MTG – A Guide To Buying Magic: The Gathering Cards Using TCGPlayer Direct

The Professor’s Special TCGPlayer Direct Link:

Note: Orders $25 and above ship free US domestic. Under $25 it’s just $0.99.

TCGplayer Direct lets gaming fans get the cards they want all together in one package for the best price possible. Start with the open market of eBay and add the amazing customer service and convenience you’d get at Amazon and you have TCGplayer Direct.

When you place your order, TCGplayer ships everything in one package straight from our warehouse. The cards are carefully graded and packaged, and our dedicated customer service team is standing by to help if anything goes wrong with delivery. Behind the scenes, the stores who sold you those cards send in a resupply to TCGplayer so that our inventory stays stocked and ready for you to visit again.

Please note: While TCGPlayer did sponsor this video, it’s content, including my words and opinion of their service, is all my own. I have made sponsored videos where I failed products, and ones where I said they were just okay. I consider TCGPlayer Direct to be an excellent service. The sponsorship for this one video helps the channel, and everyone wins.


ContactingTheDead says:

*Great video! I just started playing Magic today for the first time and I’m beginning to build my deck. I thought it was going to be extremely confusing, but it’s actually quite simple and a lot of fun! If you are on the fence about it, try it out! You won’t regret it.*

neonBLAST12 says:

Problem is that you can only sell cards and have the funds on your bank account. I want to have it on my paypal directly, since I’m too lazy to take it out of my bank account. If anyone does know how to get it to your PayPal please let me know!

Trae Wallace says:

With the edge wear on some of those cards they are LP at best. Pack fresh or not, with that much white showing they aren’t NM.

The Gaming Johnson says:

Well I’m not ordering this stuff because I live in england

2nd0000000000 says:

the rest of the world excluded

etakun says:

TCGPlayer Direct is a gift from God

Benjamin Lehman says:

The only problem is when the TCGplayer direct cart costs more than the other carts, so to save money, I have to get multiple packages.

Reggaetonaldo says:

I just ordered a few foil cards from tcg last week, but for some reason my order was under $25 and I got free shipping on it? Not sure why but I’m not complaining lol Still waiting for my cards. Just wish they provided tracking on them.

Jan G says:

I know this is an old video, but I’m glad I came across it. While I kept buying Magic until around 7th, I haven’t played regularly since Homelands and was looking for a way to get back into Magic. It is good to find a trustworthy place that I can (After looking at a few guides) pick up cards to build a Standard deck without having to worry about how truthful the sellers are.

Chris Leclair says:

Just an FYI to people using @tcgplayer to purchase cards. Seller @IWinGames purposefully tapes the top of the cardloader. They state they tape the toploader in a way that prevents the cards from touching the tape but this pinches the cards in the toploader. I have left appropriate feedback accordingly, 3/5 stars.

kevin Shipman says:

Based on this video, I will definitely give TCGPlayer a shot. After taking a quick look, I really like what I saw.

jean delba says:

Is free shiping only in america ?

Charles Lewis says:

I would say that is more lightly played then NM. NM is like almost new. These you can tell have been played with. This is the first time I have disagree with one of you you. But that’s just me still love your vids

Daniel Hope says:

What if I live in the UK

Los Jukes says:

Are those white things on the cards light or scratches?

Keovar says:

One problem I’ve had with TCGPlayer is their pester-message when I have something in my cart. It’s even happened in under 10 minutes of adding something to my cart, so I guess they just have a periodic scan that fires off emails at a set time, rather than any kind of countdown from when an item was added. There’s an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email, but the unsub button on their site doesn’t work. You can move things to a “saved for later” section, but it can be a pain to immediately go to the cart page and move everything there before they start emailing. The “saved for later” section is also annoying to navigate once you’ve added more than 50 items to it, and a single commander deck might take 10 pages of 10 items each. I’ve emailed them about the unsub button being broken and was basically told to use “save for later”, with no acknowledgement that offering a broken feature is a problem.
I’ve just had to resolve this on my end by setting up a filter for the subject line of the pester-message, so it gets delivered directly to the trash.

Overseer76 says:

This really is a great service. I just bought a boatload of commons I’ve needed for a while, but couldn’t have gathered together without TCGPlayer Direct.

As an unofficial update, they now have a tool called the (Shopping) Cart Optimizer that automatically figures out the best prices from any combination of vendors, then gives you three options that boil down to (Any Vendors), (Trusted Vendors) and (TCG Direct) with commensurate levels of service attached. Any one can be cheaper than the others due to a combination of shipping costs, $2.00 minimums from some vendors and availability. I threw a few slightly different cardlists at them and came up with a variety of results. The Optimizer can also be configured to ensure that it’s looking only for the print, rarity, edition, etc. that you want, but you have to click the little Advanced Options button (more on that below).

I only ran into three problems:
1) I didn’t realize they had a bulk uploader because the link was at the bottom of the page in the Site Navigation Links.
2) The Cart Optimizer takes a really long time (several minutes for me) when you have a lot (let’s say over a hundred) cards in cart. I think it had a conniption when I had 750 cards picked out (one by one by hand before I found the bulk uploader).
3) When you click the Optimize Cart button in your shopping cart, it uses a standard template automatically and doesn’t allow you to access Advanced Options until it finishes giving you a standard optimization. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but I had the aforementioned embarrassing number of cards for it to sort through, so I ended up running the optimization twice every time because I didn’t want certain (usually white-bordered) editions, and didn’t care if the cards were Moderately Played or worse.

