Most Annoying Cards in EDH | The Command Zone #180 | Magic: the Gathering Commander/EDH Podcast

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Show Notes:
You heard us right – these cards are annoying, a nuisance, and Josh and Jimmy have OPINIONS on them! Hear our picks for our top 5 most annoying cards in EDH.

5) Torpor Orb
4) Expropriate
3) Gaddock Teeg
2) Triumph of the Hordes
1) Blood Moon

Honorable Mentions:
Winter Orb
Rhystic Study
Perplexing Chimera/Glen Elendra
Iona, Shield of Emeria

5) Rhystic Study
4) Perplexing Chimera
3) Grave Pact / Dictate of Erebos
2) Blind Obedience
1) Humility

Honorable Mentions:
Cyclonic Rift
Vedalken Orrery
Sensei’s Divining Top

What We Mentioned on the End Step:
Sapiens by Yuval Noah

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Nomad says:

The fact that Lighthouse Chronologist isn’t even in the honorable mentions means they have really responsible play groups or don’t ever frequent their local card shops…. Lighthouse Chronologist: Turn a 1 hour game into 3 hours.

Anthony Delfino says:

Related to Blood Moon, Contamination is equally obnoxious as a card to run up against. I had to pair off against it when the commander of the opponent’s deck was Ghoucaller Gisa, giving him no shortage of creatures to sacrifice, and completely locking everyone else out of the game, as no one was playing black.

Sarkhamy says:

I’m surprised winter orb isn’t on the list.

The Locust God says:

So…. did you pay the one?

Phantom Joker says:

We banned expropriate from our play group because my friend played it in his yidris deck. We’re talking like 30 minute long turns here

Mr Noodle says:

Sees “annoying” brain goes to infect

Golden Fenix says:

If you’re against Iona and you have access to black you can cast “Oblivion Strike” it’s Devoid and it is great against color protection.

André DeOliveira-Brown says:

SPOILER ALERT: Humility got a card that’s kind of a reprint in Hour of Devastation. Yes, Overwhelming Splendor is twice as expensive as humility, but the enchanted play can’t cast ANY abilities besides mana or loyalty abilities.

Ethan Wiggen says:

While in your meta I’m sure you don’t see them often,but I have to say that when I play shared fate,or mind’s dilation,there are collective groans from the table. Good episode,keep up the good work

Ethan Olsen says:

Does anyone in your play group play root maze?

Scythic says:

for me, the eclipse sleeves aren’t that hard to find but they are like 10+ euro for 80 sleeves. that means I have to spend 20+ bucks on sleeves if I want to sleeve one single commander deck. that’s way too expensive for plastic. regardless on how good they may be.

Jordan Randall McKendrick says:


Each deck I play – of which there are five and two are retired – has at least TEN basics and plenty of colorless cards. The highest is SIXTEEN, and in cases where I have to take permanents I go after BASIC LANDS – because…



Unstable Obelisk says hi to Blood Moon for me

sonickage says:

Just curious do you guys rent a studio space? Or record at home?

Merc says:

Infect should be banned in commander. Just leads to degenerate stuff

Donnie Kahaian says:

The background should be an image of DOOMSDAY!!!

crimsonking905 says:

There are a few cards I refuse to play. Ioana, Vorinclex, and I’ve actually never seen a blood moon in our play group. I am surprised Vorinclex wasn’t mentioned.

zanzibawr says:

price of glory. nuff said

Kevin Misiuda says:

Just a reminder that rhystic study is a may effect, so I’d suggest just shutting down the forgotten triggers going forward

Steven Gregorich says:

I hate nevermore. Everyone in my playgroup likes to stop Omnath, Locus of Rage from hitting the board ever.

Åke Storm says:

If you knew that you had just ten hours left of of your life, would you spend it here looking at a screen with The Command Zone Internetshow playing? Na! You are not that good yet but close enough! If I was alone in the world I might considder it.

I like your show more than you can imagine but “Creepy Rudy” is cool too! I Like The Magic show/Mics and all the others too.

What I do not like is that Balance and Upheaval is banned in commander! Great for you as you would probably have mentioned them.

Blue is just too good in every format but sealed. Howcome Wizards never realised it? I am waiing for som cards to set the balanse strait!

Meanwhile you are a sucker if you ignore Blue. Card draw, Bounce, countering things and you can still combine it with Green for Mana and speed. I have to stop myself.

The most annnoying aspect of playing Magic is that it is expensive so most people can not even start.

I sold all my cards in January 1996 for 48000 SEK. All moxes plus an extra white, , blue pack, 40 dual revised lands and much more.

Still I like the cards the most that made other people cracy then like Stasis and Winterorb. The combo Winterorb and Relic Barrier combined with Howling Mine. So sweet 😀

But my top card on my current list for most annoying card is:

1. Sunder (it is so sweet if you do not have much artifact hate in your group so you can keep your own mana). Bouncing everybody elses lands into oblivion with a handchange afterwords is just BLISS!

2. Stasis. In commander it is my dream to make a deck that can survive the hate from ALL other players. As it is now I just die.

I die everytime as it is now but will not give up to find the perfect “Pillow Fort”, the STAX Heaven is close!

3. Winter Orb (Everebody want you dead) and I die just as the Infect guy in Command Zone.

4. I have been starting to look into the one color I never touch! RED! Tapping lands for mana and you get damage 😀 “Blood Moon together with “Necro” was the reason I stopped playing in 1996 as I had no money and all the cards I had was worthless? Well 48000 SEK then for all my cards was something but 40xdual revised lands is probably + 50000 SEK on itself nowdays.

Selling it all was perhaps poor economical decision, but now I have the urge to buy one land back when I can. Since 2013 I got 4 dual lands. You do the math until I got 40 again! 😀

Love the show! You make me happy just by watching it. I am not sad about my loss in money for selling at the wrong time. I feel sad about all the connections with people I had at that time.

Love from Åke living in the also fucked upp country called Sweden!

Doomlord5 says:

top never has been a problem for me in my playgroup

Ethan says:

contamination is way worse than blood moon

SmugLookingBarrel says:

One thing people seem to mess up about how expropriate works: If more than one person vote for money, you get to take a permanent from each of those players that many times. That is, lets say in a four player game, all three of your opponents vote money, you get three of their permanents each, or nine total, assuming you voted for time.

Pupalah says:

Last week someone tried to use triumph of the horde to kill the table with their slivers….so I cast rakdos charm….

RowinMarkov says:

The way you guys just talked about top is how i do sakura tribe elder I leave him on board and do the land tutor right away or sac him and say that im actually doing it during the end step before my turn. And say that it is actually blocking the first creature to swing at me if it happens.

gpcyan3 says:

Kismet is pretty annoying.

Temborade says:

what happens if you stasis snare the commander?

daemonCaptrix says:

If someone’s Blood Moon shuts down your deck, you got what was coming to you.

Matthew Jones says:

Good card to combat blood moon chromatic lantern

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