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Uncle Morty's Nerd Shed says:

Nalathni dragon.

People don’t realize there are actually two versions of it. The one with greyed borders is from dragon con, the rest are from the magazine.

Once people realize it, the greyed ones are going to be worth insane $$

Lloyd Barrett says:

So is this card going to be hugely expensive? I’d love to pick one up for commander but I don’t want to pay silly money…

Terry Dactyl says:

They do it every year for comic con too.

KaiTheElusive says:

you’re forgetting about the sewers of estark nalthini dragon, arena, and mana crypt. There will be hundreds of thousands of this card but how many of the others are there?

Nick Delagarza says:

They prioritize draft and limiting the number of desirable cards in products just so they can drip feed us the cards that are desired hoping it will keep people around.

Malik Lewis says:

Nothing will ever please you.

Kev says:

People are complaining about this big time. I wonder if this is the only time they will try this. I hope you reported the TO to WOTC. That is against their rules. We caught our local store selling the Rivals of Ixalan Open House promos online after they said they don’t do open house events. We threatened to tell WOTC if they didn’t give the cards out to the players on our weekly standard nights. They did the right thing and gave the promos to us the very next standard night.

Hylndur101 says:


yoitsgunattack says:

this thing with something like star of exetintion in edh be fucking hilarious *ok im just nuking the borad for like 1000 hp* (yes i know infinite life combos exsist but they arnt funny or interesting)

KaiTheElusive says:

But of course there’s also the Christmas cards that are extremely exclusive and rare

Jay Morales says:

I swear they poll people…..and then ignore anything that doesn’t get loud vocal dislike…..oh and sometimes they ignore that too.

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