought about breaking it down into a video series with more details and maybe a visual timeline?

Dren says:

I like it how 99% of the lore is Dominaria

RavenCeV says:

Considering how lost I am when I play any format of Magic at my LGS I’m surprised so many people find this summary hard to follow!

Jurassic says:

I am a casual fresh noob MTG player, I’m not an english native speaker and I could understand the whole narration. Great job! and thank you for summing up this! I hope more stories to be released! I would be the bomb if you realease this on spotify!! 😀

Hans Hertzman says:

This is awsome!!!!!

Broockle says:

I’m guessing there’s Novels….. should have figured but still surprising that I never came across one.
I mean I read Warcraft and Halo and stuff, I should have come across this.

Robert Barnett says:

Hey there! Love this video. I’m a huge Vorthos and I’m a sucker for Lore Stories. I have an MTG Cardsmith account ( ), and I’m actually the one who designed the Cisarzim card featured at 1:56 and I just wanted to pause the video right there and say thanks for featuring my card! I had no idea you had used it in this video, and I don’t mind that you did, it was a really nice surprised and made my face light up when I saw it! Thanks and I love the video so far!

Spear Breaker says:

This was awesome!

Aussie B says:

Thanks for making this video, it taught me about the law of magic the gathering. Also damn, that video would’ve taken a long time to make.

Zeke2552 says:

Pretty good summary. I absolutely love mtg lore. It’s far more rich than people initially think. It would be cool to see a multipart series where you cover the timeline in more detail. Though I think what seems chaotic about the timeline is a lot of what happens before the Brothers War was introduced much later in Magic. Also, I will always enjoy Yawgmoth and Phyrexia as the villain far more than anything they have introduced since. Especially when you consider how ridiculously powerful old planeswalkers were in comparison to post-Mending era walkers.

Baxter Martinez says:

I like this so much

Thomas Larsen says:

you talk way too fast, english is not my mother language, but i speak almost fluentl english. i had a really hard time keeping up with you.

Alex Marchenko says:

Great vide and you used good visual Ques. However can you please somehow remake it and slow it down? If it wasn’t that I played most of these sets and read some book following this would be impossible other then that thank you very much.

JSB JSB says:

Man, these people live stressful lives.

Daniel Palmer says:

Isn’t Kjeldor pronounced Kyell-door? Like…the J” is a Y” because it’s Germanic/Norse/Viking inspired?

TheOneRandy says:

Listening to this lore is so weird for someone who just plays the game haha. It puts a lot of light on the cards I use and is extremely interesting. This is an incredible video, however talk a bit slower. I have to rewind sometimes…

Garfield Arbukle says:

It’s really easy to summarize:
1) uuughh DRAGONS
2) magic rocks and robots
3) other things I guess
4) uuughh DRAGONS 2
5) back to robots and rocks
6) magic: infinity war

Simson616 says:


V Ttt says:

Cool! The game was already fun but after this i’ll enjoy it even more still, thx!

Timothy Long says:

Like to find this card deck and to play them with my friends

Blaxtopolition says:

Hopefully you can talk a little faster next time. K thx

Joe Grzzly says:

I appreciate how much work has been put into this, but several of those pronunciations were frustrating, the two that made me stop and comment were Kjeldor (the j is pronounced like a y) and Jaya (J-eye-a).

Chase Eagleback says:

You’ve obviously put a lot of work into this, but you speed through it so fast that it’s borderline impossible to follow. You should consider making another, slowing down and elaborating. I think people would watch if you made it longer, but perhaps separated it into different episodes. Either way, I appreciate your effort.

Gage Mcfadden says:

Hey guys I got some friends who just started a YouTube channel called everything vs commander. So of you could go support a young new channel. By subing to them plz and thank you .

Justin Sharp says:

This is so well researched and full of fantastic info…but talk like you huffed a kilo of coke. Youtube allows so much time, just take a breath and let us enjoy the content 🙂

ElBizaro says:

This timeline overview (which I’ve listened to over half a dozen times) inspired me to make edh timeline decks!

The 4 Generals would be:


There are enough events/creatures mentioned to create these decks.

Julie Rivas says:

Now I kinda think I know what maybe is going on

Aussie B says:

After taking a look at the comments, it turns out we both use amino. Aussie B now has a secondary goal, find Bazaar on Amino.

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