MTG – 5 Ways To Get Free Cards – Magic the Gathering Cards for Free

We all know Magic can be an expensive hobby!!! Here are 5 ways you can get cards for FREE!!!
Since uploading this video, both PucaTrade and FreeMyApps have changed, and I no longer suggest their service.

Another video on how to get free cards:


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Elijah Miller says:

I do butlik one of each (chronicles)

Dani shoto says:

i need cards can u please send me some karn kid mtg

K3n5hin says:

My favorite way is to bully Little Kids and take their Cards for free.
What the fuck would they do? I’m old and fat, they got no Chance.

Joe Zylstra says:

Stealing.stores though

Camden Carter says:

hey man i’m a new player and i would love to know when the next giveaway is going to be, i know it sounds really shitty that the first thing that i ever commented on your video is about a giveaway but like i said i’m new and i currently am unemployed and a student.

BLUEP says:

karn good video, im changing to my channel to mtg only very soon u should check it out

TSZ says:

I have a question for the new card set. Is Sorin, Grim Nemesis a good card to use in a deck?

ProjectPeanuts says:

I also have free giveaways!

Sam Plenge says:

oh, he hit puberty. LMAO

Feathers MTG says:

How do you record your screen on your IPad/iPhone?

Tomas Martinez says:

lost my magic cards plz magic cards

Nicolas Chargualaf says:

i subscribed

Ya Boi Guzma says:

You can just ask the people at the store for a beginner deck

Shawn Damz says:

Heyy. .dude I’m new to MTG. ..and need a lot of help to make a deck will jou please help

frank dover says:

Bro, i am in a recovery program and i would like whatever free giveaways you might could help with for me and my friends to play. I love planeswalkers btw. tyvm.

Mtg Kids says:

Hey, we are a new channel and just trying to make friends in the Mtg community! Let us know if you need anything!

Elijah Miller says:

hey man, is the omnisience from you trade binder video still available

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