Magic’s Best Worst Card

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imarobot1 says:

One With Nothing isn’t entirely worthless in decks that run Ensnaring Bridge. I’ve contemplated throwing a few in my Lantern deck just for fun.

that one guy on the internet says:

i dont even play magic why am i watching this

Gamebuster1990 says:

“You lose the game”

Scott Pearson says:

I mean it could be used for flashback. get some really costly spells with low flashback costs, and bam, you get cheap spells

Brandon Lane says:

Has everyone forgotten about Disension and the Hellbent ability? I’m unironically adding this card to my shopping list for that deck. When I was new I didn’t understand these and saw these sort of cards as useless until I understood their role. For example, Ignorant bliss (Remove your hand until the end of your turn then return it and draw a card) was lost on me for a long while until a more experienced played explained to me that because my cards are gone for one turn, all my hellbent cards are now in full effect. One with Nothing is a strange card for just about any deck and on any average magic deck, it would be counter productive.

HOWEVER. In a Hellbent deck, you might find it useful as a sudden and unexpected power attack.

Düellocu Aga says:

Isnt magic have cards with activated effects from grave or with no hand?if infernity in ygo had this card they would be very powerful

rosiodo says:

Even I played ebough hearthstone to know that angel’s mercy sucks

Aziri says:

I feel like this would be good in a madness deck x.x

Thorbjørn Thaarup says:

Thank you. Loved the video. And I love One With Nothing too. Just sitting there in the binder since 2005 like a good old friend.

Sir Canadian says:

Its not bad in commander reanimater/ tribal Minotaur deck with Neheb the Worthy as the commander

Dave Mustardstain says:

Rise of the dark tombs….

Ian of Randomonium says:

I bought One With Nothing from Card Kingdom because of this video. I have made it one of my goals to see how I can break the magic mold by making a deck that is 100% terrible, but can still compete. Thank you for giving me a challenge.

ProtonCannon says:

So to put it short it is a “meme” card…

Joe Momma says:

Thanks for this. I always feel like at least half of the cards you see on “worst card ever” lists are just combo pieces that never found “that one deck” to make them famous.

Seldomheardabout says:

Um, one with nothing fears not the reaper. Perhaps one with nothing is the real winner.

IceShade says:

Drake haven with one with nothing?

Human Ratteler says:

This is my same mentality in building a Pokémon team.
Sorry if that’s a bit irrelevant among magic players.

PonPon Doodlez says:

Infernitys, Dark Worlds, Infernoids, and a plethora of other archetypes would kill to have One With Nothing

Brandon Echavez says:

Your suicide combo would work perfectly with laboratory maniac in play 😛

VeryMelonCB says:

Doesn’t explain why they felt the need to put unplayable garbage among Mythic Rares as well, other than ”
Fuck you, give us your money.”

A jewish guy walks in a bar and starts to gas nigs says:

Everyone remembers Wood Elemental so I guess that’s a good card too

Jeff Defenbaugh says:

Dunno how I’ve never seen your videos before, but I’m subbing asap. The editing, info, and even your voice. Mwah. What a fucking channel.

M.L. W.L. says:

I thought the worst was scornful egotist.

Krypt says:

I once had a hive mind + Megrim deck where One with Nothingness was my finisher.
Alternatively, Evacuation + One with Nothingness in a Reanimation commander deck is pretty mean.

Heartig says:

Geometry Dash?

Confetti Medic says:

Pfft no. you don’t win by dealing 20 damage to the other player. It’s all about that 10 poison.

CamTheKitty says:

No excuse for the rariry though, that was money grubbing, wasting good rare spots

Always Watching says:

for the suicide combo, wouldn’t the crypt be left in your graveyard and not in exile?


One with nothing + ensnaring bridge = no attack

Fubnin says:

Useful for hazoret, you could buff flameblades via discard and return all the cards back to hand with shadow of the grave to bring back all the cards. It can fuel hollow ones trigger the cycling discard effects 7 or more times…

It’d be pretty good in standard atm.

Bacon Sir says:

Yugioh really doesn’t have these. It’s usually pretty obvious when a card is good, or will probably be good later. Though I guess you could count things like “Gift Card” due to its niche use in Nurse Burn

Sam Resseguie says:

Hey man, pale moon is good

Vince S.R. says:

iDubbz is it you ?

Morgan Schodlatz says:

This just shows how much of a newb i am but….
why is angel’s grace bad?

SaSSolino says:

1:29 editing boner. wow.

Def Espurr says:

Got a Deck challenge for those that are interested h

Bruce Praska says:

It’s funny in how it makes ur opponent question everything ur doing for the simple reason of being one of those cards that says I am interactive with nothing and I want to cheat in things that have all the abilities which is what black does best

MetroAndroid says:

I want to play a digital card game where all cards are the same top-tier. Any card that’s not meta or if there’s an outright better version of a card, the non-meta version is removed outright from the game. I don’t like this common idea that there must be limits in games. Braid took that idea and shoved it into the dirt. Give the player infinite power, but design the game so well that even with the *ability to rewind time itself* the game would still be difficult.

Ivan Dragovic says:

I prefer kaervek’s spite with barren glory

Super comicbook girl says:

Here’s another way I think this could actually be played; So I’ve come across a card in the Unglued set that cracked me up but also left me wondering. This card is “The Cheese Stands Alone” and it goes like this “If you control no cards in play other than The Cheese Stands Alone and have no cards in your hand, you win the game.” As it is an enchantment and does literally nothing else, most would just chuckle at for a bit and wonder how this would ever actually be used. WELL, here you go. If you were somehow be able to get both of these cards in your hand at the same time, whilst having no other cards on the table, it would be an instant win. This would of course still be quite ridiculous as T.C.S.A has a mana cost of 6, which would mean that you’d have to go AT LEAST 6 rounds without putting in anything, only in the hope of getting both of these cards. So I figure you’d probably would also have to have a sacrificing system in place, to get rid of your stuff and ideally make you some extra mana in the progress.
So there you go.

toogletoggle — film, TCG, etc says:

Now I REALLY want to make a casual deck that just makes sure you get that suicide combo.

Quinn Reynolds says:

At least Angel’s Mercy is an instant.

Quinn Reynolds says:

Get rekt thoughtseize.

Milan Jovanov says:

2:42 At least you can use harmless offering to give bad enchantments to another player

Rhystic Studies says:

You can watch all of my Card Study videos here:

SaSSolino says:

I’m confused about the combo: doesn’t the crypt remain on board?

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