MTG Advanced Altered Art Tutorial for Magic: the Gathering Cards!

The Advanced Altered Art Tutorial has been a long time in coming! We finally discuss the difficulties with covering the entire card in detail.

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eugenio deprai says:

for the cly base u use acrylic colors ?

AlmostSkillfull says:

Wow this is pretty cool, but did it really bug anyone else that the arch in that one window wasn’t quite right?

The Freshmaker says:

because of your VIdeos i started altering Lands… Thnx for that

Mashed Potatos says:

I do like it, the only thing I dont like about it are the letters on the card.

Jihuns_ Socks says:

Hello, I’m making a mono white angel deck currently and was working if you had any tips or videos on your channel to help me. (I’m kind if new to creating decks, I’m such a noob XD )

Yosef Estill says:

Card alterers on ebay should take your tips. The alters there usually look so bad, with paint going over lines and everything.

Logan Christiansen says:

wasn’t this uploaded earlier today?

claudiomarcattilj says:

wich kind of colors do you use?

Killa Watt says:

You need a Patreon! Just saying.

Bleskojd says:

Good job, only thing that need some work, besides clothes you do not want to draw :D, are quill holder and ruler. They seem to lack shading 😡

Joey Fairbanks says:

Hello! Fairly new to your channel, but even though this is an old video I really enjoy the variety of content you produce! From decks, to altered art, even as far as social issues and such within the community! Love the channel man, thanks for the videos! Keep it up 🙂

Nathanial Gagnon says:

Hey I think I posted this on one of your other videos, not sure, but what kind of brushes do you use? What size and where can I get my hands on them? I have 20/0 brushes but they don’t perform as well as these brushes do

jojo arcanine says:

Really nice :p

MTG Degree says:

Had to repost this after flipping it right-side-up, since they’re filmed upside down! There goes a thousand views lol. But I know these are referenced for a long time, so let’s get it right! 😀

haofabs says:

This is awesome

R.A. Klein II says:

Would GW paints work for this? I plan to start trying and well, I used to play Warhammer 40k so I have a ton of their paints. (GW = Games Workshop)

Richard The Turd says:

What kind of set up are you using? Like what kind of paint and tools? Good job on his arm and making it look seemless!!

Kruphix, god Of Horizons says:

Could I pay you to alter my beta Lightning Bolt?

Jonathan Schilling says:

58th view! I win!!!

keredcat77 says:

Someday I hope to be confident enough to alter my thoughtseize.

NinjaCowii181 says:

Theese are fun, do you ever do alters that go over the original art and redo it completely?

Ramon Souza says:

hey I really enjoyed your video

Alan Yuan says:

Is it a good idea to go to your game store, get all the most damaged (but good cards) and alter them and put them into your cube>

mtg Kraken says:

Wow that was great painting . Need  work for magic

Deviant Idol says:

These are some great ideas, but I was wondering what kind of pens/ink/paint that you use to create all these cards?

Anderson Dias Taberna Magic Jequie says:

What types of ink do you use?
Do you use any type of varnish for covering after drying?

Michael Knives says:

nice not bad…

Liber Khaos says:

Wow… I do not have the talent or patience to do anything of that magnitude. The only art I’d feel confident altering is “Look at me, I’m the DCI”.

Troniac says:

Bob Ross

BelastadSopbil says:

This looks awesome! I’m gonna try doing some altered art myself on some basic lands =)

sknkyboi says:

I can’t do this to my rare and mythic cards..Nice art btw (^-^)

Jonathan Winer says:

Can’t believe that the last one got lost in the mail!!!
But damn this looks glorious

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