But then I copy/pasted my wishlist, kept this, my first order under 500 cards, ran the optimizer (twice) and paid less than 8 cents per card! (Those $2 and $3 cards really ruined my average, but it was still a really good deal for cards I would never have been able to track down on my own.) My cards are set to arrive in seven days in just two packages (from 74 different vendors — I counted)!

garion rk says:

Regarding TCGplayer “making it right”,

I recently made a TCGdirect order for a bunch of magic cards for various decks, including a cheap but obscure 10 cent card, Armistice (wanted to try it in a commander deck). When I received the order that card was missing. I contacted TCGplayer they told me they had no extra copies to send out (despite having copies advertised with TCGdirect). I was then offered a 10 cent refund and $1 store credit, bearing in mind I live in Australia and I would have to pay at least $1.60 usd to order another one through TCGplayer (and would cost them even less). Additionally throughout their messages felt very textbook and “fill in the blanks”, written with minimal thought or care.

I accepted because I didn’t feel it was worth the effort for a niche 10 cent card. At the same time though, I used this video when I first decided to order through them and my latest experience with them doesn’t match up with what is promised in the video, which I why feel compelled to share my experience.

Orazio Terranova says:

Just placed my first order on TCG player. Very smooth experience, it went exactly as I hoped and I was able to get really good prices.. Thanks for the advice, I am now happily subscribed to you. Keep up the good work.

Darrell Best says: You are blind if you think that is near mint…

Farias de Oliveira says:

Does it ship world wide?

Felipe Lopez says:

Hey professor, I don’t know if you knew that your information is incorrect. I am a seller on TCGPlayer and am opting to use Direct, and the system works like this: You list an item, and someone buys it. TCGPlayer, ships it out on your behalf from their own inventory, and you ship your copy to TCGPlayer. When they receive your copy, they will put it in their carefully managed inventory, and the cycle continues.

Sultan Mir says:

this is probably good for MTG but all the yugioh cards i need are not available in TCGplayer direct

RoProArt says:

Here’s the problem, a company’s true quality cannot be determined until they have to deal with a problem. I used tcgplayer because of the recommendation in this video and I had a couple of problems come up in my order. tcgplayer gave me very poor customer service regarding their problem resolution; nothing was fixed and they wiped their hands clean. I was very dissatisfied but stuck. This wad my unique experience, butI think it was worth sharing. Buyer beware.

petrol battery Mtg, Duels and more says:

I’m in the UK and i ordered a deck that was £30 and the shipping was £75 they do not stick to their promises

Michael Popa says:

ebay > vs everything, if you dont like your product complain, easy.

Glacial says:

Why is my shipping 3 dollars -_- says:

Were the cards in the packagaing actually IN THE TOPLOADER? They keep sending me cards not placed into the toploader. I have received 4+ orders packaged this way. I Just ordered some ALPHA cards and I really hope they come packaged well otherwise I will be making a video showing that they were not packaged well.

spookysama says:

wow holy light beautiful art looks like a famous painting

Kit 22 says:

*Raises hands * excuse me I have a dumb question.

Can you get rid of international shipping cost?

mykle orcherton says:

we need somthing like this for canada. and yes i know it ships to canada but the $ exchange / added shipping cost makes it more expencive then other options.

Envy is Random says:

My friend got several hundreds of dollars of cards direct. A number of those cards were fakes. It has been over 2 months and they will not give him anything in return. It’s ridiculous that their “carefully graded and packaged” collection has fake cards in it. I was easily able to spot these fake cards. Too bad TCG player will not take responsibility for sending these abominations to my dear friend. I will spread this around everywhere until you guys respond.

Jonas Wondollek says:

by the end of the day you ll have the 250.000 subs 😀


keep going, i ll keep watching

thank you for your work

Immortal Hybrid says:

Also don’t forget to say that you can’t order anything from tcgplayer unless your cart has at least $2 dollars worth of items from EACH seller your buying from and most of the time that sells doesn’t have 2 dollars worth of cards they usually only have 1 in stock so really to buy from tcg you have to spend more then anywhere else just so you can buy what you want

Elon Musk says:

Idk I still buy from Starcitygames

Jonas Herman says:

How do I avoid all the shipping cost?

bloozism says:

Made a $150 order that today they claim I received. Clearly I fucking didn’t.

Albert Kaltenbach says:

The description on the product was dead on.the fact all the cards come at one time is great

Jeremiah Bachmann says:

If there is one word in the American version of the English language that I would equate to you, it would be INTEGRITY. (and believe me when I say that integrity is one of my most important traits I could give a person)

Raul Gonzalez says:

That in a app right

TheOne XIII says:

Must you use the optimizer to get it direct?

Josh6144 says:

I feel like if TCGplayer sees these cards as Near-Mint that they should offer a “Mint” option for cards with no edge wear.

PipenFalzy says:

Professor needs his glasses, those were not near mint. Lightly played…… Yes

Oli Vier says:

Honestly I had a great experience with my merfolk modern which I ordered on tcgplayer.
Everything was NM or close

Jakar Umbra says:

Any chance these guys ship to the Caribbean, specifically Barbados?

Daetlus says:

Thanks for your amazing videos. I have saved your affiliate link as my TCGplayer bookmark. It’s the least I can do for the content you provide.

Aly Maghraby says:

do they do world wide shipping?

Man That Games says:

Okay I know that you were completely independent from tcgplayer, but the end still sounded like a commercial. 🙂

Yautja Prime says:

None of those were close to mint/near mint my good sir. Those are lightly played at best and moderately played at best. Your point is no less valid but we need to make sure and educate people on what proper grades are.

Tiago Moreiras says:

I did not see any NM card o.O

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