MTG – A Guide To Selling Magic: The Gathering Cards Using TCGPlayer BUYLIST

The Professor’s Special TCGPlayer BUYLIST Link:

What is the TCGplayer Buylist?•For Players, it’s the best way to automatically find buylist prices from hundreds of stores across the US forthousands of Magic: The Gathering cards.•Instead of shipping to dozens of separate stores, everything is shipped to TCGplayer for processing.•Consistent review of card conditions and a dedicated customer service team handle every step of processing.•For Stores, it’s the best way to open their buylist to the hundreds of thousands of Players that visit each day.
How does it work?

Stores upload their comprehensive buylist data to automatically supercharge their inventory from players.

Players search for cards on the TCGplayer Buylist and automatically find the best prices for many conditions ofcards, creating their customized Buylist Offer.

For Players, convenient shipping to and processing at TCGplayer means getting the best prices while saving onpostage and handling time.

Fast processing means Players can ship their Buylist Offers more often while Stores receive quick inventoryfulfillment for TCGplayer Direct.

For Players, there are no additional fees—just shipping.

Please note: While TCGPlayer did sponsor this video, it’s content, including my words and opinion of their service, is all my own. I have made sponsored videos where I failed products, and ones where I said they were just okay. I consider TCGPlayer Direct to be an excellent service. The sponsorship for this one video helps the channel, and everyone wins.


nate dean says:


arnaldur Guðlaugsson says:

always love your honest reviews. one question though, does tcgplayer support european sellers or should I use a different site?

SuperDynamicBros says:

Is this only available in the US, or can Canadians use this service as well?

Ranch_cool says:

Does anybody here got to the game store hobby asters in red bank nj

Slender Boy Creations says:

shame you have to live in the USA to sell cards .-.

Daniel says:

Thanks prof! Very helpful!

Lofty Skinner says:

Dude, do you think only Americans watch Youtube? I just wasted an hour of my life on this crap only to get to the account page and see no country drop down box or anything. THANKS!

Nanofuture87 says:

A big negative compared to other buylists is that there’s no option to get a bonus with store credit instead of cash. If you’re selling cards you don’t need to buy cards that you do need, you’re probably better off somewhere else.

AR Bi says:

i don’t usually like to deny what people say on their videos but:
1) most cards don’t have an offer, so no way to sell out ur old common and uncommon for ( if ur lucky) more then 0,02$ each
2) it basically works for those who have valuable cards and can’t sell them ( i don’t figure out why). So if u have hundreads of scalding tarn or liliana of the veil and u don’t know how to sell them, well give it to them for less then 50$ each.

Gamerzilla2012 says:

Lorwyn Thoughtseize?!

chortlesinthecorner says:

Thanks so much for making this video. I wasn’t sure how to unload a bunch of $0.01-0.20 cards. After going through the process with about 500 cards I found out I had some in the $2-$5 range and an Engineered Explosives in the $33 range! The crazy thing is that I could sell it on my own via Ebay, but after shipping and fees I wind up netting the same profit plus get to quickly sell an additional $20+ cards all because I saw this video. Really appreciate the content and tips!

Daniel Paredes says:

Enjoyed how articulate you where in explaining this service. P.S. I found you through my emailed tcg player subscription.

Sam Macaluso says:

Hi everyone, was wondering if the buy list is for yugioh cards as well. Was hoping to sell some old singles for store credit. Looks like I would have to list them individually? Is this feature new and will it ever support yugioh cards?

Hunkules says:

What’s the deal with tcgplayer lately? I tried canceling an order not even 30 minutes after placing it sent them a message and they still haven’t responded 10 hours later. It sucks this is something I need to know right now so I can place the order again with the right cards I need and these cards can change price fairly quick.

Bhargav Sunkara says:

Is this site trust worthy to give them your bank account information? Or is there a way to get payed through paypal or something else that doesn’t require giving our bank account information?

a_mouse says:

Hi Professor!  Do you know if a similar consolidated buylist exists for Pokemon cards?

