More MTG Ultimate Card Topper Previews: 8 More Cards Revealed Including Noble Hierarch and Tarmogoyf

Today we look at more of the Magic the Gathering Ultimate Box Topper cards that have been revealed including Noble Hierarch and Tarmogoyf.

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Leng Thao says:

I guess now we see what card nahiri casted to summon emrakul.

Mallwan says:


Mr. Variant says:

Tarmagoyf and Noble hierarch, damn, wish these were readily available. Nice art o. Goyf. And I do recommend avatar of woe if you use Lord of extinction. Very fearful indeed, pun intended.

Collection Connected says:

I very much dislike the goyf art

Hector Cobos says:

Just take my money and give me the product already jeez.

TraucerDaUrbania says:

So there was talk about releasing a set to inject cards directly into modern, maybe these are masterpieces for that set.

JaceMD015 says:

Im a simple man, I see Eldrazi, I press like.

Gamer Treasures says:

I believe Karn Liberated will be one of the missing 6.

abracosa07 says:

Oof to all the so called investors of luxury cardboard. Reserved list cards or bust

pops91 says:

Still no word about my card, will I get one? I got 2 mythic boxes

Jason Carto says:

Through the Breach has the best new art imo.

Adam Pisani says:

I would love arcbound ravager or mox opal


These should all be cards in the next master set. Just saying….

cappox says:

Sick tormogoyf art

Heroes and Legends MTG says:

Let me know your thoughts on today’s Ultimate Box Topper previews.

allborii says:

I cant gain this box topper cards, but lets win a mat

Shill for Science says:

aright, WoTC. Wtf are you playing at with these?

Elijah M Thompson says:

It just seems to me that they reprinted WAYYYY too many cards in this box topper set…..

Rob Carlson says:

Please God have an alternative art foil Jace the mindsculpter

Mox Avenger says:

Thanks for the gumball Popeye!

s1n1573r says:

If this is US only I am going to riot xP and yes 100% agree with other commenters here these should be in the next master set, would sell like crazy.

bl8catcher says:

What is this? It’s way too expensive to be an actual product… These should be at least masterpieces in a $20/booster masters set… OR these are the foil versions of the mythics in the Ultimate Masters set (UMA ;P). Even as bab promos for an expensive masters set it would be too much, a foil extended art liliana of the veil, noble hiërarch, tarmogoyf,… is just worth too much.
Since it is specifically connected to Hasbro, maybe Hasbro wants to create more $250+ mtg products because of the success of last product, and you get one of these packs when you buy one as a Buy a Box promo, the Ultimate Box Topper!

This_Guy says:

So does this mean that if you actually got a mythic edition box that you are getting one of these or if you didn’t get a box?
Also, this is total BS. So much for the value of my modern collection….

sancturillore says:

I like the new alternate art for Dark Depths. Hail Marit Lage!

seppe raeymaekers says:

I do not like the goyf art

Fofee says:

2:07, lol I didn’t know Lhurgoyfs were real.

Martin Olsen says:

My guess is that this will be just another exclusive product that the average player wont have access to.

Big Guy says:


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