Most Underrated Cards in Commander l The Command Zone #198 | Magic: the Gathering Commander/EDH

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Show Notes:

It’s time to discover some hidden gems! We’re going down the list of the most underrated cards in all of Commander. The enchantments, artifacts, etc that would take your deck to the next level – if you’d ever heard of them before.


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Robbie&Jamie Rowlett says:

Wow, your video was spot on today. I have been struggling with depression and a bunch of other mental/emotional crap. I love the video today, already watched it three times since it was posted.

Andrew Collins says:

Something I usually think is underrated is Nephalia Academy. It’s a land that allows you to put cards on top of your deck instead of discarding them. Maybe it’s just because my playgroup seems to really like Wheeling, but I’ve found the card to be super useful.

For example: Opponent plays wheel of fortune. You let the cards you don’t want go to your graveyard and the awesome stuff you did want go on top of your library. Then, you draw 7, which includes anything you wanted in your original hand.

Edgy Umbra says:

Reassembling Skeleton, for any deck that wants to sacrifice anything

Joachim Broesbøl says:

I’d probably say that Felwar Stone is underappreciated not so much underrated. i feel like i see it played fairly often. but people don’t “respect or appreciate” it the same way they appreciate signets or sol rings.

Eris Luna says:

I consider Tibalt an underrated planeswalker, I use him in my Infect Nekusar deck and most of my playgroups would always ignore him when he is played, because they were more focused on my greater threats.

That all changed when I kept winning the game with him with his ult, that would happen a lot sooner then they expected because of all the prolifterate I run, since the deck is infect based.

Bloodn0k says:

Defense of the heart does the work for me.

Marc Hall says:

Mogg infestation: it’s not a traditional creature wrath card, but it has some interesting utility and politicking potential. Or if you wanted you could go for a go wide strategy and double the number if 1/1s on your board.

Richard Regula says:

I won a game with serra avatar and alter of dementia in a Oloro deck. He had to mill 104 cards.

Sky Jones says:

This is sweet! Great content.

Philippe Roerto says:

Zacama can be nice to the cat’s synergy

thedillman130 says:

Gate to Phyrexia
Enchantment (antiquities uncommon)
Sacrifice a creature: destroy target artifact. Activate only on your upkeep and only once each turn

Gunhee Lee says:

animation module is pretty under rated in a lot of counters deck. I specifically use it in noyan dar edh deck

M Fougere says:

I think it’d be really cool if you guys made a podcast on building mono-color commander. Maybe go through each color, talk about it’s strengths and weaknesses, and address cards that can be used to mitigate the weaknesses.

XenoSmasher says:

I also think Selvala’s Stampede, Hell’s Caretaker, and Behold the Beyond are underrated, and Neheb the Eternal as both a card in the deck and as a commander.

james sanford says:

One of my favorite white enchantments is Marshal’s Anthem

Ramiro Gomez says:

i play a Varolz commander, infect and very very agro… is a lot of fun, using things like death’s shadow to put 13 counters +1/+1 on my infect flyier, or something on those lines =)

Stefano Badodi says:

Oreskos explorer is one of my new favourite ramp creatures in non-green decks. It usually searches for up to 3 lands

myles Weidman says:

Copy target spell then exile it works. pour over pages with primal amulet flipped or not works, either it costs less or you get it twice.

Mr.MigsMedia says:

they should come up with some new partner Commanders. Are there some commanders that you would make Partners under household rule that dont have partner text?

Mana-Ramp-Matoran says:

I’ve seen a varolz modern deck. Scavaging a deaths shadow onto this thing is gross. If I didn’t already have a Meren deck, I’d play this as my b/g commander

Kendal Cannon says:

For underrated cards, Oath of Lieges is amazing in any deck that can run it, it always keeps the game advancing.

WhatThe MTG says:

I dont seen this too much but Lurking Predators is card that should see more play, you get to play stuff when your opponents cast spells, you get to see to see the top card(well everyone does) but if its a creature you may play it. you can keep it there if its a card you want and if not it goes on bottom.

For a land Meteor crater is a decent land, while its no Command tower it is close. You get to choose color of a permanent you control then add mana of that to your mana pool. if you have nothing it is bad but what are the odds of that happening all the time?

Tortured existence is a fun enchantment for me it cost one black mana and it reads (black mana) choose and discard a creature card: return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand. Its a low cost easy way to get stuff back from your graveyard.

These are just a few cards i use that i dont see used much, do any of you use these? Am i wrong about them? Do let me know

andrew saunders says:

Throne of the God-Pharoah. If you are winning through non-infinite life total stuff… this.

Sir Canadian says:

Im running Toshiro Umezawa in my mardu commander deck where im runing the zurgo with the dual deck art, my deck is tribal samurai

Daft Goblin says:

My under rated card is Flameshadow Conjuring. This 3 and a red enchantment reads “whenever a non token creature enters the battlefield under your control you may pay a red if you do, put a token onto the battlefield that is a copy of that creature. That token gains haste, exile it at the beginning of the next end step”

I play this in my R/G ramp decks so I can get a second big creature when I cast the dorks I am ramping into. Also I could see this being pretty useful in decks with red in them that care about ETB triggers.

james jefferson says:

My playgroup has toshiro. I play root maze.

Nickolas T. Raffone says:

Can you copy something not on the battlefield with mirage mirror

xatex1000 says:

I play varolz in my gitrog deck

Sarkasticify says:

One of my favourite underrated cards is the one you refered to: Time Stop. It’s just so versatile.

mark swiger says:

pick me. good info by the way

Sephyrias says:

33:40 I also recommend
– Energy Flux: That is an enchantment for 2 and a U and does “All artifacts have “At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice this artifact unless you pay {2}.””
– By Force: XR, Sorcery, Destroy X target artifacts.

36:10 I also recommend
– Quest for Renewal: Enchantment for 1 and a G and does “Whenever a creature you control becomes tapped, you may put a quest counter on Quest for Renewal.
As long as there are four or more quest counters on Quest for Renewal, untap all creatures you control during each other player’s untap step.”

49:10 Yisan without a body? That has potential. Imagine this with Paradox Haze.

Another card that I can recommend: Corrupted Conscience {3}{U}{U}, Aura: “You control enchanted creature. Enchanted creature has infect.”

WhatThe MTG says:

Im not seeing this but with the fellwar stone it would give you the color you want outside your colors unless the mana rule changed yet again did i miss that? If i did my bad.

kaxn says:

To any up-and-coming mtg channels: stay the funk away from WOTC. They will destroy your podcast beyond any recognition and turn you into a super-bland commercial machine

Gianluca Cagliari says:

Magus of the library is extremely underrated!

Mad Matt says:

More underrated cards:
Lifecrafter’s Bestiary
Gaze of granite
Phyrexian rebirth
Faerie artisans
Throne of the god pharaoh

I’m sure I’ve got more, but this is just off the top of my head

Mr.MigsMedia says:

does carlton funny dance

Charles Peterson says:

4 color partner commander cycle deck! Possibility? Looking to make a cycling deck and I definitely want to use esper colors and add a fourth color which I’m thinking should be red

John Laird says:


Hihikokun says:

Maybe not the best video to ask this but, I’ve been playing Commander for over two years now, and I just still haven’t found MY commander, someone who I enjoy playing a lot and don’t get bored of. My biggest struggle is finding a deck that I like to play. I know many people recommend just playing cards that you like, but even that doesn’t really help. It can be pretty irritating to find a commander that seems interesting and then finish the deck and just not like it. Does anyone have any tips?

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