Marcus Kim says:


Global Gamer says:

Can anyone tell me how to sell prerelease foils to TCGPlayer? Do you just select foil or is there some trick to it?

RomansPlayMC says:

can you do another deck tech for gameday

Jeff Mendoza says:

FYI TCGplayer Buylist requires that they receive the cards in 4 days (not business days). This eliminates much of the country from using it with a regular stamped envelope.

ulrickts says:

Their ToS mention having to sign up for some “Dwolla” service to receive payment. Why has this not been mentioned? I don’t quite like this vague service with vague legalise ToS. It seems fishy.

Snake Plissken says:

Hey Prof. I’m a poor college student who happens to have some MtG cards. It’s unfortunate that I have to get rid of them but maybe going through TCGPlayer I’ll be able to sell all of my collection and then be able to pay some bills. Thank you so much for this info!

Hunter McDonald says:

I tried putting my cards up in TCGPlayer’s buylist and they only offer half of what my cards are worth. My collection is easily worth over $1000 and they want to give me $563 for it. Just a warning for those who want to give it a try

Low TeK Low Budget says:

Just made my first order from TCGplayer. I am very happy with the ordering system. The ability to optimize my cart was awesome. 50$ for 250 cards. Mythics, rares, playsets. Thank you for this video and the service.

KitMagnification says:

Thanks, Professor!

Deadroach says:

Like how up front and honest you were about this video

Cal Holden says:

Just sold my rugged prairie expedition and my lotus petal masterpiece for $130 Aussie dollars.. is that a rip?

Jason Cripe says:

videos like this are the reason i became a paetron supporter. thanks professor!

HalfLivesLeft says:

I used the TCGplayer buylist. It might just be a mistake, but I wasn’t particularly impressed. I sent my cards and after tracking stating that it was delivered on the correct day, it wasn’t marked as received until the next. This caused them to take some of the money out of the offer then immediately state the cards as arrived. They weren’t extremely expensive cards but it felt like they were in a way stealing from me. I messaged them on the site and all I got was “it wasn’t processed until the next day, sorry for the inconvenience”. I don’t know what I as the sender can do to avoid this. Sorry for this tangent in a comment on this video but I just want to let people know that things don’t always work out fantastically using this service.

KnowledgeWithin says:

Great channel and videos!!!

Richard says:

Great video. It covered exactly what I wanted to know.

Lylat-Taide says:

This was an excellent delivery of the features of the service without coming off as if you were paid to promote it. I will definitely be checking this service out using your link, as I’m moving away to grad school soon and need to dump some of my collection

TheMonyarm says:

Is shipping at my or tcgplayer’s expense?

Lucas Féres says:

I’m seriously thinking about selling my old collection. There are too many trash, i could just separete a handful of rares/playable ones, but get rid of all the rest for good.

Dogribb says:

Thank you for your continued integrity in this endeavor

sbloc2 says:

I not happy with this serves at all!!! sent in 200 cards, quadruple check my invoice list. BUT they said that 43 cards where missing. some worth more then $10 trade in. they basically stole cards from me.

2wdr5 says:

I smell shilling

Sam MGUGGLE says:

I prefer selling them to your local game store. I got a $14.33 Growing Rites of Itlomec, but it was selling for $4.83 on tcgplayer

Christopher Twisdale says:

thank you very much for the tcgplayer hookup

Tempest and a Computer says:

Can somebody detail a bit more the account setting process? Where do they send my money? Can I just use the account i use to buy cards with to sell? Do I need paypal?

Colin Jerista says:

Where would I use it? Junky commons that some random store for some reason wants.

Noah Palin says:

This only works for people in the USA, I live in Canada and there is no option to send to Canada. If i am wrong please help 😀

Fade To Black says:

1000 cards max? I buylist 4k+ cards a month. ABUGames or bust.

William Morrison says:

This was very helpful thank you

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